5 Simple Ways to Indulge Yourself for Valentine’s Day

Valentines-DayTraditionally, Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts — it feels good to do something nice for our loved ones, but sometimes we need to do something for ourselves, too. We deserve it! So while you’re planning a sweet day for your sweetie, don’t forget to take care of yourself. here are 5 simple ways to indulge yourself for Valentine’s Day.

Girl, Interrupted We go, go, go seven days a week — it’s time for you to stop and take a breather. If you haven’t tried it, meditation is good for shutting out the day-to-day noise and give your brain a break for ten minutes. It may seem a little new age-y, but it helps you focus on the present, reduces stress and cuts down on negative feelings. No one wants to feel angry and anxious on Valentine’s Day!

cozy-catShaggy Snuggles Cats and dogs welcome us home and make our homes a little more loving, but cuddling up with your pets has health benefits, too. The American Heart Association claims they can do your body good by lowering your risk of heart diseases as well as your cholesterol. Dogs and cats are worth all the work and upkeep just for their love, but keeping us healthy is a pretty big bonus.

Embarrassing Indulgences Read the tabloids. Find out who’s wearing what to the Oscars. Listen to boy bands, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Dance and get silly. Watch romantic comedies and get lost in the boy-meets-girl-boy-loses-girl-boy-chases-girl-and-wins-her-back-with-a sugary-sweet-fairy-tale-ending. Do the things no one else knows you like to do (and that you’re a little embarrassed about).

Get Your Hands Dirty Crafting and artistic challenges are not only fun, they also have psychological benefits. According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, making art helps people focus on positive experiences and increases self-worth. Not only will you be creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake, but you’ll feel better about yourself while you’re making it.

ChocolateSweet Sensations We love chocolate. It’s the treat of all treats! Not only does it taste awesome, but, if you get the dark chocolate, it’s good for your health, too! Chocolate has antioxidant properties that reduce the risk of heart disease — among other benefits. While you’re losing yourself in that sweet, velvety chocolate bar, you’re also undoing any damage you might have done with that bag of potato chips.

While you’re planning Valentine’s Day, take a little time treat yourself. Remember that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day: History’s Favorite Pets

We love our animals — whether it’s a dog, cat or bear, animals have so much power in their love that some are loved by entire nations. And for Valentine’s Day we don’t want to leave out our furry friends! Here are 7 of history’s favorite pets.

Image Source: Public Domain Via Wikipedia

Image Source: Public Domain Via Wikipedia

Rin Tin Tin Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd pup, was found in an abandoned German military kennel in France by U.S. Army Corporal Lee Duncan. When the war ended, Duncan took his trained dog to Hollywood and made him a star. “Rinty” became popular with audiences and starred in his own films. The first Rin Tin Tin passed away in 1930. His son and other descendants continued performing in movies, radio shows, and television.

Unsinkable Sam “Unsinkable Sam” was one of the British Royal Navy’s favorite “Captain’s Cats” as a companion and mice and rat exterminator. History suggests he started out on the German side of World War II aboard The Bismarck and was one of the few survivors when it sank in 1941. Sam was picked up by the British battleship the HMS Cossack which later sank as well. 159 sailors died, but Sam survived. He then moved on to the HMS Ark Royal, which was later torpedoed. Sam was found “angry but quite unharmed” on a floating plank. The cat was then retired from shipboard service, and he spent the rest of his days a pampered pet in a home for retired sailors.

Greyfriars Bobby Beloved of Scotland, Greyfriars Bobby was a terrier who became a symbol of enduring loyalty. His owner John Gray was a member of the Edinburgh police force. When he died in 1858, Gray was interred in the Greyfriars churchyard. Soon afterward, Bobby was seen sitting on the grave. The dog spent most of the rest of his life guarding the gravesite. Shortly after his own death in 1872, a statue of Bobby was placed near the church.


