September: Favorite Fall Apple Recipes

The days are getting shorter and the air is a bit cooler as we bid farewell to summer. But the changing season isn’t all bad. Fall brings Halloween, pumpkins, spice, and, of course, apples. Right now is when the apple harvest really starts to pick up and the fruit tastes its best. At LTD we love to take advantage of each season’s bounty — and this season, we’re focusing on what we can make with apples. Here are a few of our favorite fall apple recipes that are making our tummies grumble right now.picky-palate

Biscuit Bites What’s better than a caramel apple? A caramel apple wrapped in dough and drizzled with icing. That’s what you can expect from Picky Palate’s Salted Caramel Apple Pie Biscuit Bites. It’s somewhere between monkey bread and bread pudding with little bits of apple to break up the richness of this full-flavor, full-calorie dessert.yammies-noshery

Apples & Coffee What’s the best way to warm up your kitchen on a fall morning? Bake a Cream Cheese Apple Coffee Cake. This decadent dish comes from Yammie’s Noshery. It’s a beautifully swirled combination of all things bad for you — butter, sugar, cream cheese — with a few good things folded in — apples and cinnamon. Of course, there is no coffee in the recipe, but it does pair nicely with a big cup of joe for an autumn morning.amy-bakes-healthy

Apple Snacks Send your kids off to school with sweet treat was never as easy as sticking an Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookie in their lunch tote. Amy’s Healthy Baking put this recipe together to extract all the fun and flavor from the apples and ingredients without all the extra fat and calories we don’t need for our daily desserts — which makes it a perfect dessert for kids’

Pie or cake? Cake or pie? Jo Cooks has the answer to your dilemma: Apple Pie Cake. It’s a pretty straightforward recipe using a box of cake mix, stirring in apple pie filling and topping with with streusel. It’s something akin to coffee cake with a dash of seasonal deliciousness and a sprinkle of fall spice.cranberry-apple-fritters

Sweet & Tart Of course we had to include our own recipe — it’s a fall and holiday favorite at LTD: Cranberry Apple Fritters. They’re tart and sweet and fairly easy to make if you don’t mind boiling a pot of oil! This is a small-batch recipe (makes six fritters to eat with both hands) but it easily doubles or triples depending on how many people you want to bless with your baking.

We love to celebrate every season in the kitchen at LTD Commodities! Whether you need ideas for baking bushels of apples from your day at the orchard or you need new gadgets to make your Thanksgiving feast unforgettable, look to LTD for inspiring ideas and practical products.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Halloween

demonessThe kids are back in school and, even though the leaves haven’t started falling, it’s time to start planning for Halloween! Our witches’ brew for the perfect costumes and decor is bubbling so we thought we’d share our potion for Halloween inspiration. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Halloween.

Boo! Startle trick-or-treaters and party guests when this 55″ Animated Demoness springs to life. Hanging by her wrists from shackles, the sound-activated demoness’ eyes light up with a red glow, and she shakes as she talks.spider-lace-runner

Enchanting Entanglements Set the scene for Halloween with this 5-Pc. Spiderweb Lace Table Set. You get 4 placemats and a table runner that’s great for parties or just family dining around Halloween! The runner can also be used on a mantel or shelf to lay the foundation for a seasonal display. Each piece has an intricate web lace design.


Fall Frills Celebrate a holiday with a Seasonal Swag. Hang it on a door or wall for an easy decoration. Colorful foliage cascades down from an emblem of the holiday. Additional accents scattered within the foliage add to the seasonal theme. halloween-decor

Creepy Candy Celebrate the season with spooky Halloween Decor. Detailed artwork on the ceramic Poison Bottle serves as a final warning about its contents. The Set of 3 Pumpkins  spells out “BOO.” Cold cast ceramic. The metal 2-Tier Basket features bowls that look like spider webs that harbor spiders. Each letter on the burlap Halloween Banner has a different design.


halloween-silhouettesDevilish Decor Transform your yard into a ghostly gathering spot with the Halloween Silhouettes. Their clean shapes make them delightful during the day, and their solar lanterns create spooky shadows at night. The 3-Pc. Stake Set creates a scene of witches working over a steaming cauldron. One of the witches holds a lantern over the cauldron. The Ghost–whose pant cuffs and shoes suggest he’s a trick-or-treater in disguise–holds his lantern aloft to help him find his way. A crow perched on the Tombstone holds a lantern in its beak.


