Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

In just a few days it will be time to deck the halls and light the tree.  For many households the day after Thanksgiving means out with the turkey and in with the tree. If you are gearing up to decorate and spread some holiday cheer look no further.  LTD has all of the best Christmas items to make you and your family jolly. This week we have festive items that we know you will adore just like we do!


A classic Christmas décor staple is lighted garland. Make a simple statement on your outdoor décor and hang garland over fences, door frames and windows. This 16 ft Solar LED Garland is great for creating a holiday scene anywhere with a handy solar panel attached that includes an on/off switch.  Choose between a steady glow or blinking lights for a show. With solar you can even decorate those difficult to decorate places such as a mailbox. This lighted garland will be perfect to great visitors at your driveway.

Elf-pants-treat-bagsIf you love to give treats away for the holidays, look no further. This Set of 8 Elf Pants Treat Bags will bring smiles and a few laughs as your friends and family receive their treats. These red, white and green elf pants are all the fashion at the North Pole. Complete with suspenders and jingle bells at the toes it’s the perfect way to give a gift for the holidays.

Another great use for these adorable treat bags is not for treats at all! If you have a large tree, use them as an ornament. A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without snacks, fill them with snacks or candy and place around your home for guests. Your elf treat bags are sure to be a smash!

Holiday-Paper-Towel-HolderThe kitchen can be a difficult room to decorate for the holidays. When decorating the kitchen you want to ensure that all of your decorations are safe around heat and food. A way to be sure you are choosing the right items is by exchanging a few  items you already have for festive ones. These Holiday Paper Towel Holders are a perfect example! Choose from a snowman with a top hat or colorful stacked ornaments. They are not only useful but bring the holidays to your kitchen. With cheerful and shiny accents, the Christmas spirit won’t be far with these on your counter.

Christmas-dog-toysDon’t forget your favorite furry family member! These Set of 3 Holiday Stuffing –Free Dog Toys will keep tails wagging and even bring some holiday cheer into your home. Your pet will be thrilled to discover three squeakers in each toy. These toys provide less mess but most of all are safe for your best friend to play with. The set includes; one Santa, one snowman, and one super cute reindeer.  You and your pet will spend hours of quality time together with these three!

Have you bought something from us lately? What is your favorite LTD product of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

3 Facts About Shipping Your Order

shipping-boxWith the fold of a corner and the flip of a page you are on your way to creating a list of treasures to order. Just like kid at Christmas, it is hard to wait for your package to arrive to your door but with a few facts under your belt, you can shop with confidence.

 1. Shipping 101

When ordering your favorite items, you want the order to get to into your hands as quick as possible. One way to ensure that is to provide a physical address as your shipping address. Your order can ship through UPS or the Post Office. UPS is only able to ship to a physical address so providing a P.O. Box may cause a delay in receiving your treasures. In addition, it is important to add your suite or apartment number. Doing so eliminates items being delivered to the wrong unit or being returned as undeliverable.

2. Get your stuff on time

Holiday décor and gifts are just the tip of the iceberg of fabulous products you can find at LTD but they also need to arrive in time for the event. There are a few time- frames depending where the package is being shipped. At this time, LTD Commodities ships to the 48 contiguous states in the United States of America. Though we are unable to provide express shipping, time-frames may very on the time of year so be sure to contact your friendly customer service rep at (847) 444-3150 to check on the time-frame in your area before you order.

3. A little AD goes a long way

Additional Delivery allows us to provide you with a wider selection of items and décor to make your home beautiful. These key household staples are heavier in weight which requires an additional shipping fee to get to your door. You will find AD attached to a product on our website when you are choosing your favorite items. Another helpful place to find if there is AD is at check out. You will find the AD on useful items such as coffee tables, bookshelves, TV stands and multi-storage units that help you create a fabulous room in your home at a value that can’t be beat. These key items can bring any room together including the bathroom. A slim storage cabinet or an over-the-toilet stand can help you organize and provide more space for your necessities.

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What’s the Foul Smell Associated With the Water Heater?

Water-heaterThere’s nothing worse than foul smelling water in your house. The smell permeates everything. We use water from our tap for drinking, washing, and a number of other things. If there is something wrong, it can cause major problems for you. Rather than dealing with the problem, do something about it. As the holiday season approaches, you don’t want to be left with a large mess, especially if you are having guests over. Address the problem sooner rather than later.

If you smell a rotten egg stench coming from your tap, or from your utility closet, there is a good chance that the water heater is the problem. Get this solved as quickly as possible. Letting the smell continue longer than necessary will only do more damage.