Image Source: Public Domain Via Wikipedia

Winnipeg the Bear Winnipeg’s story starts in World War I. She was an orphaned cub that Lt. Harry Colebourn, a Canadian army veterinarian, purchased from a hunter. His regiment adopted her as a mascot, and Colebourn named her Winnipeg or “Winnie” after his hometown. When the regiment was deployed in 1915, it managed to smuggle her all the way to England. Before leaving for France, Colebourn left Winnie at the London Zoo. After the war, a writer named Alan Milne and his son Christopher frequently visited Winnie. The little boy named his teddy after the friendly bear, and thus,Winnie-the-Pooh was born. Winnie the Bear lived at the London Zoo until her death in 1934. She is remembered in Winnipeg with a statue.

Hachiko Hachiko became a national symbol through an act of extreme loyalty. The dog was the pet of Japanese Professor Hidesaburo Ueno. He met his master at the Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo at the end of every day. In May 1925, Ueno died while teaching, and he never returned to the station. Hachiko never stopped waiting for him. Every day for the next nine years, the dog sat outside the train station, appearing precisely when Ueno’s old train was due at the station. A year before his death in 1935, a statue of Hachiko was placed outside the Shibuya train station, where it still stands. Bronze paw prints mark the exact spot where he stood every day.

Old Abe Cats and dogs are not the only animals that win our hearts. Old Abe was a female bald eagle who was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. Old Abe saw battle in Vicksburg and Memphis. After the war, the regiment gave her to the state of Wisconsin, and she lived the rest of her life in a special room in the Capitol. Today, a statue of Old Abe keeps watch over the Wisconsin State Assembly Chamber, and her likeness graces the insignia of the 101st Airborne Division “The Screaming Eagles”.

Image Source: Public Domain Via Wikipedia

Image Source: Public Domain Via Wikipedia

Trigger Known as “The Smartest Horse in the Movies”, Trigger was the faithful mount of film and television cowboy Roy Rogers. Originally named “Golden Cloud”, the clever horse mastered an almost endless list of tricks, including untying ropes and even shooting a gun. Starting in 1943, Trigger appeared in over 80 movies with Rogers, as well as 100 television episodes. Within a few years of his debut, he was so popular, he needed a body double to keep up with all the demands for personal appearances. The original Trigger passed away in 1965. The statue of a rearing horse that decorates the Denver Broncos home scoreboard was cast in Trigger’s image.

Items We Adore: Product Picks to Spring into Style

We’re getting a little bit closer to spring every day! That means it’s time to audit our wardrobes and make a little room for new clothes for the season change. With that in mind, here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks to Spring into Style.


Feminine and fashionable, Women’s Polka Dot Flutter Sleeve Top makes a great everyday top. It features an all-over dot print, flattering flutter sleeves and a scoop neckline. Perfect with jeans for on the go or running errands! Lengths are 27-1/2″, 28″, 28-1/2″, 29″, and 29-1/2″. Polyester and spandex. Made in the USA.


Perfect for the office or a night out on the town, a Women’s Laser Cut Jacquard Knit Tank layers well with sweaters or jackets. Its textured design features scalloped, laser-cut eyelet detailing at the neckline and hem. The Black choice features a black and white zebra pattern, and the Gray choice has a floral design. Lengths are 24-1/2″, 25″ and 25-1/2″. Polyester and spandex. Machine wash. Imported.


Create a long, flowing silhouette with this beautiful Kimono Fashion Scarf. It features an all-over floral print and is embellished at the bottom with tassel fringe. It’s lightweight and versatile and can be casually thrown over any outfit to add some easy style. Also works as a cover-up. 39″W x 71″L. Polyester. Imported.


The Women’s Printed Maxi Skirt features a bold pattern that’s perfect for almost any season. Made from a lightweight, stretchy fabric, this soft and comfortable skirt is fitted around the hips with a rolled waistband, and flows slightly toward the hem. Lengths, 34-3/4″, 35″, 35-1/4″ and 35-1/2″. Polyester and spandex. Machine wash. Made in the USA.


Take any hairstyle from normal to formal with this Set of 2 Jeweled Hair Clips. Each clip has pretty gems and sparkling rhinestones highlighting a delicate design. It has a strong metal spring that opens and closes easily. Metal teeth on top of clip help keep it securely in place. 4″W x 1″D x 2″H, each.


