National Cookie Day: Outrageous Cookie Recipes

cookies-cookie cupsDecember 4 is National Cookie Day. With all of the cookies we eat at holiday parties and the cookie exchanges we raid at this time of year, it makes sense to honor these handheld confections. But at this time of year, people love to go over-the-top with their cookies. They do, after all, have to compete with the cuteness of gingerbread houses. So we searched high and low for exceptional cookie recipes to pass on to you. So, for National Cookie Day, here are 5 outrageous cookie recipes for you to try.

Cookie Cups These darling little things look like they came from an elf’s kitchen! Though it’s not too hard to make tiny tarts — including cookies in the shape of tiny mugs filled with hot chocolate — there’s something about shrinking everyday items into Tom Thumb size. The baking part isn’t hard, but assembling the The Gunny Sack’s hot chocolate cookie cups might be the kitchen challenge you’re looking for. cookies-pine-cones

Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree You don’t have to call this a cookie if you don’t want to, but it is a sweet snack worthy of your holiday party table. You have to admit, at first glance, they do look like real pine cones dusted with snow! This one comes from the kitchen of Handmade Charlotte. Spoiler alert: her secret ingredient is cereal!cookies-holiday-presentsHandle with Care Have you ever come across a cookie that’s just too cute to eat? I promise you that if you serve these, no one will want to eat them because they’re just that adorable! Family Fresh Meals came up with this one. Even though they’re cute, they’re easy enough for kids to make, and, with tiny presents to fill, you won’t have any trouble recruiting your kids to help you with them!cookies-powder-puff

Surprise! What’s better than a cookie covered in powdered sugar? A cookie covered in powdered sugar and filled with chocolate! Averie Cooks created them as an homage to her mother and grandmother’s Russian tea cakes they made every Christmas. She wanted to make her special memory a little more special and this is what she came up with!cookies-swirl

Candy Factory This cookie doesn’t look like it left any room for flour and butter — it looks like it came straight from the candy factory! Though this magical looking treat is photo-worthy, Salt Tree’s instructions are pretty easy to follow — with a good rolling pin and plastic wrap, you, too can bring this to your next holiday get together!

LTD Commodities has dozens of products to help you make your holiday cookies memorable this year! From baking sheets to spatulas, we have you covered for all your baking ambitions this season.


Santa Claus: Fascinating Facts About St. Nick

Santa-ClausSanta, his sleigh and eight tiny reindeer have been dancing across rooftops for as long as we can remember. The legend and traditions of Santa Claus are here to stay, but what do we really know about the man behind the beard? Here are 7 fascinating facts about St. Nick you might not know.

Sleepy Hollow Dutch-American writer and author of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving, is credited with the idea of Santa flying in a wagon and using chimneys as chutes to enter homes and deliver gifts to children. He published his idea in the book Knickerbocker’s History of New York in 1809.

Santa, Illustrated The Santa we know today is largely the result of the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (or “The Night Before Christmas”) by Clement Clarke Moore in 1822. This is where he got his “belly like a bowl full of jelly,” his beard and his rosy nose and cheeks. It’s also when we were introduced to Dasher, Dancer, Cupid, Vixen, Prancer, Comet, Donner, and Blitzen.

Santa-ClausReindeer Wrangler According to, the idea of Santa’s reindeer took off when a Minnesota man developed a marketing campaign to use reindeer for their meat! It started with a Christmas parade led by Santa and his reindeer.

The Red Suit The St. Nicholas Clement Clarke Moore wrote about only describes having a fur suit and most of the images created of Santa before the 1920s had Santa dressed in whatever color the artist felt like using. But in the early 20th century, red started becoming part of Santa’s outfit. Around 1931, red allegedly became Santa’s signature color when  a soda company with a killer marketing team dressed Santa in its signature shade of red in their Christmas campaign that was reprised for decades. The company may not have created the iconic ensemble, but the marketing efforts didn’t hurt his image as the man in the red suit.