7 Things to Do Before Fall

summer-poolAs much as we resist, summer is on its way out to make way for fall and winter. We have to take advantage of these last few warm days outside before it’s time to get out the shovels and down coats. At LTD, we’ve come up with a few activities to soak up the warmth while we can. Here are 7 things to do before fall.

Sundae Social Invite all your kids’ besties over to build ice cream sundaes! All you need are bowls, ice cream and lots of toppings to turn a late summer day into a sweet summer day.

Mocktail Party Whip up some non-alcoholic Piña Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris, garnish them with tropical fruit and little umbrellas so your kids get a proper end-of-summer sendoff. They’ll feel so sophisticated drinking fruity mocktails in tall glasses with swirly straws while fanning themselves to keep cool. And don’t forget to take pictures so you can remember just how awesome summer is when you’re snowed-in during the next polar

Family Photo Shoot That warm summer glow your family has now is set to disappear as soon as that first school bell rings — capture the moment with a family photo as a farewell to summer.

Backyard Campout Whether you want to set up camp day or night, it doesn’t matter — as long as it’s outside! It doesn’t take much effort to build a pillow and blanket fort in the backyard for an afternoon nap, or to pitch a tent for a night of sleeping under the stars. It’s your last chance to make s’mores outdoors and bond with the kids over scary stories in the dark. However you decide to do it, it won’t be  disappointing.

Tie Dye Shirts Tie-dying is a messy craft making it the perfect outdoor, end-of-summer craft. There’s something about the rubber bands, washed-out designs that kids love to make and wear. Perhaps it’s because it’s impossible for it not to turn out awesome.  

Renaissance Faire Summer is prime time for renaissance faires and as the sun sets on the season so it does for renaissance faires. The faires recreate gatherings of the late 16th and early 17th centuries where people dress up as court jesters, centaurs and knights. They joust, play harps and sell you knicknacks. If you’ve never been to one, here’s your reminder to try it!splash-pad

Wet & Wild Hoses, sprinklers, water balloons — make one last wet and wild weekend for the kids before you have to rake the lawn rather than water it! Get them good and soaked and let them air dry while the sun is still blazing and they don’t have to huddle under a towel to stay warm.

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August Pinteresting Picks

Finflatable-kiddie-bedsall is in the air and judging by what our Pinterest followers are pinning, they’re ready for the season to change!  Here are the August Pinteresting Picks.

Light as Air Give them a comfortable place to sleep while away from home with an Inflatable Kiddie Bed. It has a 2-piece recessed center design that provides a secure sleeping area. Simple to inflate using your own pump, making it ideal for sleepovers, camping and more. Includes a heavy-duty repair patch. family-birthday-plaque

Birthday Alerts Wooden Family Birthday Plaque keeps track of those special days with country style. Take one of the 24 included tags and personalize it with a person’s name and the date of their birthday. Then, hang the tag from the loop under the correct month. You can tell at a glance if you have any birthdays to celebrate in the coming month. ruffle-pajamas

Sleep Tight Cute and comfy Girls’ 2-Pc. Ruffle Pajamas feature playful, all-over patterns and ruffle accents. The sleeveless tank top features a ruffle band around the waist, while the bottoms have coordinating ruffles. burlap-pumpkins

Harvest Enhancements Celebrate the harvest season with this attractive decor! The Set of 3 Burlap Pumpkins adds contrasting textures to any room with rough burlap rinds and polyester leaves and vines. Imported. The Set of 2 Owl Tea Light Holders looks beautiful with soft candlelight from your own tea lights glowing through the scrollwork body. Their gem eyes add a glittering

Gridiron Glasses This 16-Oz. NFL Glass Mason Jar is both functional and decorative. The handled glass jar includes your favorite team’s name and logo. Use it as a drinking glass at a tailgate or as a vase for a bouquet of handpicked flowers. You could even gift it to your favorite fan with some homemade goodies inside.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Tailgate Parties

Are you ready for some football?! LTD is! With football season ahead, we have a lot of party-planning to do. If you have a few tailgating parties on the calendar, it might be time to get started on your planning as well. To make it easy, we put together a list of items we think you’d like to have at your football party. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Tailgate Parties.Football-steeler-flag

Mark Your Territory Make a bold statement about your favorite NFL team any time of day or night with this spirited garden flag. Bright fiber-optic lights embedded into the nylon fabric illuminate your team’s logo on one of the sides. Double-sided graphics make sure it reads correctly no matter how you hang it. Included timer automatically turns it on for 8 hours and off for 16 hours. Hidden in a waterproof, fabric-magic pocket, the timer easily sets and resets with the touch of a button. Fits your own standard garden pole. Can be displayed indoors,