A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Valentines-DayWe know Valentine’s Day for its hearts, flowers and chocolate, but there’s more to it than just gifts and candy. It had a long and rich history of love centuries before greeting cards became an industry. Here’s a brief history of Valentine’s Day.

The Man Behind the Holiday Valentine’s Day has a long history, but the popular theory traces it back to Saint Valentine.  He was a Roman bishop who performed marriages for soldiers and their sweethearts when it was forbidden. The good deed did not go unpunished — he was jailed for the act, but it was in his jail cell that the valentine as we know it was born. He sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter signed “from your Valentine.”

Valentines-DayA Day of Love Several hundred years later is when the idea of love wrapped itself around Valentine’s Day. The poet known for the The Canterbury Tales — Geoffrey Chaucer — wrote a poem in the 1300s called Parliament of Fowls in which he made a direct connection between Valentine’s Day and love:

“For this was on Saint Valentine’s day, // When every fowl comes there his mate to take, // Of every species that men know, I say, // And then so huge a crowd did they make, // That earth and sea, and tree, and every lake // Was so full, that there was scarcely space // For me to stand, so full was all the place.”

Valentines as We Know Them Those heart-covered cards we give every year have roots in late 18th century England. The Young Man’s Valentine Writer was created with little rhymes and cute couplets for people who weren’t able to express their love in words. These cards were popular, but another 40 years passed before these valentines were massed produced and the Royal Mail Service made sending cards affordable to commoners with the Penny Post.

Valentines-DayModern Day Fun Facts Though most kids hand out valentines to their classmates, they are not included in the 145 million cards sent for Valentine’s Day each year in the United States. It’s second only to Christmas for the most cards sent to honor a holiday, according to According to the Greeting Card Association. But going beyond the card, people didn’t start giving gifts for Valentine’s Day until the 1900s and even then, diamonds didn’t become a popular gift for the holiday until the 1980s.

Whether it’s jewelry or a stuffed animal you want to give your sweetheart, shop LTD Commodities for gifts and ideas as unique as your valentine.

Pinteresting Picks for January

We made it through the first month of 2016! It’s hard to believe it’s already gone and it’s time to start planning for spring — at least that’s what our Pinterest followers are doing. According to our top pins for the month, they’re thinking about organizing and decorating — and we think you’ll like what they like. Here are our Pinteresting Picks for January.


This Jumbo Household Storage Bin is big enough to allow a wide range of uses throughout your home. Use it to hold magazines in the living room, folded throws in the family room and much more. Its soft exterior has a popular fashion print to look at home with your decor. Double handles make it easy to transport. 21-1/2″ x 13-1/2″ x 13″. Polyester, plastic and metal.

lanternsDecorate your home with this wrought iron Hanging LED Candle Lantern, inspired by vintage looks from the past. The wall-mounted lantern comes with a glass candle cup and a battery-operated LED candle. The flameless candle poses no danger of fire, so it’s safe anywhere. Includes 3 button-cell batteries. On/off switch. Lantern, 6-1/2″ dia. x 10-1/2″H. Wall mount, 3/4″W x 5-5/8″D x 10-1/2″H. Overall, 6-1/2″W x 7-3/4″D x 21-1/2″H. Ready to hang.

desk-organizer5-Compartment Desktop File Organizer keeps everything in order. It has 5 compartments to sort all your files and makes them easy to find. Sleek design takes up little room on your desk and adds a pop of color. 12-1/4″W x 11-1/2″D x 9-1/2″H. Metal. Easy assembly required.

organizersSave space and keep important documents neat and orderly with the Collapsible File Organizer. Interior mesh pockets provide extra organization. Handles on two sides make it easy to carry. When not in use, it folds for easy storage. Single, 10-1/4″W x 12-3/4″D x 11-1/2″H. Double, 19″W x 12-3/4″D x 11-1/2″H. Polyester. Imported.