Presents! We know Santa brings children presents, but he didn’t start off delivering gifts to every child around the world. According to historian Gerry Bowler, the idea of doling out dolls and toys to kids evolved from some rather gruesome stories. One was about three sisters who were to be sold into slavery to pay off their father’s debt. Santa delivered bags of gold to their father to relieve his debt and free the girls. This certainly improved St. Nick’s chances at solidifying his title as the patron saint of children and bringer of gifts.

Santa-ClausSaint Who? The names “St. Nicholas” and “Santa Claus” are used interchangeably. St. Nicholas was a real person — a monk who was known for his charity work — so how did we come up with Santa Claus from St. Nick? Santa Claus is likely derived from “Sinter Klaas” which is Dutch for St. Nick.

Arctic Home Saint Nicholas was from a town near modern day Turkey which is a long way from The North Pole where we’ve been taught Santa lives. It’s not clear how he arrived in the Arctic Circle, but, according Jeremy Seal in his book Nicholas: The Epic Journey from Saint to Santa Claus, it was a poet, George P. Webster, who designated The North Pole as Santa’s home. Webster’s poem accompanied by illustrations of Santa by Thomas Nast in the late 1800s.  

Much like Santa Claus, LTD has dozens of toys and gifts for the whole family! Check out our selection of unique products to please everyone on your Christmas list.

Holiday Spirit: Product Picks for Games and Puzzles Week

games-chessIt’s time to get your game face on! Not only is it time to ramp up your holiday shopping, but it’s also Games and Puzzles Week! Games and puzzles make great stocking stuffers and family games, so we put together a list of our favorite games and puzzles to give you a little gift-giving inspiration.

Go Classic The 10-in-1 Classic Wood Game Center is a great way to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. A variety of traditional games inspire friendly competition. This attractive set has a chess and checker board on top, 2 reversible slide-out boards and a storage drawer at the bottom for game pieces. The storage drawer also doubles as another game board. 13″W x 12-3/4″D x 6-1/8″H. For ages 8 and

Go 3-D Build your favorite car with a 1:32 Licensed 3-D Car Puzzle, then play with it! Detailed model is fun to assemble, and it also encourages kids to develop problem-solving skills. Approx. 5-1/8″W x 2-1/2″D x 1-5/8″H. BMW, 60 pieces. Lamborghini and Mini Cooper, 64 pieces. Plastic. For ages 8 and

Go Complex
 The whole family will have a blast playing with the Find It Brain Teaser Game. This activity will keep everyone happily preoccupied on a rainy day or long car trip. A list of 48 items on Kid’s World and 40 items on the other choices’ lids gives players specific objects to find in a mass of colored pellets. Participants can shake, twist and tap the cylinder to complete their task. Additional obstacles presented on cards, such as a time limit, are added to the game to complicate your mission. The first person to find all the necessary treasures wins the game. Plastic. For ages 6 and up.giftcard-mazes

Go Double-Duty Add a new twist to the way you give gift cards or cash! A Set of 3 Gift Card Mazes challenges the recipient to guide the ball through the 3-dimensional, 2-level maze to the proper position to open the door and be rewarded with the gift card. Can also be used to hold cash, checks and more. 3″W x 4-1/4″D x 5/8″H. Plastic.licensed-pop-up-games

Go Home Family game night will be full of character with a Licensed Pop-Up Game. The race is on as you try to be the first player to get your four movers from start to home. Includes 16 movers and a game board (10-1/8″ sq.) with dice popper built in. Plastic. For 2 to 4 players. For ages 4 and up.

LTD’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for Her

ltd-quilt-rackHoliday shopping is getting fierce! But we have something for everyone on your list — especially the lucky ladies in your life. If you’re having trouble picking things out, we have solutions. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for Her.