Weather Protection You’ll be prepared for anything when you head to the stadium with an NFL Game Day Skin Care set. It’s a handy collection of items that feature your favorite team’s logo on each bottle or tube. The products are gender neutral so they can be used by both men and women. Bottles have a convenient hanging loop for easy attachment to backpacks, belt loops, and more.collegiate-can-cooler

Brisk Beverages Keep your drink cold while you enjoy it with a Collegiate Freezable Can Cooler. It features your favorite NCAA team’s colors and has the logo prominently displayed on the front. Each lightweight cooler has water inside it that, when frozen, helps your beverage stay ice cold. Fits snugly around the can and has a rubberized plastic bottom so it won’t slip or scratch

Spirited Scarves Show your team spirit with an officially licensed NFL Reversible Infinity Scarf. This reversible scarf features both team colors, one on each side. Prominently adorning each side is a bold square patch of the team name and

Bowl Backing NFL Gameday Sculpted Bowl is the only way to serve up chili, soup or dip at your party! Durable 23-oz. bowl has raised details on the exterior with your team’s logo on each side and a glazed finish. Double handles make it easy to carry. Ceramic. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Football is another excuse to throw a party and we love parties at LTD! From holiday cocktail parties to celebrating in stadium parking lots, look to LTD to make your fall parties fabulous.

5 Movies to Get You Excited for Fall

Even though fall is the gateway to a harsh winter (that sometimes lasts way too long), it’s a season that gives us an exciting tingle of anticipation. School starts, fall football gets underway and Halloween is that holiday stepping stone to Thanksgiving and Christmas. And because of all the colors and clothes that takes us through the transition, it makes the perfect backdrop for films — so we put together a list of films we love and remind us of how fabulous fall is. Here are 5 movies to get you excited for fall.

Dead Poets Society

Changing seasons and changing lives is what Dead Poets Society is all about. Set at a fancy prep school covered in ivy, Robin Williams is a teacher who makes you want to go back to high school and re-learn poetry with an enthusiasm to become something extraordinary. It’s that same feeling you get every fall when leaves start to transform from greenery to ornamental foliage.

Goodwill Hunting

Dead Poets Society isn’t the last school movie set in fall nor is it the last Robin Williams movie. This time, Williams plays the part of a psychologist who tries to get a genius janitor on the straight and narrow as college students return to class in the fall. The story is brilliantly executed, but with Boston as the setting as fall descends on the city, it’s a movie to take you away to an unexpected New England we don’t often see in the movies.

You’ve Got Mail

“You’ve Got Mail” is a phrase you probably haven’t heard since the early 2000s, but the movie itself is worth re-watching if for no other reason than seeing New York City in the fall. It’s a romantic comedy framed by the reds and oranges we love about the season and sprinkled with ideas of love found online when online dating meant finding common threads with people in chat rooms. Even if it’s saccharine sweet, it’s a fun fall movie to take you outside of your head when nights are a little too chilly for a stroll to get ice cream.


OK — this is a tear-jerker wrapped in family dramedy and rolled up in fall leaves. If you miss barn jackets or you’re eager to rake up a pile of leaves to jump in, Stepmom is worth a watch or a re-watch. Set in the north east, the background is what you think of when you imagine autumn. The subject is heavy — divorce, remarriage and two moms trying to get along (sort of) — and the end is sad, but it’s very sweet at the same time. Just like fall.

The Sixth Sense

There are few movies that showcase Philadelphia as beautifully as The Sixth Sense. As the story twists itself around your mind, the leaves change and the characters untangle its mystery. It’s a movie about ghosts caught between two worlds and the dank setting of fall lends you that same futile feeling. The moving is as chilling as fall but it leaves you satisfied as well as mystified that’s as good for a re-watch as it is the first time you see it.

Every season and every holiday are cause for celebration at LTD Commodities! Whether you need ideas for a Halloween party or you need extra bedding to welcome family home for Thanksgiving, shop LTD for great products at practical prices.

5 Recipes for Your Football Party

jalapeno-popper-dipFootball season is here! While we leave behind our summer barbecues and pool parties, we welcome fall football as a reason to have a get together, enjoy a game and, of course, eat really fun food! But when you’re hosting a football game viewing party or a tailgate party, you can’t spend the whole party in the kitchen keeping up with your guests appetites. What you serve has to be a delicate balance of delicious and easy-to-make. Here a 5 recipes for your football party that are effortless and enticing.

