Christmas Checklist (Day 4): Forever Thankful for Family Time

Happy Thanksgiving! For LTD’s Day 4 Black Friday Deals, we’re bringing attention to some products that’ll make your family time more memorable during the holiday season. Challenge the family to build a complex puzzle, read a holiday story to the kids or enjoy a classic treat with a glass of milk on Christmas Eve. Learn about what kids from around the world leave out for Santa, as well as tips for a stress-free holiday below.

Gifts for Family Time During the Holidays


Inspire new memories while piecing together the good old days with 1,000-Pc. Nostalgic Puzzles. Features a collage of familiar favorites from the past. Assemble these delightful puzzles on our large felt Puzzle Mat.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Tin is filled with bite-sized versions of this popular treat. A lovely seasonal image adorns the exterior of the tin, which can be reused for storage or decor when the cookies are finished.

Enjoy a delightful, classic story during the holiday season with Inspirational Timeless Legend Stories. Each book features vibrant illustrations, and a page that explains the meaning behind familiar holiday traditions.

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Christmas Fun Fact #4

DID YOU KNOW: In America, its traditional to leave out milk and cookies for Santa. But this tradition varies from country to country. In Sweden, kids offer up coffee to keep Santa awake. In Ireland, a pint of Guinness isn’t out of the ordinary. In Chile, families leave out a sweet type of sponge cake known as Pan de Pascua.


Christmas Planning Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday
I’m not sure how this seems to happen every single year. The holidays sort of hide out there in the shadows, and when everyone least expects it–BAM! They jump out and surprise us. We wake up and realize we don’t have much time until Christmas. Why do we put everything off and make it so stressful for ourselves and our loved ones? Form a plan and make your holidays easier this time around with a few of these Christmas tips.

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Black Friday Preview: Your Destination for Great Deals

The wait is almost over. We’re just a short weekend away from the start of LTD’s Black Friday deals. Now is the time to solidify your Black Friday battle plan, to finalize that Christmas list and make sure your computer, tablet or smartphone is charged and ready to go. LTD is getting ready to unveil great Christmas gifts for your entire family, as well as holiday decorations and stocking stuffers, all at bargain prices. With all kinds of gifts for everyone on your list, LTD is more than ready to be your one-stop shop for Black Friday discounts. Here are a few things you can look forward to during our Black Friday sales, as well as some tips for the big day.


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Everything You Need — All In One Place
LTD literally has gifts for everyone on your list. Clothes and jewelry, toys and electronics, books and gifts for pets. Use your Black Friday savings to stock up on extra presents, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and more!

Easy Online Navigation — Shop From Home
Black Friday is notorious for making families choose between spending time with each other and waiting in line. With LTD’s online shopping experience, you can spend time with family and still get those great deals.


Black Friday: How to Stay Focused on Family
It can be hard to focus on spending quality time with the family while you’re trying to find Black Friday deals. Here’s a few ideas on how to prepare for Black Friday so you can stay focused on family this Thanksgiving.

Give Thanks for Deals Every Day
If you start your Black Friday shopping with LTD, you’ll be able to round out your Christmas list for everyone on your list, from your closest family and friends to gifts for your holiday hosts, neighbors or distant relatives. Make sure to stop by every day next week to see what kind of deals we will have for you and your family.

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Thanksgiving Tips to Make Your Day Memorable

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. For many of us, there are still quite a few things to get done before the big feast. Whether you’re still trying to decide what to put on the menu, looking for some Thanksgiving tips to get through the feast or just want to learn some new interesting facts about the holiday, find the answers you need to make your holiday great with these informative Thanksgiving articles.

Finalize Your Thanksgiving Menu


How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Menu
It’s gonna be hard to top last year’s menu. That cranberry sauce recipe you found on Pinterest was the best yet! With so many websites, blogs and magazines overflowing with enticing Thanksgiving recipes, it can be tough to decide on your menu. We’ve picked a few Thanksgiving classics, each updated with a simple twist.

Thanksgiving Vegetable Guide
We already know turkey is going to be on the menu. But a great main event needs some supporting players to make a meal great. We expect the standard mashed potatoes, but there are loads of other vegetables you can try that will add a bit of a zip to your holiday dinner. Here’s a quick guide to Thanksgiving vegetables.

Thrive on Thanksgiving Day


Easy Tricks to Eat Well and Stay Fit on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving menus are packed with calorie pitfalls. While it’s never fun to be a stickler about your strict diet during the holidays, staying disciplined during Thanksgiving can establish a positive foundation for the rest of the holidays. Check out these tips to help you stick to your diet and survive the heavy Thanksgiving meal.