Deluxe Display
Convenient Deluxe Quilt Rack with Shelf helps organize an entryway with simple style. Its pretty scrolled sides complement the dowel’s knob finials. Display a colorful quilt or throw on the rod and place additional items on the shelf. 37-1/4″W x 7-7/8″D x 8″H. Wooden. Assembly required; assembly hardware included.

ltd-pioneer-woman-cooksGood Eats Accidental country girl and cooking star Ree Drummond is back with her latest mouth-watering collection, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier. This book is packed with the simple-but-scrumptious recipes that rotate through her kitchen on a regular basis. There are dozens of colorful step-by-step photos as well as pictures of the finished dishes to get you inspired. Cooking for a crowd of cowboys and cowgirls has never been simpler. Hardcover. 293 pages. 10-1/2″ x 8-1/4″.

ltd-engraving-kitShe’s Crafty 
Engraving Art Project Kit Value Pack is a fun and easy way to create your own foil artwork. You simply use the tools in the kit to scrape away the lines that are preprinted on the board to reveal the metallic color underneath. Each pack comes with 6 small practice boards to master your skills. For ages 8 and up.

ltd-head-wrapsElegance Expert Perk up those dreary winter days with this stylish 2-Pk. Crisscross Knit Headwraps. Each pack consists of a solid color and a 2-tone headwrap. Knit of acrylic with metallic yarns, it keeps you warm while making you look spectacular. One size fits most. Imported.


dress-formVintage Vantage This wire Vintage Dress Form has a woman’s shape and can be both decorative and functional. The freestanding piece can be displayed alone or draped with fabrics and jewelry. Lay out your clothes for the next day, or keep scarves, hats, purses and more handy. For a decorative look, keep it “dressed” with colorful clothes and accessories. 52-1/2″ x 20″ x 11″. Made of metal.

Holiday Spirit: Black Friday Shopping Tips

holiday-pajamasWhile turkey takes precedence this week, there’s no way to resist the temptation for a good deal on holiday gifts! Black Friday and Cyber Monday promise deals we can’t find any other days of the year. But there are tricks to making your Black Friday shopping experience simple. Here are 5 Black Friday Shopping tips you can’t ignore.

Avoid the Crowds Millions of shoppers are pumped to line up for good deals at 3am to get that must-have toy truck or that adorable doll, but not everyone is that committed to navigating the crowds so early in the morning. Lucky for those shoppers, retailers offer hot deals starting before Thanksgiving and expanding sales to cover days after Cyber Monday. So if you want to save time, energy and money, start looking on the off days of the sales to get discounts just as deep as the ones on Black Friday.

Get Social Start scanning your Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and Pinterest boards for sales and discounts from your favorite retailers. If you’re looking at just the right time, you may score on a gift you never would have thought of or stumbled on a coupon that pushes your savings to the max to keep you within your holiday budget. Tablet, phone or desktop, the deals come at you faster if you’re looking for them!

Straight & Narrochristmas-treeYou have to put your shopping blinders on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to stick to your holiday list. It’s easy to get off track when you have deals coming at you from all angles. When you see a good price on something you don’t need, it’s easy to justify buying it, but if you’re there for holiday presents, focus on those first and bend to your impulses when every item on your list is checked off.

Black Friday Fallout Before you start your shopping, know the return policies for your favorite shopping spots. It’s easy to put something in the cart when it’s marked 75% off, but no money is saved if you don’t actually need the item. Buyer’s remorse is part of the Black Friday phenomenon — knowing the return policy could be the difference between regret and relief this season.

presentsA Shopper’s Work Is Never Done The deals don’t end when the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday — there may be more discounts and deals waiting for you on the other side of the weekend. So if you didn’t get the right gift at the right price, you may be able to find it later in the week when shoppers aren’t so fierce about finding good deals.

You can find a good deal any day of the year at LTD Commodities. Whether you’re looking on Black Friday or on January 28, we always have a good discount on items you didn’t know you needed at LTD.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for Kids

my-girl-wheelchair-dollThough we haven’t even carved the turkey, the kids are already counting down the days until they can dump their stockings on the floor and tear through gifts under the Christmas tree. Even if you’ve already bought the big gifts, there are still all sorts of little items to surprise your kids with, so we picked out a few of our favorite items to give you ideas. Here are today’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for Kids.

