LTD Website Facts You Might Not Have Known

Do you ever go online and just ask any random question and see how many results you get?? You could sit there for endless hours or days and learn so many things you wanted to know and maybe some that you didn”t want to know.? That is what is so fun and exciting about going online. Stay in your jammies, grab your coffee and get comfy and open that vast world of everything.

You love to shop here, but didn?t you ever have a question about LTD that you didn?t know the answer to?? Well we have an answer for that too with some LTD facts you might not have known.

Company Mission Statement

Most if not all companies have one and I have to say, ours is pretty exceptional.? To the right of that, we have our Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation logo, then our Norton Security, our 115% lowest price guarantee, our wonderful BBB Torch award stamp and PayPal.


Just click on any of these images on our website and you will learn more.? For example: if you did not know that we won the 2013 BBB Torch award or would like more information on the Torch award.

Offers and Previews

Next we have our Sign- up for Exclusive offers and Previews.? Now who doesn?t want that? We all love to find a way to save and this is it! Sign up now and you will get all of the latest at LTD Commodities.


FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked question (FAQ) section located at the bottom of our page holds a variety of questions and their answers just for your learning.? All? you need to do is click on the FAQ link under Need Assistance to view the categories listed.


As you click on each category, casino online we have anticipated question/ answers that were frequently asked by other customers.? Take ordering for instance.? Say you want to send an item as a gift, but don?t know how to do that.? Just click on ?Ordering? and then ?Can I send the order as a gift? and your answer will pop up. ?Now you are ready to learn how to send a gift to one of your favorite people.

Additional Questions

Have more questions?? Just click ?Back To Questions? and you are right back to our main FAQ category list and select your next category to view. Now if that was your only question, just click the ?Close X? on the top right and you are right back to our site.

With that said, we want to know what questions you have for us.? While we have an FAQ section to answer select questions, there may be that one question on your mind; that does not have a one click posted answer.? Post your ?Need to know? question and we will be happy to assist!

3 Steps to Update Your Account

With a variety of experiences in our lifetime, there are some situations that will result in having to update everything that has your name and address attached to it. Getting married may have a last name change, buying a new home would have a new address or maybe you have multiple address locations. Here are some easy steps to help guide you on updating your information with LTD.


1. How do I change the address listed for the account?

You can change your address by clicking on the My Account page and selecting “Change the account information.” You can also update your address on your account when you place your next order. Please note that these changes must be made prior to submitting your order. Unfortunately, we cannot change “ship to” addresses on orders already placed or in process.

2. How do I update My Account information?

Once you have logged into My Account, you have the option to update and change your Sign-in & Subscriptions, Address Book, Stored Payment Methods and Business Account Information. After entering the new information, click the UPDATE button for your changes to be effective

There may be some additional changes or updating that you may need to do periodically.? As we like to make your shopping easier, this step below will help you make changes to your personal contact information, your gift addresses and your email information.

3.How can I change my Address Online?

You can update your account information at any time by logging into My Account. In My Account you can make changes to your address, personal contact information and manage your gift addresses and email preferences. You can also update your address during the checkout process on your next order. Please note that changes to your shipping address must be made prior to submitting your order.

Or if you do not have online access, below are other available options to update your information.

Submit your request in writing via mail or fax. Please include the company account number and the old and new address.

Fax: (847) 283-8124

Mail: LTD Commodities, LLC
Account Maintenance
2800 Lakeside Drive
Bannockburn, IL 60015

Now that you have LTD checked off on your list of updating.? Visit our website and check out all of our great products & deals that just might look great in that new home.

How to Sign Up and Manage your LTD Account

Upon shopping our LTD Commodities website, you already have a list of fabulous items and can’t wait to order. Just open an account and you will be on your way to great savings. We put together the different ways you can open an account with us so you can start saving asap.


Visit our website
Just click on “My Account” at the top of the screen. When the on the next screen comes up you can click on “Continue under Create a New Account” to set one up.  Be sure to fill in all the required fields to order.

Call us
You can also give us a call and speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at 847-295-5532 Monday-Friday, 7:00 -8:00 P.M CST.  They would be happy to set up an account for you and request a catalog or place an order for you.