Jalapeño Popper Dip It’s one of those favorite appetizers for Friday nights after work with your pals, but you don’t have to leave the jalapeño poppers to the restaurant to make — you can whip up your own version to add a little spice to your tailgate party! This recipe comes from Raining Hot Coupons — it includes lots of cheese and Ritz Crackers, so if you’re counting calories, you may want to skip this one. But who are you kidding? No one counts calories when football is involved!crock-pot-kielbasa

Crockpot Kielbasa Here’s one for meat lovers — Crockpot Spicy Barbecue Kielbasa from Tammilee Tips. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also ridiculously easy to make. If you can flip a switch on, slice chunks of sausage and pour sauce, you can make kielbasa that keeps crowds coming back for more.  loaded-baked-potato-dip

Loaded Baked Potato Dip Serving baked potatoes at a tailgate party is a great idea in theory, but in practice, it may be a little too much of a hassle. But no worries —  Loaded Baked Potato Dip is a more than fabulous consolation dip. Let’s Dish Recipes whipped this one up — and all it takes it a lot of sour cream, a lot of bacon and a lot of cheddar — but it brings a lot of smiles! And what a way to make your potato chips a little more dazzling for game day grub!baked-brie-dip

Baked Brie Dip Of course you want to appeal to sophisticated palates as well as the hardy appetites. In this situation, we are steering you to White on Rice Couple’s baked brie dip. Though the sun dried tomatoes and delicately creamy brie has complicated flavors, it’s very easy to make. If you can cut up sun dried tomatoes and measure thyme, you can serve this at your tailgate party without breaking a sweat.buffalo-chicken-cheese-ball

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Ball No party is quite complete without two things: 1) Buffalo Chicken 2) A Cheese Ball. The great thing is, you can get both of them in one recipe thanks to Buns in My Oven. The Buffalo Chicken Cheese ball is super easy to make with a stand mixer — a little bit of cream cheese, some cheddar, a few dashes of hot sauce all mashed up and you’re done. Make a little or a lot, your guests won’t go hungry with this one and you can enjoy the game rather than cooking.  

LTD Commodities celebrates any occasion, big or small! Whether you need recipe ideas for your holiday or you need
NFL gear to make your football guests feel at home, shop LTD for products priced for fun.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Fall

camo-fleeceWe are not ready for fall, but it’s coming whether or not we need a few extra days of summer. With just a month left of the season, we have some time to prepare for autumn. To get you started, here are this week’s Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Fall.

Fall Fleece This comfortable fleece jacket will keep you warm on all your outdoor adventures. His and Hers Highland Timber Jackets feature woodsy camouflage detailing around the shoulder and collar that adds a fashionable touch to a basic fleece zip-up jacket. The Men’s black jacket has camo elbow patches and 2 front non-zippered pockets. The Women’s pink jacket has 2 front zippered pockets. Both styles have an adjustable cord around the waist, similar to a drawstring, to adjust the tightness.crochet-knee-high-socks

Snug Socks Draw admiring attention to your legs with 2-Pair Crochet Knee-High Socks with Bows. Perfect for wearing with boots, these classic socks are super-soft and lightweight. The bow detailing adds a fun, feminine touch.

Autumn Accents Oversized Country Heart and Star Crock can hold faux flowers in the living room, or use it in the kitchen as a catch-all for utensils. Decorative design features raised hearts and stars, as well as a sentiment, “Faith Family Friends”, around the rim. plush-sherpa-throw

Cozy & Comfortable The Woods 50″ x 70″ Plush Sherpa Throw is perfect to snuggle up in. Ultra soft plush and sherpa fabric keeps you warm and cozy, while the print shows off your love of the outdoors. It’s oversized to wrap around your entire body.

harvest-stakesHarvest Enhacements Decorate your yard for the season with this Set of 2 Harvest Stakes. Each set includes 2 differently sized seasonal figures. They feature a variety of prints and solids in autumn hues of gold, orange and brown.

LTD Commodities has products and ideas to celebrate every season! From outdoor decor for the holidays to bedding for cold winter nights, shop LTD to make each season bright.

5 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

teacher-giftsIt’s time to go back to school and while you’re busy trying to make it as easy as possible for your kids, so are their teachers! But those teachers need a little boost before the year gets rolling — why not give them a little gift of encouragement? Have your kids help out to make something special and keep them busy on these last few days of summer. Here are 5 DIY teacher gift ideas to get the year started right.