Playing Doctor My Girl Wheelchair & Crutch Set has everything an 18″ girl doll needs to make a speedy recovery from a broken leg, ankle or arm. Each piece is designed to look like the real thing. The collapsible wheelchair has wheels that really turn and working brakes. The crutches are sized to fit an 18″ doll. Plastic. For ages 8 and

Playing Architect  Kids can build their very own fort with this complete Build a Fort Kit. Use the fabric panels (equipped with loops for stringing), rope, clips and suction cups to make a private playland. Once it’s built, kids can use the light wands to illuminate the area inside the fort for hours of imaginative fun! Kit also includes a handy storage bag. Adult supervision suggested during assembly. For ages 3 and up.workman-tool-playset

Playing Handy Man The tools of this Workman Tool Play Set are perfect for your future contractor. The Tool Belt with Helmet has all the needed tools and proper protection, and everything fits neatly on the belt. The Realistic Sound Power Chainsaw (14-1/2″W x 4-5/8″D x 7″H) has a realistic rotating chain action. Requires 3 “AA” batteries. Plastic. For ages 3 and up.

ball-petsPlaying Ball Roly-poly Ball Pets are plush balls with a surprise–they pop open to become a huggable furry friend. Roll it closed and it’s a ball ready to toss and catch. Open it up for a plush pet you’ll love to cuddle. Each character features a heart design on its stomach. Take it anywhere to play with open or closed. 5″ dia., closed. 5″W x 2-1/2″D x 8-1/2″H, open. Polyester. Imported.


bubble-stormPlaying Whimsically Delight kids with this Light-Up Motorized Bubble Storm. It comes with 2 different attachments, one for giant bubbles and one for tons of little bubbles. Easy to use–just dip the blaster into the tray of solution. A button on the handle controls fan movement and light-up designs. Comes with a jar of bubble solution to get you started. Includes 3 “AAA” batteries. Plastic. For ages 3 and up.

Holiday Spirit: LTD’s Product Picks for Him

mega-elite-tankardsIt’s time for your holiday shopping to pick up steam! If you’re lost on how to start shopping for the men in your life, perhaps all you need is a little inspiration. We’ve curated a short list of items designed with men in mind to give you a shopping boost. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for Him.

If He’s Thirsty Show off your team’s logo on both the front and back of this NFL 25-Oz. Mega Elite Tankard. It also features the team’s name on the side opposite the handle. A thumb rest on the handle enables you to lift the tankard with ease. The finishing touch is a spray of the team color at the bottom.

star-warsIf He’s Nerdy The Ultimate Star Wars Book is a visually stunning encyclopedic guide for avid fans of this hugely successful franchise. This must-have, beautifully illustrated book is structured chronologically and features key information about important characters and storylines that span from Episode I to Episode VI. Also highlighted are key events and insights into the making of the saga.



magnetic-swivel-lightIf He’s Handy Direct ultra-bright light where you need it with this Dual Swivel Magnetic Light. The built-in folding hook and magnetic base both swivel and rotate 180 degrees to adjust the 36-LED light panel to the perfect position. There’s also a convenient 1-Watt flashlight on the end. The body has a rubberized grip for comfort and a nonslip hold. Can stand on its own, use the magnetic base, or hang from the hook. On/off button. Requires 3 “AA” batteries. 2-1/8″W x 1-3/4″D x 8-3/8″H, not including the 2″ hook. Plastic.


superhero-union-suitIf He’s Super Keep your personal hero cozy with a Men’s Caped Superhero Union Suit. Even crime fighters need to relax, and this fleece union suit is comfortable for lounging and sleeping. The removable cape is attached with fabric magic. It has an embroidered logo that matches the one on the front of the suit. Long front zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. The suit also features ribbed cuffs, hems and collar, a decorative belt, and 2 inseam pockets. Polyester. Machine care. Imported.


nfl-leather-walletsIf He’s Sporty Officially licensed NFL Leather Wallets or Checkbook Covers make great gifts for gridiron fans. Handsome accessories feature your team’s name and logo imprinted on high-quality leather. Checkbook Cover (6-1/2″W x 3-1/2″L) has a slot for a checkbook and a clear inset for 6 cards or photos. Tri-fold Wallet (4-1/4″W x 3″L) has a full-length opening for bills and receipts and features an ID window, 4 credit card slots and a photo sleeve that holds up to 8 photos. Leather and polyurethane. Imported.