5 Tips to Avoid Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters
Whether it’s your first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or you’re a Thanksgiving veteran, there’s really no way around it: something is bound to get botched. But there are ways to avoid common mistakes that we all make on Thanksgiving from time to time. Check out these five tips to avoid Thanksgiving dinner disasters.

Fun Thanksgiving Facts


History of the Thanksgiving Turkey
According to the National Turkey Federation, about 90% of Americans feature turkey on their Thanksgiving menu. It’s a longstanding tradition, but the big bird was likely not at the first Thanksgiving meal. So why are so many people feasting on turkey? We’ve got a few ideas. Here’s a brief history of the Thanksgiving turkey.

History of Thanksgiving Football Games
Food. Family. Football. For many people in America, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. If you get it right, you can watch football for the entire day and only be interrupted to eat some turkey. But the Pilgrims weren’t tossing a pigskin at the first Thanksgiving, so how did this tradition start? We did a little research to find out.

Holiday Spirit: Tips for Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree

ltd-christmas-treeWith Thanksgiving just weeks away, holiday festivities are ramping up and we have to start thinking about a Christmas tree. There are so many routes you can take to putting up the perfect tree — going to a tree lot, selecting an artificial tree or coming up with a fun alternative to a tree like creating a mural. But one way to get your tree to make a truly memorable holiday is by cutting one down yourself. Here are 5 tips for cutting down your own Christmas tree.

Dress for the Occasion If you’ve never been to a Christmas Tree farm, they’re as far out in the country as regular farms. That means there aren’t many places to warm up when the winds of December start blowing. You also have to remember that it takes to time to find a tree and cut it down so you could be in the cold for hours. Make sure you have warm and durable coats, gloves and shoes for your outdoor adventure.  

Arm Yourself  When you think about cutting down your own holiday tree, the mind immediately goes to the ax. Chopping down a tree makes sense, but it’s not as practical or efficient as a chainsaw. It’s much easier and less exhausting than an ax, but make sure you’re comfortable using it before you set out on your trip. In the event the Christmas tree farm you select doesn’t allow chainsaws, make sure you have access to a handsaw.

ltd-christmas-tree2Special Equipment Most Christmas trees won’t fit in your car; hauling it home means you have to strap it to the top of the car. Rope, twine or bungee cords will do the trick, just make sure you have a lot — it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and your tree ends up in the middle of a highway. You also want to protect your car from the scratchy pine needles; add a tarp or blanket to lay between the tree and your car before you head home.

Know Your Measurements You want the first cutting to be the last cutting so make sure you know the measurements of the room where you plan to display your tree. The big blue sky can dwarf even the tallest of trees — a guesstimate may result in a giant tree in a medium-size living room. You don’t want to have to readjust the size when you figure out it’s too big.   

ltd-christmas-treeTimber Tremble Some Christmas tree farms have machines to shake your trees before you pack up to go home. Shaking gets rid of loose needles that would otherwise end up on the floor. In addition to needles, it gets forest critters out before they can stow away in your new tree and set up camp in your living room.

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is a project the entire family can participate in to make holiday memories! At LTD, we’re all about memories — from Thanksgiving dinner to the annual New Year’s Eve party, let LTD help you make new moments to cherish.


Holiday Hosting: Tips for Accommodating Guests with Food Allergies

ltd-turkey-dinnerThe holidays are here — that means we have a lot of family time ahead of us with a lot of food to eat. If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, it’s easy to forget that not everyone can eat everything, including what’s on the holiday dinner menu. If you’re hosting this year, here are 7 tips for accommodating guests with food allergies.

Initial Invite As you start filling out the invitations — whether you’re crafting cards or sending an E-vite — include an RSVP column where your recipients can include any diet restrictions. Make it clear that this is for “can’t have” not “don’t want.” If you know in advance that someone attending has a nut allergy, you can plan your meal around anything major.

ltd-turkey-dinnerMap it Out Make a chart with all of the restricted foods and the foods you want to serve. This helps you eliminate dangers as well as give you an idea of how items can be substituted. If you want to serve your sweet potato casserole but someone with a pecan allergy is expected, you can make the sweet potatoes with the marshmallow topping rather than the pecan topping. It also gives you the opportunity to check that everyone has a balanced meal.

