What do you need in your home office?

home-officeThe trend of working from home is increasing day by day due to the easy technology. Now you don’t have to sit eight hours in front of a desktop to earn for yourself. A cute small laptop and a Wi-Fi connection in a home have done a splendid job and one can work easily from home. Now whether you work full-time or not in your home office, there are some essential things that you will need to create a work friendly environment. The designing of home office is equally essential for your better performance. A well designed and well equipped home office will increase your productivity. Working from home will make you feel relax and you will become more efficient after getting a homely touch during your work hours.

Work friendly desk:
Before buying a desk for your home office see what kind of stuff you are going to place on the desk. For too many office essentials, make sure your desk is large enough and has number of storage drawers. But if you have a laptop and a mug of coffee on the desk go for a plain horizontal smart desk. No need to go for the heavy desk with multiple drawers.

Go for a comfortable seating:
You know while working from home you can’t stand up for a walk to the coworker’s desk and have a chat for a few minutes. You have to sit continuously for many hours. To make sure you are comfortable buy a revolving chair. Adjust the height that best suits your sitting posture. I would suggest you to go for an ergonomically perfect chair.

Equip your home office with modern communication tools:
Working from home also requires the connection with the globe. The days are over when you stayed connected with just a headset and a phone. Now you must have the modern communication tools with you so you can easily manage your business connections.  tools includes

  • Business phones; they will make you move seamlessly between the voice calls, videos and instant messages
  • IPhones
  • Blackberry

These smart tools can make things easy for you.

In a home office you have to deal with loads of files, papers and note pads. To keep things organized go for some shelving in your working area. Place all the required stuff on it and keep the things in manner. You can also buy a little wooden closet with multiple shelves to save your material.

Have a proper lighting:
Illuminate your home office with stylish lightening. You can easily get great looking lamps to light up your office at home. The thing to remember about lightening is it should be comfortable for your eyes and the monitor screen should be saved from the reflection of light.

Don’t forget to buy the paper weights for your home office:
The paper weights are essential items in every office. They will help you to manage the scattered papers on your desk. For your home office a pair of stylish glass paper weights will rock.

Keep a small stock of stationery with you:
Despite the fact  we mostly use the computers for our working, the importance of pen/pencil has not decreased. You still need a pen or a pencil for your work. Place a small box on your desk and add two or three pens/pencils and other items which you think are important.

A calendar:
A perpetual calendar is must have thing for your home office. It will update you with the passing time and will increase your work speed.

Personalized it with wall art:
The decoration of home office is equally important. You can add warmth in office with small canvas prints, portraits or your favorite paintings hanged on the wall to have a personalized home office.

These all things are essential for your home office. You have to make your home office sensible yet stylish.

AtiqUr Rehman is professional independent information technology provider. He writes on gardening, home decoration and photography.

Image Credit: Alpine Holiday Homes

Pest Control in the Winter

pest-controlKeeping pests out of your home is one of the most critical things you can do, no matter the season. During the winter some people have a tendency to let their guard down as many types of insects begin to hibernate. For some pests, this is the easiest time for them to come inside, and the most likely too. Rather than forgetting about pest control for the season, take extra measures to protect your home, especially from mice during the winter. Take the proper steps to keep them out during this season. It will be easier to put up the barriers rather than playing catch up once they are already inside.

The cat
One of the easiest ways to get rid of mice in the home is to invest in a cat. You don’t even need to have the cat living indoors. Cats are one of the biggest predators out there, tackling everything from insects to snakes. A mouse’s worse enemy is a playful cat.

As long as you don’t get a Garfield, most cats will help reduce the mice and other insect population around your home significantly. For those who have absolutely no interest in owning a pet cat, there are other options out there. Take these methods instead, keeping the rodents, insects, and any other unwanted critters as far away from your home as possible.

Keep organized
Mice love to find a place to nestle in close together building their nests away from the cold. Keep these spaces out of the way before they even have a chance to congregate. Although it is too late now, for next fall take care to eliminate the waste that has built up around your home. Piles of trash, hay, compost, or other things are the perfect place for nests to be built, keeping them warm for the winter.

The closer these piles are to your home, the higher the chance the mice will make their way into your home. Move them as far away from the structure as possible. This includes garbage, which should be emptied out as often as possible to prevent attracting even more mice.

Although many insects will die at the end of the fall, if they are able to find a safe and warm place to hibernate, they will be just as ready for next spring. The closer these warm spots are to your home, the more likely it is they will make their way inside. Move piles of wood and other insect habitats away from the sides of your home.

Close the options
If you do not have screens installed in your home, put them on now. This is especially important in protecting against mice for the windows of your home that are close to ground level. Presumably during the winter you will not be having the windows open, but it is better to have this extra protection than not. In addition to this, you can invest in screens for your chimney and other openings. This will keep mice, birds, and other pests out of your home.

You would be surprised how small of a hole a mouse needs to make its way into your house. Inspect the perimeter and make sure that all the holes and cracks are properly filled, including those that house water pipes or electric lines. An entire insect population could make its way inside through one of these openings carelessly left unattended.

If a pest population does make its way into your home, they can cause destruction and reproduce fast. At this point you may be better to call an exterminator. Do all you can to rid your home of an infestation, keeping your house clean and free from diseases they may carry.

 Cassie Costner writes for beelinepestcontroldenver.com, a Colorado pest control company. She has written on the most effective way to rid pests from your home no matter the season, and keep them out for the long run. 

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