Chinese New Year: Year of the Goat

baby-goat February 19 marks the Chinese New Year. 2015 is the year of the goat — what that means might be a mystery to you, but we’ll break it down for you. Here is what the year of the goat means:

Aside from 2015, according to the Chinese zodiac, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003 are all years of the goat. That means if you were born in one of those years, you share certain characteristics similar to other people in that sign.

People born under the sign of the goat are considered to be calm, gentle and humble. They are comfortable being alone and are introspective. Though they don’t like to lead, they are good workers and fast learners with a strong sense of creativity.

Because of their calm demeanor, goats don’t have many health problems. However, their health is determined by a content state of mind and heart. Their health can quickly decline when they are unhappy. For 2015, goats should take extra precaution as goats are accident-prone this year.

Though goats like high-quality goods, they are not extravagant. However, for goats, 2015 will be a bumpy year financially. Goats should be careful with spending and investing as there will be unexpected expenses.

The year’s outlook isn’t spectacular for goats except in romance where there may be changes — finding love or ending a relationship will keep things interesting and test your emotions, but it won’t last for long.

According to China Highlights, goats can manage 2015 with a little luck:

  • 78776644Lucky colors: brown, red and purple
  • Lucky flowers: carnations, primroses
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 7
  • Lucky days: the 7th and 30th of any month

And what goats need to steer clear of are:

  • Unlucky colors: green, blue and black
  • Unlucky numbers: 6, 8

The Chinese zodiac isn’t something we all believe in and, in case you’re a non-believer, there’s one thing we can convince you of: goats are cute. Just click on the link and the year of the goat might get a little brighter for you.

10 Things to Brighten Your February

As Punxsutawney Phil informed us, there will be six more weeks of winter. But we don’t need a groundhog to tell us that — in most parts of the country right now, we can see outside our winter that we are in the depths of winter. When it’s this cold and snowy, it’s hard to believe we’ll ever see sunshine again. But we can take action to brighten our winter days. Here are 10 things to brighten your February.

Image and video hosting by HilariousGIFs.com1. That’s a face that is only made when someone smaller and fiercer than you takes your favorite warm spot. Dogs can understand about 250 words and gestures, and this kitty’s gesture is one this pup gets. That kitty needs a cozy pet bed of his own!


Image and video hosting by

2. It’s the only place the snow won’t get to him. Cats love enclosed spaces — it’s because they spend most of the day sleeping and, in the wild, it’s a way to shield themselves from predators. But, surely there’s a more comfortable way to stay protected than a tiny waste basket!


Image and video hosting by

2. You ask for attention from baby goats…. you get attention! They’re certainly lively! They’re the reason we get our morning pep — coffee was discovered when goat herders noticed the goats had a lot of energy after munching on coffee beans.


Image and video hosting by HilariousGIFs.com4.It’s not the Easter Bunny, but we’ll take him! Did you know that half of the world’s rabbits live in North America?


Image and video hosting by

5. Wait for it… a big bowl of adorable! Fun fact about African elephants: according to the Smithsonian, their pregnancies last 22 months!


Image and video hosting by

6. If only it were that fun for humans to run around an 8’x12′ room! It’s actually not hard to find pigs with this much enthusiasm — according to biologist Lyall Watson, pigs are born optimists.



Image and video hosting by

7. It must be Guinea pig feeding time! Do you know how you can tell a Guinea pig is happy? They purr just like cats!


Image and video hosting by

8. This is what happens when two feet of snow is blocking them from getting outside! These guys are so adorable, it’s no wonder more than a million dogs are named as primary beneficiaries in their owners’ wills.


Image and video hosting by HilariousGIFs.com9. This is one sneaky kitten! Cats are clever hunters — while stalking prey, to cut down on noise and to minimize their tracks, their back paws step almost directly in the spot where their front paws stepped.


Image and video hosting by

10. Have you ever seen so much joy from being sprayed with water? This isn’t too much of a surprise — raccoons love water. They almost never build their homes more than 1200 feet from a water source.

We’re counting down the days until we can have that much fun in water — but we have a few months. Until then, we have plenty of indoor time to plan our summer fun… and entertain our precious pets!