Finding the source

Most of the time, the rotten egg smell will be caused from the hot water heater. There are a few cases however where this is not true. Before calling a professional, or tearing the water heater apart, verify that that is indeed where the smell is coming from.

To ensure your water heater is the source of the problem, fill a glass with hot water, and another glass with cold water from the sink closest to the heater. Make sure to allow enough time between filling them to ensure the smell doesn’t cross over. Smell both glasses to see which one smells worse. If the smell is obviously coming from the hot water sample, and is unnoticeable in the cold water, your problem is related to the water heater.

Fixing the problem

This issue with water heaters is more common than many people would think. Hard water is the main cause. When the iron particles breakdown, the water begins smelling worse. The more iron you have in your water, the harder it is, making the smell difficult to deal with.

Before you run out and get a new water heater to mend the problem, there are a couple of things that can be done. There is an anode rod made of magnesium that helps to protect the lining of the tank. As a result, this rod corrodes, causing the iron to be eaten by bacteria. The smell is released through this process, causing more damage than good as far as taste goes. In some cases, the rod can be completely removed.

Even with this rod out, there is a chance sulfate-reducing bacteria could still be inside the hot water heater. This will cause the problem to remain, feeding off the hard water. To solve this problem, raise the temperature about 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least eight hours. Make sure to avoid using hot water in the home during this time, to prevent scalding. Before starting, make everybody in the house aware of what you are doing, keeping you and your family safe. These temperatures are way above what the hot water heater should normally be set to. If the problem persists past this point, it may be necessary to contact a professional to drain your hot water heater.

Timing is everything

Dealing with a malfunctioning water heater can be difficult. You don’t realize how often you use it until it’s gone. Before the problem gets too out of hand, make sure you have a grip on the situation. Rather than wasting time and money, fix the problem as soon as it comes.

Whether you are traveling for the holidays, or you have family and friends coming to your home, you don’t want the problem festering for longer than necessary. It is much easier to fix the smell and cover that up than a full on flood caused by a faulty water heater. Be sure to address the problem prior to company, making the experience less stressful for you, and more enjoyable for everybody.

Maintain your hot water heater properly to ensure it will continue working for years to come. Hard water can be damaging, so do all you can to protect the heater. If you notice a foul smell coming from your water supply, do the research to find the source. There are a couple of different ways to fix the problem, find the one that works best for your hot water heater.

Cassie writes on the various plumbing projects that can be done on your own around the house, and when to call a professional. She has researched the best Salt Lake City plumbers to find the most common causes of hot water heater problems.

LTD Anniversary Spotlight: Karen Wallace

Karen WallaceAs LTD Commodities has grown over the years it has provided opportunities for employees to shine.

Karen Wallace is just one of the brilliant stars that made the bold move to Chicago from Miami as the company grew and included the abc distributing brand. From move to merge, Karen shared her recollection of it all.

1. How long have you been with the company?
Thirty seven years but it seems like yesterday.

 2. Have you always worked in the same department? If not, what other departments?
Started typing invoices (on a typewriter) moved to HR, but my favorite change was when I moved into the buying department and started the hunt for all our fantastic products.

3. Why have you stayed so long?
It’s a great job, excitement everyday and I have had the pleasure of participating in the company’s successful growth.

4. Your best memory?
Exciting travel experiences, exciting places, and making the big move to Chicago.Icicle lights

5. What do you look forward to about coming here each day?
Tackling all the projects on my desk with the help of a lot of amazing co-workers.

6. Favorite LTD product of all time?
The 50 pc. flatware set which included sending a sample fork and the Icicle lights.

7. Sum up your feelings about working at LTD in five words or less.
“It’s like winning the lottery.”

Karen’s Adventure

Karen started her career long before the merger of abc and LTD. At this time abc was located in sunny Miami, Florida. In 2006 the two companies came together under one name as LTD Commodities LLC to provide even more quality products and great savings to customers across the U.S. She was invited to join the team as the company moved to a central location in America’s heartland in Illinois.

Karen started her career when there were less than 40 people employed with the company.  With the growth opportunities available she was able to work in multiple areas of the company and participate in some aspect of multiple departments. She was able to work side by side with the president of abc and started working in merchandising which evolved into buying product and hiring new buyers to assist.

With new opportunities at every corner Karen recalled that one of her favorite memories while traveling was being present in 1997 when Hong Kong was handed back to China to mark the end of the British rule.  Another memory that left a lasting impression was living through hurricane Wilma while in Miami. The photo studio was destroyed but the abc team pulled together and was able to get the studio moved and back in business in less than three days.  Besides taking new opportunities, she also gave employees opportunities to learn new skills and grow within the company.