Freshen up your home decor with this Inspirational Word Sculpture. The word is spelled out in block letters detailed with stitch lines, vines and 3-D birds. A coordinating sentiment is inscribed on one of the letters to bring an uplifting element to your decor. Looks great on a table, shelf or mantel. Approx. 9-3/4″W x 5″H. Cold cast ceramic.

Items We Adore: Product Picks for the Week

We are all spending a lot of time indoors and that means we need ways to stay cozy and busy between our brief trips into the cold and two feet of snow for necessities. We put together a list of items we think you’ll find useful for long winter days spent inside. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for the Week.

cuddle-bedThe Soft Plush Cat Cuddle Bed provides luxurious comfort for your pet. This deep bed with raised sides keeps your beloved feline warm and cozy. Cushioned on the bottom and sides for extra softness, it invites your cat to curl up and rest. 18″ dia. x 11″H. Polyester and polyfill. Machine care. Imported.


Incredibly soft and comfortable, this 50″ x 60″ Plush Micro-Velvet Throw is a great gift everyone will enjoy. The luxurious throw adds an extra layer of warmth to wherever you’re lounging. Its silky feel makes it even cozier. Polyester. Machine care. Imported.


The plain, complex outlines give you the freedom to creatively add color and bring the images in this Intricate Designs Coloring Book to life. It features 31 intricate designs on acid-free, art-grade paper. Each page is micro-perforated for easy tearing and sharing. 9-3/8″W x 9″L. Softcover, 64 pages.


Dress your baby fashionably at a value price! Infant’s 3-Pc. Vest and Jeans Outfit offers a similar look for boys and girls. The Boys’ outfit has a screen-printed T-shirt and a puffy vest and jeans, both with embroidered accents. The Girls’ outfit has appliques, embroidery on the back pocket and rhinestone embellishments on the T-shirt and jeans, along with a puffy vest. All the jeans have an elastic back, button fly and 2 back pockets. T-shirts and jeans, cotton and polyester. Vests, polyester. Machine care. Imported.



Show your team spirit with an officially licensed NFL Reversible Infinity Scarf. This reversible scarf features both team colors, one on each side. Prominently adorning each side is a bold square patch of the team name and logo. 6″W x 35-1/2″L. Acrylic. Imported.

Spring Refresh: Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking and Cleaning a Little Easier

Cleaning-KitchenIt’s time to start thinking about giving your house a spring refresh. It’s a lot to take on, so we thought we’d start with the most complicated room in the house: the kitchen. Here are some kitchen hacks to make cooking and cleaning a little easier.

Dairy Dilemmas Dairy seems go bad a little too quickly, but there are a couple tricks to extend the lives of some items.

  • Dry Cheese: spread a little butter on the cut end to keep it from drying out (only works for hard cheeses).
  • Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream: to keep these items from getting moldy, once the seal’s been broken, turn the closed container upside when you return it to the refrigerator to block air from moving in — air is one of the things that contributes to spoilage.
  • Milk: Don’t store your milk in the refrigerator door. With all of the opening and closing of the door, the temperature fluctuates too much for something as delicate as dairy (and eggs); the door is best for long-lasting items like condiments.

Dishwasher Difficulties Dishwashers work really hard to clean up food and stains from your dinnerware — and some of that gunk tends to build up in the appliance: Here are a couple ways to clean it:Dishwasher

  • Vinegar: Toss a cup of vinegar in the bottom of your empty dishwasher. Run it.
  • Powdered Lemonade (unsweetened): Add the powder to your soap dispenser. Run the empty dishwasher.

The vinegar and lemonade work the same way to clean out extra food particles. If your dishwasher still isn’t cleaning your dishes, you may have to seek out a dishwasher repairman for help.

Messy Microwave Cleaning the microwave isn’t hard, but it’s annoying. To simplify it, try these methods:

  • Lemon & Water: Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and a cut up lemon. Place it in the microwave and run it on high for about four minutes. Keep the door closed to let it steam up for two minutes and then wipe it clean.
  • Sponge Sense: Wet a sponge (well-soaked, but squeeze off a little extra water). Place it in the microwave and cook on high for two minutes. Let it steam up for a minute. Make sure the sponge is cool enough to touch and then wipe the microwave out.

