Road Trip Checklist for a Smooth Ride

Summer is the perfect time to jump in the car, get on the open road and set out for a brand new destination. A road trip allows you to see some of the sights, listen to music and enjoy time with your family, friends and anyone else you might meet along the way. Although it’s pretty tempting to pile into the car and speed to the nearest exit, a little planning can prevent big headaches down the road. Check out our road trip checklist to help plan your trip, pack your bags, stay organized on the road and boost your energy on longer drives.

Plan your road trip. Pack with a purpose.


Hit the open road with Drives of a Lifetime Book. For over a century, National Geographic has been the best resource for savvy travelers. Inside you’ll find incredible routes through amazing landscapes, whatever your taste and budget. The roomy Monogram Burlap Tote is the perfect blend of coy and confident. Marked with your initials, its unique, boxy shape is fashionable and functional. Feel comfy in the car and beautiful on the beach wearing a Women’s and Women’s Plus Crochet and Ruffle Cover-Up. The casual summer cover-up is accented with crochet detailing on the bodice. Its fashionable, ruffled hem extends up the center of the cotton cover-up. The stylish front design is 16″ shorter.

Organize the backseat. Entertain the kids.


Keep everything your child needs close at hand during a road trip with this Whimsical Headrest Organizer Bag. Featuring a colorful animal image, it hangs from the headrest into the back seat and holds drinks, snacks, books or toys. On-the-Go Car Seat Tray makes long trips a lot more fun for small children and easier on you. The large tray has a wall bordering three edges to prevent dropped toys, bottles and snacks. It attaches to car seats using an adjustable strap. The Magnetic Play Scene Book gets kids involved in the story with movable pieces. It’s easy to read and has magnets for many of the characters and objects that appear in the story. It has 20 magnets that will help bring the story to life.

Recharge your smartphone. Refuel for energy.


Charge your electronics on your road trip with this Triple USB Car Charger. Just plug it into your vehicle’s 12V outlet and charge 3 devices at the same time. Two of the ports charge all types of cell phones. The third port can also charge a tablet. A 3-ft. cord makes it easy to charge from the backseat. Refrigerate in your car with the Collapsible Rolling Cooler. The cooler is fully lined and insulated to keep food and drinks cold. It has a full zip cover for easy access. Has a sliding handle and wheels for rolling between destinations. Keep hydrated while you’re out and about with a Licensed Water Bottle. It features your favorite animated characters. Has a screw-on lid with a sip tip that folds in the top to stop spills. 20 oz.

4 American Road Trip Routes for Summer Vacation

One of the best features of the long road trip is getting to see the sights. Planes fly over everything and leave you squinting through clouds at patchy colors and little dots, but getting behind the wheel turns that tiny port window into panoramic viewing paradise, allowing you to see the wonderful sights and intricate landscapes in the most beautiful areas of the country. Take a detour and explore 4 awesome American road trip routes.


Great River Road, Minnesota to Louisiana
The Mississippi River is like America’s spine, winding from Lake Itasca in Minnesota until it empties into the Gulf of Mexico at the tip of Louisiana. The Great River Road isn’t just one single road. It’s a big collection of roads, clearly marked, that allows you to travel along the Mississippi for nearly 3,000 miles and through ten different states. Get to know the heart of America just by driving south along America’s most famous river.


Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana
June and July are the perfect months of the year to explore every single part of this beautiful road in one of America’s stunning National Parks. At 50 miles, it won’t take you more than an afternoon to see everything the road has to offer, but it promises some of the best views you’ll ever see in that short period of time. With picnic areas, campgrounds and outdoor activities, it’s a nice place to stop if you’re trekking to the northwest.


Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys
It wasn’t CGI. This scenic bridge has been featured in many movies and continues to draw tourists who just want to take a drive over the ocean. One of the longest bridges in the entire world, it stretches across seven miles of the Florida Keys, offering endlessly blue-hued views of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Most tourists view the road as a dangerous thrill-ride, but it’s actually very safe. Time your drive to catch a sunset.


Pacific Coast Highway, Washington State to California
No summer road trip is complete without a drive along the coast. The Pacific Coast does not disappoint. It’s interstate route allows you to ride from the top of the country all the way down to the bottom, from the Pacific Northwest all the way to sunny Los Angeles. Most drivers claim California Highway 1 is the can’t-miss road on the map, taking you through giant redwood tree forests, San Francisco and plenty of beautiful beaches.

Before you think about setting off on your road trip adventure, make sure you’ve got all the gear you need to enjoy a flawless vacation. Shop car accessories, backseat games and so much more for your fun family trip.

Items We Adore: Product Picks for a Road Trip

It’s time to hit the road! Now that we don’t have to worry about hitting snow storms or driving while it’s too dark, we can finally take that summer road trip we’ve been planning since March. We want to be prepared, so we put together a list of products we won’t leave without that we think you might need, too. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for a Road Trip.camouflage-travel-collection

Trendy Travels Make a statement on your next adventure with the 3-Pc. Camouflage Travel Collection. The leaf print lets the world know you enjoy the outdoors, while the pink trim highlights your feminine side. The duffel bag has a side zippered compartment with outside slit pocket, a full-zip main compartment with inner zippered pocket and 2 shoulder straps. The tote has 2 inner slit pockets and a magnetic snap closure. Keep your makeup organized in the spacious cosmetic bag with full zip closure.Travel-pet-bowls

Pet Prerequisites The Waterproof Travel Pet Bowls are for pets and owners on the go. Collapse and zip them shut for travel, then unzip and open them into a double pet bowl for food and water. Made of ripstop nylon with authentic seat belt material plus a 2-ply waterproof PVC interior, it’ll last for years and stay in great condition. Perfect for hiking, camping, picnics and visiting family, it has a clip attached to secure it to a bag or belt for travel. tire-guage

Travel Tools 5-In-1 Digital Tire Gauge is everything you need for your car in 1 handy tool. Whether you’re just doing routine maintenance or are faced with an emergency, this is the tool to reach for. Digital tire gauge gives you a quick and accurate pressure reading, and the compass keeps you on the right path. Turn it over to use the built-in flashlight. The seat belt cutter and window smasher are designed to help free you from a car during an emergency. Fits easily in the glove box or tool kit.poncho-cover-up

Effortless Attire Bring boho style to the beach and beyond with an Embellished Tie-Dye Poncho Cover-Up. Flowy and lightweight, it features flutter sleeves and stitched detailing. The top is embellished with black sequins. Slips easily over your swimsuit and also pairs well with leggings or jeans. car-charger-splitter

Emergency Effects Plug this Car Charger Splitter into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and convert it from 1 to 3 sockets plus an additional USB port. It’s a must-have for families with multiple phones. Great for road trips! Universal design works in most cars. Triple socket with 12V/24V output.

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