As abc and LTD merged in 2006, Karen was asked to move to Chicago, and embracing the new adventure she accepted. After getting settled in Chicago she felt right at home with a team she quickly had great confidence in, which still holds true to this day.

After so many wonderful years with LTD there are still a few products that she holds as her favorites; a stunning 50 pc flatware set that sold for $13.95 and beautiful icicle lights that could create a breathtaking winter scene.

With so countless adventures achieved, and only 5 words to use, Karen Wallace could only describe her journey with, “it’s like winning the lottery.”

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or just because, every kid loves a new item to show off their personality and uniqueness. Items can include toys to inspire their imagination and dreams, to room décor to reflect their most favorite things. Though children may be hard to shop for at times, rest assured you can find gifts that bring smiles every time. It can be hard work to find the best children’s gift but have no fear! We did the work so you don’t have to. This week our most adored items are our kid’s favorites.

NFL-Piggy-BankSports fans always want to hog all of the wins and with our NFL Piggy Bank, you can’t lose. These piggy banks come in favorite variety of team colors with a matching helmet that fits their pig ears perfectly. The top has a convenient coin slot while the bottom includes a removable stopper. When the piggy’s belly is full, just remove the stopper to count your child’s treasure. Though this could be considered more of a practical item, their favorite team adds an element of fun. This cold cast ceramic bank will eat up all their coins to save for those game day tickets they have been dreaming about.

Cozy-Cuddler-Lighted-PillowBrighten your child’s day with a Cozy Cuddler Lighted Pillow. It’s fuzzy, fluffy and fun! Your child will love the multi-color changing lights including; red, green, blue, yellow and purple. If you’re looking for a set, we’ve even got a Cozy Cuddler Lighted Throw that glows just like the pillow while providing warmth and a bit of fun. These Cozy Cuddles create a beautiful tie-dye affect that will match any décor. If you are looking for a great gift for tweens and teens, this duo will make your gift outshine the rest!

Doctor-KitEveryone in your home will feel better in no time with our Sound Doctor Kit. The 12 casino piece set has everything to fix up their favorite teddy bear or mishap monkey in a jiffy. When your child has their hospital ID card on they will feel as if they transformed into a real doctor. They can listen to a heartbeat in the stethoscope and check inside your ears with an ear light. The doctor’s medical kit is easy to carry and made sturdy to protect all the important equipment for your favorite M.D.

With so many important family events and holidays drawing near it can be hard to quickly find the perfect gift for your choosey child. When shopping for toys, you may want to look to items that are educational or inspirational. LTD has everything to help your child learn and grow while having fun. A few things to keep in mind are to keep the gifts age appropriate and look for fun items. Remember practical does not mean boring and make sure your child’s personality comes through every gift. No matter the age or the season, you’ll always find the best quality toys for great low prices.

Have you bought something from us lately? What is your favorite LTD product of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets

It seems there’s a gadget for pretty much anything and everything these days, and whilst tons of gadgets serve useful purposes to make life easier, there are plenty more which are nothing but a waste of space. Here’s a rundown of the most useless kitchen gadgets that you should avoid owning.


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Avocado slicer
You’d have to be a hardcore avocado fan to even consider buying one of these gadgets, as they really only serve a purpose of taking up space in your kitchen drawer. Surely a knife or spoon would be enough to easily do the job of slicing your avocado for you?

Pasta measuring tool
This is a really over-the-top gadget for any kitchen, unless you are a stickler for precision. The pasta measuring tool allows you to measure how much pasta you will need per serving, by slotting the pasta through the different shaped holes.


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Spoon rest
Hands up who owns one of these gadgets? You may well have convinced yourself that you needed one of these things when you saw it in the shop, but once you got it home, do you actually ever use it? Spoon rests are one of those gadgets that seem to lie around the kitchen and don’t really get used for the purpose they were set out to. If you do need to let your spoon rest for a minute, then surely a saucer would be just as good?

Musical cake slice
This novelty cake slicer that plays four tunes including happy birthday and jingle bells should not be taken seriously as a chic kitchen gadget. But it may well come in handy if nobody can make your party, at least that way you wouldn’t need to sing to yourself.

Banana handle gripper
What do you do when you’re cooking and the handle of the pan gets too hot to touch? Easy. Simply put the banana handle gripper on the end of the handle. It’s made of silicone so you won’t suffer from burnt fingers ever again. But surely having one of these gadgets is going to send your street credibility down the pan? Are bananas really designed to be stuck on pan handles anyway?