Lemon Freshness Lemons and their peels do so much more than flavor our food! Here are a couple of their best uses:

  • Salt & Lemon: Use lemon half sprinkled with salt as a scrubber for your cutting board or marble to clean and disinfect them (it’s also the formula for a rust remover). Toss the used rinds in the garbage disposal and run it to refresh the appliance.
  • Repurpose Rinds: When you use a lemon for a recipe, rather than tossing it in the trash, toss it in your slow cooker with water and let it simmer to scent the air (you can toss in old tea bags and apple cores, too).

Vexing Vegetables 
Vegetables are susceptible to food waste because thekitchen-caddyy go bad faster than other foods. Here are a few ways to extend their lives.

  • Dark Leafy Greens & Herbs: If the leaves on your kale or cilantro (and similar produce) start to wilt, don’t throw them out, cut off the ends of their stalks and stick them in a glass of water to perk them up.
  • Paper Towels: If you’re storing fruit in your crisper drawer, stick a layer of paper towels in the bottom. The towels absorb the excess moisture that causes fruit to rot.

When you start your spring organizing, let LTD help you get things sorted! Whether you’re looking for tips for cleaning faster or you need new storage containers to get your bedroom organized, look to LTD for clever ideas and practical products.

Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Show Your Dog a Little Love

puppyEverywhere you turn, our winter landscape is peppered with hearts and cupids to remind us to show a little love. For Valentine’s Day, that love doesn’t have to be romantic love — we can express our affection for everyone we care about — including our cuddly canines. If you’re looking for ideas to show your pup appreciation, here are 5 ways to show your dog a little love.

Dog Doctor We know we need to go to the dentist and the doctor regularly — even when we feel OK — just to make sure everything is working properly and to maintain good health. Our furry friends need the same kind of healing attention, particularly since our pups can’t tell us if they’re stomach is upset or they have aches and pains. Vets see all types of animals every day so they can hear, see and feel the things that are off that pet owners can’t. A trip to the vet once a year as the Humane Society recommends may save you money with preventive care and save your pup undue pain.gnawsome

Husky Hound Just like humans, to stay healthy between doctor visits, dogs need to eat right and get lots of exercise. Your vet should be able to tell you just how much and what kind of food your dog should be eating to maintain a healthy weight. At home, just do your duty by letting your pup get the kind of running in that he wants to do. If you have a dog that isn’t into exercise, don’t force him to take long walks — do as much as necessary and use treats as incentives to get him to walk a little bit longer. If that doesn’t work, try engaging him in activities he likes — maybe he just wants to play tug of war; that’s ok as long as he gets in some activity. Every little bit counts when you’re trying to prevent health problems like heart disease and arthritis.

Canine Comforts We all love a little pampering and so do our pups! Indulge your dog in a few cuddly items to keep him warm on a winter day. A cushioned pet bed keeps him comfortable and a new toy keeps him company. Dogs are known to get attached to things the way humans do — letting them do that with their special toys is just a way we show them we care.

pup-padDog Dousing We don’t like to be dirty. Daily showers are a habit humans don’t want to give up. Dogs feel the need to be clean, too. Even though they’re equipped to clean themselves, it’s good to give them help every once in awhile to get rid of matted fur, dead skin and anything lurking in their coats that they picked up outside. Taking him to the groomer is an efficient way to get your dog clean. Groomers are trained to handle dogs when they’re uncomfortable and you don’t have a mess to clean up at home. However, doing it yourself is fine if you know what you’re getting into. Either way you do it, The American Society to the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA) recommends getting your dog cleaned up every three months.

Frolicking Fidos By nature, dogs like to be around other dogs — they’re pack animals. Setting up playdates with other dogs and going regularly to the dog park where his friends are shows him your love by letting him do the things he loves. Not only that, but getting him out playing with other dogs and people helps him socialize and learn to behave outside the home.

Anyway you show your pup love this Valentine’s Day, let LTD Commodities help! We have ideas and products to make your dog feel special every day of the year.