Holiday Shopping: Tips to Avoid Giving the Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas-TreeAt LTD Commodities, we are knee deep in the holiday hustle! Every year we joke about bad gifts we’ve received from friends and family. One of our team members (who shall remain nameless), once received a pack of gum and a chocolate bar from a boyfriend.  In his mid-30s, one might argue, he should have known how to pick out a better gift (though it wouldn’t have taken much to top that). But we’re not all gifted in the gift-giving arena — for those who are not, we put together some ideas on how to give a good gift if you have no idea what you’re doing. Here are 5 tips to avoid giving the worst Christmas gifts.

Know who you’re buying for Inevitably, there’s someone on your list who you don’t know that well, making gift selection very difficult. Get to know that person just a little bit. You don’t have to suddenly become his best friend, but a little get-to-know-you email or a quick coffee or lunch gives you the opportunity to figure out a couple of likes and dislikes to draw upon when you’re shopping.

Christmas-TreeWork In Reverse Think about the types of gifts you don’t want to receive. For instance, if you hated getting books as gifts when you were a kid, a book for your 8-year-old nephew probably won’t be well-received.

Go Social It’s likely that the people you’re buying for have at least dipped a toe into social media. Use that to get ideas for gifts. See what they tweet about or post on Facebook to get a little inspiration. If you want to take the easy way out, go straight to their Pinterest page and see what they’re pinning. If you find the right board, it’s like they’ve sent you a Christmas list without knowing it!

Future Use Look ahead to what your friend or family member has planned and base your gift on that. Perhaps Aunt Sally is taking a cruise in January; put together a little gift pack with a beach towel, flip flops and sunglasses to take with her on her trip. If your cousin is moving to a new city, he might need an apartment starter kit with a set of dishes to cook with, a shower curtain or a coffee table with shoe storage to help him get his new home put together.

LTD-Personalized-sleeping-bagsMake it Unique If you’re crafty, coming up with a personal gift isn’t hard. Just about everyone loves a good handmade gift. For those of us who aren’t crafty, finding something your loved one likes turns into something your loved one LOVES when you put her initials on it. A delicate pendant to show off on Sunday mornings, a soft throw for a winter afternoon of watching movies and sipping cocoa or a team plaque to fill out the mancave decor — any of those gifts takes a thoughtful gift a step further.  

At LTD Commodities, we want you to give the best presents possible! Check out the hundreds of items we have to make each gift you give memorable.

Holiday Spirit: Tips for Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree

ltd-christmas-treeWith Thanksgiving just weeks away, holiday festivities are ramping up and we have to start thinking about a Christmas tree. There are so many routes you can take to putting up the perfect tree — going to a tree lot, selecting an artificial tree or coming up with a fun alternative to a tree like creating a mural. But one way to get your tree to make a truly memorable holiday is by cutting one down yourself. Here are 5 tips for cutting down your own Christmas tree.

Dress for the Occasion If you’ve never been to a Christmas Tree farm, they’re as far out in the country as regular farms. That means there aren’t many places to warm up when the winds of December start blowing. You also have to remember that it takes to time to find a tree and cut it down so you could be in the cold for hours. Make sure you have warm and durable coats, gloves and shoes for your outdoor adventure.  