Mail your order
If you have perhaps borrowed a catalog or visited the web, but prefer to mail or fax in your information to:

LTD Commodities
2800 Lakeside Dr.
Bannockburn, IL. 60015
Fax :  847-604-7600

Once we receive your information or order we will set an account up for you.

If you have a business and would like to provide your business information to maximize your shopping opportunities, you can do so by selecting the “I’d like to provide my business information”; check box during while you are creating your account.

Change of Address

A change of address is easy, whether you already have an account or need to make changes to your new account.

If you need to update your address you can do this by going to our website. Sign into your account and then click on the My Account page. Once there, select “Change the Account Information.”  You can make your changes on that page.

You are also able to update your information including your address on your account when you place your next order online. Please note that these changes must be made prior to submitting your order. Unfortunately, we cannot change “ship to” addresses on orders already placed or in process.

Additional Changes
For other changes, you can log into “My Account”, where you have the option to update and change your sign-in and subscriptions, address book, payment methods and business account information. After entering the new information, be sure to click the “Update” button for your changes to take effect.

Call us
If you would rather speak to someone, feel free to contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at 847-295-5532 Monday-Friday, 7:00 -8:00 P.M CST.  They would be happy to update your information on your account.

How to Send the Perfect Gift from LTD

send-a-giftGift giving can be easy for some in your life and with others; it can be quite the challenge. Shopping with LTD, we have made it easy for all! Not only as you view our vast selection of items online, you can mark your favorites to go back to when you are ready to submit your order.

Need help to prepare for shopping? Here are some handy tips to get you going.

Make a list of names
Put the hardest person to buy for on the top of the list. This way you will get the toughest gift out of the way and the rest of your gift buying will be smooth sailing.

Determine a price range
If you have a price limit in a group you are buying for, stick with it. Sticking with the agreed price range will make the exchange fair.

List any favorite hobbies
Hobbies can include teams, colors, and collectable items that you know each person likes. This will make your time shopping fun and easy.

Personality has it
Do they like to travel or would they rather enjoy time off at home? These are a few of the things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gift.

Shopping for kids
If shopping for a child, be sure to find out what may be allowable or not with the parents first and then find out the child’s online slots likes or dislikes.

Fun with family
For those goofy family members or the ones that seem to have it all, there are always unique items to choose from in our catalogs.You’ll find the perfect fit in no time!

This-is-a-giftYour gift item(s) selected and you are ready to send.  We can make shipping for you easy as well.  As you check out, you can select “This is a Gift” box and even send a very special message to your gift recipient. There are 140 character spaces allowed to enter your personal message. Send that special thought or make it short and sweet. Either way, a gift is a special thing from a special someone and that someone is you!

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Romeo, Romeo Where for Art Thou Promo?

50-logoLTD Customers are savvy shoppers and want to get the best value for their money, it’s no surprise that they would look for additional money off their orders by looking for promo codes. If you’re a savvy shopper, we’ve got some great ways to keep up to date on fabulous deals.

In order to find or receive our promo codes you can do the following:

•    Make sure we have your current email address and are signed up to receive our emails. We regularly send emails to our customers that include a can’t miss deal.

You can sign up right on our website where it says, “Sign Up Now For Email Discounts & Offers!” or you can sign up when speaking with a Customer Service Representative as they will be happy to help you.


•    Another way to find promos is to “Like” us on our Facebook Page. Keep an eye out for promotions and coupons given exclusively to our Facebook Friends.
•    Bird is the word! Follow us on Twitter. We tweet about great deals and fab items. You’ll be kept up to date with any new promotions.
•    Stay social and don’t forget to connect with us on Google+ and Pinterest.

Lastly, LTD offers so many quality products at great values, you can check out our Online Only Specials on our website. They don’t require you to a promo code because the prices are already marked down and are great deals.

With all of these ways to stay connected, you’ll be sure to find your treasures as a great value.

3 Facts About Shipping Your Order

shipping-boxWith the fold of a corner and the flip of a page you are on your way to creating a list of treasures to order. Just like kid at Christmas, it is hard to wait for your package to arrive to your door but with a few facts under your belt, you can shop with confidence.

 1. Shipping 101

When ordering your favorite items, you want the order to get to into your hands as quick as possible. One way to ensure that is to provide a physical address as your shipping address. Your order can ship through UPS or the Post Office. UPS is only able to ship to a physical address so providing a P.O. Box may cause a delay in receiving your treasures. In addition, it is important to add your suite or apartment number. Doing so eliminates items being delivered to the wrong unit or being returned as undeliverable.