Items We Adore: Product Picks for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! If you haven’t seen any hearts and cupids popping up, you will soon! Valentine’s Day is approaching and, though it’s a day typically dedicated to romance, we can show our love for our family, our homes and ourselves on February 14. So with that in mind, we put together a list of products filled with love that we think you’ll like. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for Valentine’s Day.heart-wreath

Country Hearts Wreath or Garland is the perfect finishing touch for your country home. Both pieces are made of grapevine branches accented with gingham bows, red and cream polyfoam berries and wooden cutouts bearing words of love. Garland, approx. 60″. Wreath, 15″ x 14-1/2″.street-scene

NEW! Add a personalized touch to this street scene wall art to create the perfect gift for an engagement, wedding or anniversary! The romantic black and white image by artist Scott Kennedy features the couple’s names as part of the artwork. The lovers’ embrace and the red heart work together to create a sweet scene. It’s a special gift that can also be ordered with your name and that of your significant other to hang in your own home. Maximum of 15 letters per name. Wooden block mount is a contemporary and frameless way to display a print. Comes ready to hang.heart-charm-bracelet

NEW! Give a gift you know she’ll cherish with a Personalized Five Hearts Name Bracelet. The beautiful bracelet is designed to be engraved with the names of her loved ones. One side of each heart-shaped charm features a single name (up to 9 characters), and the other side contains a list of all the names on the bracelet. Every bracelet comes with 5 charms. If you don’t have 5 names, the front of the extra hearts will be left blank. The bracelet has a hook clasp. Bracelet, 7-1/2″L. Charms, 3/8″ dia., each. Metal.heart-candle-box


Wooden Tea Light Candle Box lights up a table or shelf with country sensibility. Each of the 4 glass tea light cups has its own compartment in the box. Light from the flame shines through the themed cutout. Decorative rope handles and a distressed finish add an extra rustic touch. Box, 13-7/8″ x 4″ x 3-1/2″. Candle cups, 3-1/8″ x 2-3/4″ dia., each.heart-gloves

These Kids’ Fleece Text Gloves with Zipper Pocket keep hands warm while operating a touch screen. A zipper pocket on top of each glove is great for holding important items like a house key, money or a note for school. A special fabric on the tip of the thumbs and index fingers is what makes it possible to use a mobile phone or tablet. One size fits most. Polyester. Imported.


National Compliment Day: Practice the Power of Praise


Yes, it’s another one of those random holidays, but National Compliment Day is worthy of celebration. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a compliment from a stranger, you know a compliment’s power to make someone feel awesome. If you’re new to the idea and want to give a loved one a boost, we put together a few ways to practice the power of praise for National Compliment Day.

Unique Blends She’s fascinating and can play the guitar. He’s imaginative and successful. She’s brainy and funny. If your loved one thinks you believe he’s the bee’s knees, he’ll feel special and make you feel special, too.

cakeApplaud Hard Work He’s masterful at cooling a heated situation between the kids. She bakes a strawberry shortcake to embarrass Martha Stewart. His first attempt at building a picnic table was exquisite — draw attention to the things your loved one works hard on. That you notice makes will warm his soul.

Mild Mentionables That oddly shaped freckle he doesn’t know he has, the dimple she can’t see, that one strand of hair that always falls in his eyes — they’re all little things you notice that no one else does. Tell him you love those things about him and they’re part of everything that makes him adorable. Knowing that you like those things is fine, but hearing it will make him feel the way you do when you see that first glimpse of sunshine after a long, gray winter.

Loud & Proud Letting someone know you’re proud of him is a go-to, catch-all compliment — he’ll never get tired of hearing it. But when he hears you say it to someone else, it takes the compliment to a level that can’t be qualified.  baby

Parental Praise The best compliment you can pay someone is telling him he’s a good parent. Praising someone for being able to mold a child into someone inspiring, interesting and productive is no small feat and whoever does it well deserves some recognition — and hearing it is humbling and heartwarming.

While we want others to feel good, at LTD Commodities, we want you to feel good, too. We have hundreds of items to brighten your day. Whether it’s National Compliment Day or it’s Flag Day, shop LTD for products built to inspire.