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Wine aerator
If you buy a decent bottle of wine in the first place, then using a wine aerator is probably surplus to requirements. This gadget is supposed to enhance the flavor of the wine and soften its tannins, but after a couple of glasses, would anyone be able to tell the difference anyway? If you’re a wine buff, or profess to your friends that you’re a connoisseur, then you’ll probably love this gadget.

Pickle picker
It can be hugely frustrating when your pickles or olives just won’t come out of the jar. What you need is a pickle picker to make life much easier. The pickle picker can easily grab your pickles without you needing to push it around effortlessly to get it out of the jar. Seriously, if you have one of these gadgets in your home then you have far too much time on your hands!

These gadgets highlight the importance of thinking twice when making purchases and avoiding impulse buys as much as possible. Kitchen Appliance Centre chose these gadgets, feel free to let us know your most useless kitchen gadgets.

Take Me Through the Order Trail

Placing an order online is convenient, easy and the best way to place an order.  Not only can you view the items, you can get descriptive details and be able to check your order status until your items arrive safely to your door.

Quick order or View catalogs and add to your cart.

  1. There are two ways to order online with LTD. If you like to view the items while you are shopping, just click into the item and add it to your cart. You can view your favorite items in your cart when you are finished. product-details

Using the Quick Order Form is great to enter an order when you know what you want or have a variety of items from different catalogs that you can quickly enter. Either way, shopping online with LTD you will receive quality items at great prices!


Done Shopping?

  1. Once you have completed your shopping, click on check out. Just follow the steps to review your order then check out with our secure checkout process. A confirmation number will be sent to you showing your order has been received.


The behind the scenes process

3. Once your order enters our system, there is a wonderful team of LTD employees ready to get your order packed and shipped out to you.

Waiting on your order? These steps will show you how to check your order status.

  1. Go to our homepage and click on order status at the top of the page.
  1. Enter your order confirmation number and your last name in the Check order Status section and click View Order to see your order status.
  2. Click on View Order and you will be able to view the status of each item from that order.

Now you are ready to receive your merchandise directly to your door. Come back next week for our next tip.

10 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

Fashion-TipsThere is more to fashion than just following what is trending. Fashion is about dressing in a manner that suits your body figure, your personality, occasion and feeling confident about your clothing. Fashion keeps changing and at times it becomes difficult to keep up with the trend, however below are fashion tips that will never go out of style.

1. White and black
Black and white never goes out of fashion. It does not matter how you blend it, be it a white top and a black trouser, a white trouser and a black top, or dress that has black and white prints. You cannot go wrong with these shades; black and white has been in fashion for a long time.

2. Consider the shoe that you are wearing
You cannot wear one pair of shoes with all your outfits. The clothes that you are wearing should be coordinated with the shoes that you have on. The shoes should suit how you are dressed, not only the color but also the entire outfit.

3. Don’t dress in clothes that don’t fit
Dressing in clothes that don’t fit be it large or small, may show that you are not organized. It doesn’t matter if the clothes that you are wearing are in fashion or not. You shouldn’t dress in clothes that do not fit properly.

4. Little black dress
Little black dress should be in every woman’s closet. Before you purchase this staple dress, ensure that it fits well. This dress will out stand the tests of time.

5. Avoid overdoing
Just be simple, know when you have reached the limits. This is on the dress that you are wearing, accessories and make up. You must not overdo your make up or use too many pieces of jewelry. Ensure that you have kept it simple and smart.

6. Simple plain jeans
If you are shopping for a pair of jeans, you will want something that will serve you for a long time. Avoid purchasing jeans that are baggy, overdone, or printed. Just go for a simple pair of jeans that are straight. This is a fashion tip that will never go out of style.

7. Use of belts
Belts never run out of fashion and they come in all sorts of colors, designs, shapes and textures. If you choose to accessorize using a belt, ensure it fits the clothes that you are wearing. There are endless possibilities that you can choose from.

8. Colors that blend
One thing that you should consider if you want to be in fashion is to choose colors that blend with your skin tone. The colors that you chose play an important role of bringing out your shape and figure. In case there are certain areas that you do not want to draw attention to, wear clothes that are not too bright.

9. Label size
You should not trust the label size that is in a given piece of the outfit. Always try on the clothes that you want to purchase before purchasing. Some brands have different styles than others and you should ensure that the outfit that you are purchasing fits well.

10. Material that has been used
The material that has been used to make an outfit is something that you should put into consideration. There are some materials that tend to stretch or shrink after they have been washed. Avoid such clothes as they will disappoint you in the long run. These are great fashion tips that will fundamentally make you the fashionista you have always wanted to be.

This post has been written by Maria Smith. She loves to write about Fashion. She recommends for providing best collection of wedding cards.