Know What You’re Serving The best way to make sure you’re not serving something off-limits to your guests is to make everything from scratch. This way you know exactly what you’re putting into every dish and you have the option of leaving out anything harmful to your guests with sensitive palates. It’s a big undertaking to cook and bake everything from scratch, so for the items you have to buy pre-made, keep the labels for your guests to reference.

Sterilize Equipment Before you start cooking, make sure you wash and sanitize all of your cooking gear and dishes really well. For severe allergies, even trace amounts of the offending food can be dangerous.

Identify Ingredients If you expect to accommodate a lot of people with allergies, you may want to label each dish. Include the name of the dish and all the ingredients that may cause a problem. Let everyone know that they should read the labels before they serve themselves. Listing every ingredient isn’t necessary, but noting things “contain dairy” or something is “gluten free,” sends the right message. Labels also present an opportunity to be crafty! Make the labels cute to match your decor and brighten the buffet.

ltd-turkey-dinnerShare the Load Most Thanksgivings are at least semi-pot luck, so it’s OK for you to ask guests with serious food allergies to bring something allergy-friendly to dinner. Just make sure they bring a list of the ingredients to add to your labels.

Extra Precautions Make sure you have an epipen in the house. People have a lot to manage around the holidays — even as guests. When parents are wrangling kids to arrive at the holiday dinner on time, they’re bound to forget something. Some items don’t need a backup, but an epipen does. For extreme allergies, make extreme accommodations: eliminate the most dangerous items from your menu.

Planning traditional holiday meals takes a lot of work and preparation! Let LTD Commodities help you make it perfect. From serveware and kitchen gadgets to holiday decor to make your dining room sparkle, LTD has everything you need to make it memorable.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Thanksgiving

The countdown to Thanksgiving isn’t nearly as exciting as the countdown to Christmas, but it does require a lot of prep work — which you can never start on too early! Gadgets and serveware help us make the meal perfect, so we came up with a list of items we think will help you make your meal a success! Here are this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for

Make It Personal The Set of 3 Mini Loaf Pans makes it easy to share baked goods with loved ones. These affordable, pastel colored dishes feature an inspirational phrase on the side. Make a variety of small-portioned treats for holidays, birthdays or office parties. They can also be used as serving dishes. 6-1/8″W x 3-1/8″D x 2-1/4″H. 14oz., each. Stoneware. Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

harvest-leavesMake It Cute Harvest Leaves Table Decor decorates your tablescape with shades of orange, red and green. The Set of 4 Tapestry Placemats (19″W x 13″L, each) and Table Runner (13″W x 72″L) feature a tree design. Organize your cutlery with the colorful accent of the 4-Pc. Utensil Holder Set (approx. 3-7/8″W x 5″L, each). Polyester. Placemats and runner, cotton and polyester. Imported.buffet-caddy

Make It Compact Buffet Caddy frees up space on the serving table by keeping all of your dinnerware in one spot. The top section organizes your flatware in 4 round baskets, the center section holds napkins, and the bottom section keeps dinner plates easily accessible. Metal frame has a scrolled design and durable balled feet to keep the caddy in place on any surface. 18-1/8″ x 12-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.handled-bakers

Make It Practical Go from oven to tabletop with this Set of 3 Handled Bakers. This 3-pc. set features half-loop handles on each side for easy lifting and nests for storage. Scalloped sides make them a beautiful way to create and serve roasts, casseroles, veggie side dishes and more. Stoneware. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Oven safe.woven-kitchen towels

Make It Colorful Add a pop of color to your kitchen with this 14-Pc. Woven Kitchen Towel Set. Perfect for drying dishes, cleaning and more. Each towel is ultra absorbent with either a waffle weave or flat texture. The fun, bold colors add to your kitchen decor and show off your style. Cotton. Machine care. Imported.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Thanksgiving Dinner

covered-casserole-dishesYou have just over a month before your family digs into a plateful of turkey, stuffing and pie! Right now you have plenty of time to plan your Thanksgiving dinner — but don’t let that time get away from you! Thanksgiving requires a lot of work and a lot of tools to make the meal perfect. To make it easy for you, we put together a list of items you might need. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Keep It Covered Make a meal for a party, a few friends or just the two of you with this Set of 3 Covered Casseroles. The set comes in graduated sizes to fit the number of portions you wish to cook. Each stoneware piece has handles for easy carrying and comes with a matching lid. Stoneware. Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe.