Daily Durability The school year survival kit is a super-easy idea to put together as well as inexpensive. Have your kids think about what their teachers need every day to get through classes — coffee to give them a morning boost, candy to treat themselves after lunch, school supplies to present lessons — anything your kids think their teachers might need or want to make the school day a little brighter.  

fairy-garden-kitNew Life Your kids’ teachers help them learn and grow — take that idea and turn it into the shape of a plant. To make it personal, have your kids paint a terra cotta planter with a cute back-to-school quote and tie a ribbon around it. For the plant, choose something easy to care for like a succulent or an air plant — with a low-maintenance plant, your teacher can focus on making your kids sharp while having a little extra life in the room.

Treasure Over Trash If you want to get crafty with a few things you already have but need to get rid of, turn them into something decorative for your kids’ teachers. Use the nubs of colored pencils to create beads for a necklace or use old crayons to create paperweights with rocks from the garden. For that one, you’ll have to heat them in your oven (be careful!) until they’re too hot to touch with your bare hands. Take the crayon crumbs and set them on top of the hot rocks and let them melt away to make a colorful gift for teacher.

lunch-totePractical Packing If you and your kids are super crafty, try something a little more elaborate like a DIY reusable lunch tote. It doesn’t require a lot of materials or time, just a bit of patience. Check out the tutorial on Camille Styles. If you want to simplify the idea, you can always make a no-sew tote from a t-shirt or pillowcase your child’s teacher can use to carry her belongings to and from school or even just to the grocery store. Or, if you don’t have the time to craft, you can always buy a lunch tote

Whatever you need to make your child’s teacher daily duties a little bit easier, LTD Commodities has a solution! Whether it’s an idea for classroom-friendly snacks or a gift for the first day of school, look to LTD for practical products and inspiring ideas.

Tooth Fairy Day: A Brief History of the Tooth Fairy

tooth-fairy-pillowWith the kids going back to school, taking on new responsibilities and learning new traditions, it’s fitting that August 22 is Tooth Fairy Day. The fictional sprite symbolizes a rite of passage for kids as they grow, learn and evolve, much the way the Tooth Fairy has done over the last century or so. Here’s a little bit about the Tooth Fairy and how she became the unofficial patron saint of lost teeth.  

Cultural Conventions Like many symbols Americans use for holidays and rituals (Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, trick-or-treating), the Tooth Fairy is a blend of ideas and symbols we borrowed from Europeans and other cultures. For most cultures, losing a baby tooth is a stepping stone toward adulthood and so giving children money in exchange for teeth is thought to be the first introduction to responsibility. In Scandinavian countries parents give children money when they lose their first tooth, but no fairies are involved in the exchange. In some places, children throw their teeth at the sun or on a rooftop as a way to request a new, strong tooth, but money and supernatural creatures aren’t part of this ceremony.missing-teeth

Rodents In Spain and other hispanic cultures, children put their newly lost teeth under their pillows for Ratoncito Perez — a mouse who takes the tooth and replaces it with a small gift. In French-speaking countries, a mouse is also given the responsibility of a tooth exchange. Some people believe this idea is traced to Marie-Catherine Baronne d’Aulnoy who wrote The Good Little Mouse in the 17th century. It’s about a fairy who morphs into a mouse to help a queen held captive by an evil king. However, contrary to what people say (a popular summary of the story is the mouse hid under the evil king’s pillow so she could knock out his teeth, which is false) there isn’t a lot in the way of baby teeth and pillows to link it to the Tooth Fairy. There are also theories that children surrender their teeth to the “tooth mouse” so their teeth grow in as strong as a rodent’s or teeth that keep growing because rodents grow until they die.

missing-teeth2American as… The Tooth Fairy The Tooth Fairy as Americans know her today, came to life as early as the 1900s with a combination of characteristics from European folklore. The Tooth Fairy was first mentioned in the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1908, but she didn’t find a firm place in literature until 1927. Esther Watkins Arnold wrote a play called The Tooth Fairy (though it’s likely not an origin story) and in 1949, Lee Rogo wrote a short story published in Collier’s about new parents and the mythical creature their daughter believed in — but there’s no explanation on where this fairy came from.

The origins of the Tooth Fairy are murky at best and they aren’t as interesting or fun as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but it’s a tradition parents love to hold up, year after year and generation after generation — and kids are almost always willing to take cash for a missing tooth.

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