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LTD Anniversary Spotlight: Jack Voigt

Jack Voigt ImageFrom the humble beginnings including an old post office building to a corporate office building with two distribution centers, there are people all throughout the company that make the magic happen.

Jack Voigt is among those who keep the wheels turning and continues to do his part to bring quality products to each and every customer. With questions in hand, we reminisced about the past and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

1. How long have you been with the company?
Twenty- three years.

2. Have you always worked in the same department? If not, what other departments?
Started as the Distribution Manager but now residing as the Vice President of Operations.

3. Why have you stayed so long?
While looking for a career improvement, LTD showed a lot of growth and opportunities to contribute.

4. What is your best memory?Jack-Favorite
The company Olympic party.

5. What do you look forward to about coming here each day?
Finding ways to improve the customer experience.

6. Favorite LTD product of all time?
Plush character that holds kitchen towels.

7. Sum up your feelings about working at LTD in five words or less.
“Where has the time gone?”

Jack’s Journey

Jack started his journey with LTD as a Distribution Center Manager in 1990. At this time LTD’s warehouse had grown to 200,000 square feet and over the years would add an additional 150,000 thousand. Over his twenty three year career, Voigt became the Vice President of the Distribution Center and finally the Vice President of Operations which not only oversees the warehouse but also the order processing, payment and call centers.

Over the years Voigt has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth with LTD since he started in 1990 and has dedicated his career to making improvements. The customer service department in particular has had numerous improvements such as a chat feature on the website to better assist web customers. Additional projects included more information on in-stock items and working with the Better Business Bureau. The LTD family was delighted in 2013 to be awarded with the coveted BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence.

He described, his best memory of LTD is of a company party that was held during the Olympics. The grand party included captains and teams with versions of Olympic Games such as; water balloon tournaments, soccer, and even a 3-legged race. The lucky gold medalists would even receive a gift for their triumphal win. Christmas is always a fun time at LTD as it is viewed “like a football season” including events leading up to a Christmas much like games leading up to the Super Bowl.

As the company continues to grow, Voigt strives to provide customers with the best experience possible. This means giving customers a voice through various methods and tuning into what is important to them. Year after year the company has brought back not only a favorite of our customers but is also one of the most loved products of this LTD family member. The Plush holiday characters hold decorative towels to keep them out of the way in the kitchen. Being fun and functional, they have always been a popular product and still can be found in the current catalog.

Now looking back on the company’s accomplishments and remembering the wonderful journey, Jack Voigt stopped and wondered, “Where has the time gone?”

After 50 years and many more memories to share, this is just the beginning of LTD Commodities bright future.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones. Even if you are just looking for a birthday gift, we’ve got it all. At LTD you’ll find a variety of great gift items, even for those that are hard to shop for. Here are a few of the gift items that we adore.

Sentiment-mugWhen the temperature drops there is nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up.  It’s even better when your mug is a heartfelt gift from a friend.  Our Classic Sentiment Mugs warm the soul and make a great gift for anyone.  Beautiful floral designs with bold colors make this mug eye catching. Choose from friend, aunt, daughter, mom and sister with a thoughtful message on each cup.  These are dishwasher and microwave safe which makes them an easy gift to give and to take care of.  This mug will bring back warm memories for the heart and soul every time it’s held.


It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a birthday near the holidays.  One way to leave an imprint on someone’s heart is to give a gift that includes a birthstone. Celebrate their birthday but also remind them of the special people in their life such as a children or grandchildren. This Birthstone Heart Handprint Charms and bracelet will bring a smile with every charm added. The silver link bracelet is 8” with a spring ring closure that adjusts for a comfortable fit.

To make this gift extra special, a card is included with the charm that reads, “Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small, and always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls. But everyday I’m growing up and soon I’ll be so tall, that all those little hand prints will be so hard to recall!” This charm bracelet will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

NFL-slipper-socksWe can’t forget the sports fans in our lives! Lakeside’s NFL shop has a great selection of football related gifts. These NFL Slipper Socks will score big points with your fan. Give this gift and they will turn on the game while keeping warm with their favorite team. This gift is a guaranteed touch down with no slip grippers on the bottom. These socks are one size fits most and make a great gift for men or women. Whether it’s a rivalry or a team effort, these are even a great gift for a couple in love with football. Your family and friends will show their team spirit all winter long.

Find products from sentimental to humorous and fan favorites from MLB to NFL. We have gifts for the young and for the young at heart that will make memories and bring smiles every time. Whether you are looking for holiday, birthday or even anniversary, LTD is your one stop shop for all your gifts.

Have you bought something from us lately? What is your favorite LTD product of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.