2. Get your stuff on time

Holiday décor and gifts are just the tip of the iceberg of fabulous products you can find at LTD but they also need to arrive in time for the event. There are a few time- frames depending where the package is being shipped. At this time, LTD Commodities ships to the 48 contiguous states in the United States of America. Though we are unable to provide express shipping, time-frames may very on the time of year so be sure to contact your friendly customer service rep at (847) 444-3150 to check on the time-frame in your area before you order.

3. A little AD goes a long way

Additional Delivery allows us to provide you with a wider selection of items and décor to make your home beautiful. These key household staples are heavier in weight which requires an additional shipping fee to get to your door. You will find AD attached to a product on our website when you are choosing your favorite items. Another helpful place to find if there is AD is at check out. You will find the AD on useful items such as coffee tables, bookshelves, TV stands and multi-storage units that help you create a fabulous room in your home at a value that can’t be beat. These key items can bring any room together including the bathroom. A slim storage cabinet or an over-the-toilet stand can help you organize and provide more space for your necessities.

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Take Me Through the Order Trail

Placing an order online is convenient, easy and the best way to place an order.  Not only can you view the items, you can get descriptive details and be able to check your order status until your items arrive safely to your door.

Quick order or View catalogs and add to your cart.

  1. There are two ways to order online with LTD. If you like to view the items while you are shopping, just click into the item and add it to your cart. You can view your favorite items in your cart when you are finished. product-details

Using the Quick Order Form is great to enter an order when you know what you want or have a variety of items from different catalogs that you can quickly enter. Either way, shopping online with LTD you will receive quality items at great prices!


Done Shopping?

  1. Once you have completed your shopping, click on check out. Just follow the steps to review your order then check out with our secure checkout process. A confirmation number will be sent to you showing your order has been received.


The behind the scenes process

3. Once your order enters our system, there is a wonderful team of LTD employees ready to get your order packed and shipped out to you.

Waiting on your order? These steps will show you how to check your order status.

  1. Go to our homepage and click on order status at the top of the page.
  1. Enter your order confirmation number and your last name in the Check order Status section and click View Order to see your order status.
  2. Click on View Order and you will be able to view the status of each item from that order.

Now you are ready to receive your merchandise directly to your door. Come back next week for our next tip.

Easy Payment Methods for your LTD Orders

Saving up for those special gifts for family and friends is just a few clicks away with these easy and secure payment methods.


1. Paying with your credit card is easy and safe

Are you ready to make your friends and family happy with our unique gifts at LTD? All you need is your credit card- we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Your credit card purchase is a one-time transaction. Your information is safe with a protocol that encodes data before it is transmitted over the Internet and additionally secured behind a firewall.

2. PayPal now accepted

We are happy to announce that PayPal is now an accepted method of payment at LTD. Proceed to shop your heart out on our site and you can choose PayPal as your payment method from your shopping cart or at check out. Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem! Just sign up and your order will be secure and your treasures on their way.

3. Always on the run? Mail in your order instead

When always on the run it may be easier for some of us to mail in our orders. To do so, include a check or Money Order along with your order. Providing a check is a secured one-time electronic fund transfer from your account and a quick and easy way to pay for your order. If you live in the state of IL, be sure to apply sales tax to your order form. The sales tax should be calculated at 7.5% of total payment amount, including merchandise subtotal and shipping charges.

 4.Returned funds

In the situation that a check is returned, there is a $30.00 State of Illinois allowable fee. The fee will be deducted electronically from your account. This authorization may be revoked at any time prior to the electronic debiting of your account by written notice to LTD Commodities, sent certified mail, and a return receipt is requested.

LTD Commodities
2800 Lakeside Drive
P.O. Box 738
Bannockburn, IL60015-0738

 5. Ready to use your gift card

LTD accepts gift cards with a major credit card logo of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Whether you are using a gift card for yourself or buying for friends and family, LTD brings happiness to everyone. You have been waiting to get that bedding for your new bedroom look, this is the time.

Your friends and family will be excited from the minute they open their LTD gift. You want to take it one step further, ask one of our professional representatives to enter in a special note to go along with your gifts.