Arm Yourself  When you think about cutting down your own holiday tree, the mind immediately goes to the ax. Chopping down a tree makes sense, but it’s not as practical or efficient as a chainsaw. It’s much easier and less exhausting than an ax, but make sure you’re comfortable using it before you set out on your trip. In the event the Christmas tree farm you select doesn’t allow chainsaws, make sure you have access to a handsaw.

ltd-christmas-tree2Special Equipment Most Christmas trees won’t fit in your car; hauling it home means you have to strap it to the top of the car. Rope, twine or bungee cords will do the trick, just make sure you have a lot — it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and your tree ends up in the middle of a highway. You also want to protect your car from the scratchy pine needles; add a tarp or blanket to lay between the tree and your car before you head home.

Know Your Measurements You want the first cutting to be the last cutting so make sure you know the measurements of the room where you plan to display your tree. The big blue sky can dwarf even the tallest of trees — a guesstimate may result in a giant tree in a medium-size living room. You don’t want to have to readjust the size when you figure out it’s too big.   

ltd-christmas-treeTimber Tremble Some Christmas tree farms have machines to shake your trees before you pack up to go home. Shaking gets rid of loose needles that would otherwise end up on the floor. In addition to needles, it gets forest critters out before they can stow away in your new tree and set up camp in your living room.

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is a project the entire family can participate in to make holiday memories! At LTD, we’re all about memories — from Thanksgiving dinner to the annual New Year’s Eve party, let LTD help you make new moments to cherish.


Holiday Spirit: Product Picks for Personalized Gifts

If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, START NOW! But take your time and make sure every gift is a good gift. Coming up with something unique and thoughtful can be tough, but not if you make it personal. For a little inspiration, we put together a list of items we think make awesome and personal gifts. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for Personalized

There’s No Place Like Home NEW! You’re never too far from the comfort of home with this Personalized Home State Doormat. The wood-look doormat adds a cozy touch to your entryway. It features the popular phrase “There’s no place like home” with the letter “O” in the word “home” formed by your state’s outline. Your family name is imprinted along the bottom. A sponge rubber backing prevents shifting. Fits up to 12 characters for the name.18″ x 27″. Polyester. Machine wash. Made in the USA.LTD-Personalized-sleeping-bags

Sleep Tight Kids will be excited to bring their own Personalized Sleeping Bag to their next sleepover! Personalize it with any name up to 12 characters. Font and thread colors as shown. Comfortable and cozy, the fun printed sleeping bag zips down one side and across the bottom. Comes with a matching zippered carry bag to easily travel wherever they go. 53-1/2″ x 28-1/2″. Polyester. Machine wash. Imported. Web and phone agent orders only. Sorry, mail/fax and our automated phone orders not accepted. LTD-Personalized-bracelet

Charmed, I’m Sure NEW! Give a gift you know she’ll cherish with a Personalized Five Hearts Name Bracelet. The beautiful bracelet is designed to be engraved with the names of her loved ones. One side of each heart-shaped charm features a single name (up to 9 characters), and the other side contains a list of all the names on the bracelet. Every bracelet comes with 5 charms. If you don’t have 5 names, the front of the extra hearts will be left blank. The bracelet has a hook clasp. Bracelet, 7-1/2″L. Charms, 3/8″ dia., each. Metal. Web and phone agent orders only. Sorry, mail/fax and our automated phone orders not

Wine that Says “Mine” No Wining Alone Give the perfect gift of a Set of 4 Personalized Travertine Stone Coasters to the new couple, the new homeowners or even to yourself. Each stone coaster protects your table surfaces from water rings. Their cork bottoms help prevent scratches. 4″ sq., each. Web and phone agent orders only. Sorry, mail/fax and our automated phone orders not accepted. This item cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes.LTD-Personalized-grandma-t

An Earned Title
Show her how much you care with a Personalized Mom or Grandma T-Shirt. She’ll love wearing a colorful tee with the names of her children or grandchildren on it. It can be personalized with up to 9 names, each with a maximum of 10 characters. A minimum of 2 names are required. Designs and colors for each appear as pictured. Cotton. Machine care. Imported.