non-stick-linerKeep It Clean Eliminate hours of scrubbing when you position a reusable , nonstick liner inside your oven. It catches all those messy drips, and because it’s made of specially coated nonstick fiberglass, it easily wipes clean with a cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Unlike aluminum foil, it won’t affect cooking time or browning. Works on gas, electric and toaster ovens and can be cut to size if needed. Lasts for years. 23″ x 16-1/4″.monogram-food-carrier


Keep It Warm Always be ready to share your favorite dishes with the Monogram Food Carrier and the Extra-Large Gel Pack. The Monogram Food Carrier (18-1/2″ x 11″ x 8″, fully expanded) has two insulated, expandable sections that let you pack a hot dish on the mylar-lined bottom (18-1/4″ x 10-3/4″ x 3-1/2″) and a cold dish on top. The wipe-clean polyester exterior sports a stylish monogram that identifies you as the chef responsible for the tasty treats. The 6-1/2″ double handles make it easy to carry, while the double-zipper closure makes it simple to take the food in and out. The dual-use Extra-Large Gel Pack can be used to keep food at the proper serving temperature. Put it in the food carrier to keep dishes hot or cold when you travel. Large, slim design doesn’t take up too much space. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the vinyl cover. Microwave and freezer safe. 10-1/2″ x 7-1/2″.

gourmet-kitchen-setKeep It Tasty Unleash your inner chef with the Gourmet Kitchen Gift Sets. The 5-Pc. Bread Dipping Set includes 4 decorated saucers and a 4-compartment plastic jar packed with seasonings. All you add is a loaf of crusty bread and a bottle of olive oil for a delicious treat everyone will love. Each saucer (4″ dia.) features an olive branch design and raised edges to keep your oil from spilling. The seasoning jar includes Sicilian, Parmesan, Tuscany and Rosa Maria blends (0.6 oz., each). Plates, melamine. Dishwasher safe. Use a 4-Pc. Gourmet Set to spice up your favorite meal, as a marinade, or to add a creative twist to your cooking. Just mix the flavors in! Sea Salts, approx. 1.8 oz, each. Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oils, approx. 1.7 oz., each.

1-second-slicerKeep It Easy The 1 Second Slicer(TM) is an all-in-one food prep station. From fruits and vegetables to meats and fish, now you can cut everything with one handy gadget. Get professional results in a flash and then serve, seal, stack and store all in one compact container. The chop function even features 1-button cleaning. Plastic and stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.


Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

Entryway-bench-with-rackThe end of the week is here! It’s time to relax and think about all the things we need to get done before the holidays officially arrive and then shop to repress those thoughts! We have a few weeks before things get hectic and until then, there are a few things to take our minds off the tasks the next few months hold. Here is this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week.

Dreams of Being Organized Entryway Bench with Rack offers handy storage space and a place to sit to put on or take off your shoes. The metal rack features 18 hooks with protective knobs to hold jackets, backpacks, bags, umbrellas, scarves and more. A handy top rod is perfect for hanging dry cleaning when you first get home. Use the sturdy wooden bench for getting ready or as an additional storage shelf. The 2 shelves underneath the bench are ideal for keeping shoes and boots neat and organized. 70-1/4″ x 25-3/4″ x 12-1/4″ overall. Some assembly required; assembly hardware included.Tunic-dresses

Easy Ensemble Double your fashion value with a Women’s Set of 2 Knit Dresses. Wear them for casual style, or dress them up with accessories and jewelry for an upscale look. You get 2 all-cotton dresses, each in a different color. Lengths are 33-1/2″, 34″ and 34-1/2″. Machine care.

Because Why Not? Coordinate your bathroom at an unbelievable price with this NFL 15-Pc. Bath Set. The polyester shower curtain and nylon rugs feature your favorite team’s colors and logo. The set includes polystyrene shower curtain hooks for easy hanging. The rugs have latex backing to keep them in place. Shower curtain and rugs, machine care. Imported.punching-bag-set

Something To Keep the Kids Busy Get kids into fighting shape with this Standing Punching Bag Set. Just fill the base with sand or water, slip on the gloves and start throwing punches. The punching bag features built-in rebound and adjustable height. 13-1/4″ dia. x 40-1/2″H, assembled. Polyester and plastic. Adult assembly required; assembly hardware included. For ages 4 and up.



…And Keep Your Toes Warm Men’s Mossy Oak FleeceDawgs are perfect for lounging around or wearing anywhere. These lightweight mules are designed with a thick EVA foam sole for comfort. Removable polyester lining has an ultra-soft, faux fleece texture that feels great on bare feet. Lining, machine wash. Imported.