Popular Pins: LTD?s Favorite Pins From January

It?s that time again ? the Pinterest Pins roundup! While we spend time recovering from the holidays and reinventing our live with New Year?s Resolutions, many pinners already have their eye on Valentine?s Day and spring-related items. We?ve got a list of many favorite and popular pins from January, just in time for the month of love!

Gourmet Valentine?s Day Apples

apples vday

Starting off with a bang, these Gourmet Valentine?s Day Apples are a great gift for loved ones, family members, kids, and even coworkers this Valentine?s Day! Let your kids bring them to school for their teacher ? the absolute perfect gift. These Granny Smith apples are coated in caramel and then dipped in either fudge or white chocolate and decorated with icing and sprinkles. They?re the perfect balance between healthy and sugary for adult Valentine?s Day treats, and they?re only going to grow in popularity between now and February 14th, so be sure to check them out now!



Handprint Heart Charms


Are these adorable or what? These great handprint heart charms for a charm bracelet are popular as Valentine?s Day gifts for kids, and they?re available with all twelve birthstones to match your child?s birth month. You can also let them choose the gemstone based on their favorite colors instead of by their birth month. It?s a great way to let your kids know you?re thinking about them all day long ? and that they?re your TRUE Valentines! We?ve got all options in stock over at LTD Commodities, so check them out today!




Sleep Tite ? Sheet Sets

sheetsTaking a break from the Valentine?s Day pins, these Sleep Tite sheet sets are very popular for when you?re making the switch from warm fleece and flannel sheets to cool and comfortable materials for spring. These unique sheets are made to fit any mattress and stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn throughout the night. The 300-thread count and silky smooth material makes for the perfect lightweight sheet set that will stay put all night long! They?re great for both thick pillow tops and thin, firm mattresses. Just like our pinners, you?ll love these comfortable, practical sheets ? in four sizes and three colors!

Winter Items You Can’t Live Without

warm clothes LTDWith the ice and snow from the Polar Vortex beginning to melt, it?s easy to look forward to spring. Unfortunately, warm weather is still a few months away, and now is the best time to score discounts on winter apparel. While the items are still around, stock up on a few of these winter necessities for both this season and next year?s winter. A Scarf For Warmth ? Not Fashion Okay, it doesn?t have to be hideous or anything, but fashion scarves made from satin, silk, linen, jersey, and other lightweight materials are not meant for warmth. Grab yourself a nice alpaca or wool scarf and learn a few fun ways to tie it to make it fashionable. A scarf is always a fun accessory for men and women?s winter coats, cardigans, and sports jackets. Once it warms up a bit, you can turn to those beautiful fashion scarves once again. Waterproof Boots (Galoshes) Sure, they might not match your skinny jeans that well but with the Polar Vortex melting, you?ll do anything to keep your feet warm. There are tons of different styles and shapes of boots, but make sure they?re lined with warm fabric on the inside and coated with waterproof material on the outside! Keep the fashionable boots at home for next fall. Go-To Hot Chocolate Recipe We?re not talking about Swiss Miss here, although, if that?s your favorite, then your job here is done! There are so many more ways to make rich and velvety hot chocolate, from maple-mocha syrup to rich Valrhona cocoa powder. One thing everyone seems to agree on is that it?s better on the stovetop, so find yourself a whisk and a sturdy pan and whip up a batch for your family. The winter is hitting its peak right now, so if you want to relax and let your fingers thaw, hot chocolate is a must! TV Series on DVD The holiday season is over, and you can finally get a little me time with your couch and television. When you?re stuck inside without access to the outside world, you?ll be so thankful you bought the DVDs for Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Nothing says winter quite like a snowy outdoor wonderland and a cozy indoor comfort zone. Grab a blanket and your steaming mug of hot chocolate and take a few hours off, getting lost in your favorite TV series.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones. Even if you are just looking for a birthday gift, we’ve got it all. At LTD you’ll find a variety of great gift items, even for those that are hard to shop for. Here are a few of the gift items that we adore.

Sentiment-mugWhen the temperature drops there is nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up.  It’s even better when your mug is a heartfelt gift from a friend.  Our Classic Sentiment Mugs warm the soul and make a great gift for anyone.  Beautiful floral designs with bold colors make this mug eye catching. Choose from friend, aunt, daughter, mom and sister with a thoughtful message on each cup.  These are dishwasher and microwave safe which makes them an easy gift to give and to take care of.  This mug will bring back warm memories for the heart and soul every time it’s held.


It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a birthday near the holidays.  One way to leave an imprint on someone’s heart is to give a gift that includes a birthstone. Celebrate their birthday but also remind them of the special people in their life such as a children or grandchildren. This Birthstone Heart Handprint Charms and bracelet will bring a smile with every charm added. The silver link bracelet is 8” with a spring ring closure that adjusts for a comfortable fit.

To make this gift extra special, a card is included with the charm that reads, “Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small, and always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls. But everyday I’m growing up and soon I’ll be so tall, that all those little hand prints will be so hard to recall!” This charm bracelet will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

NFL-slipper-socksWe can’t forget the sports fans in our lives! Lakeside’s NFL shop has a great selection of football related gifts. These NFL Slipper Socks will score big points with your fan. Give this gift and they will turn on the game while keeping warm with their favorite team. This gift is a guaranteed touch down with no slip grippers on the bottom. These socks are one size fits most and make a great gift for men or women. Whether it’s a rivalry or a team effort, these are even a great gift for a couple in love with football. Your family and friends will show their team spirit all winter long.

Find products from sentimental to humorous and fan favorites from MLB to NFL. We have gifts for the young and for the young at heart that will make memories and bring smiles every time. Whether you are looking for holiday, birthday or even anniversary, LTD is your one stop shop for all your gifts.

Have you bought something from us lately? What is your favorite LTD product of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

Completing Seven Tricky Car Cleaning Tasks with Ease!

Car-washEveryone wants to keep a clean car. There’s something undeniably nice about driving around in an automobile that looks fresh off the lot, but the vicissitudes of daily driving life—commuting, dirty shoes, sliding floor mats, on-the-go eating—combine to make it hard to keep a good clean car.

You can vacuum after you drive through the Super Wash or the Tunnel of Clean, but that quick run-over with the suction hoses won’t really get in and clean your car thoroughly; whether commercial car wash vacuums are wimpy or not, nobody wants to stand outside in public cleaning their car for that long.

Does getting it dealership-clean seem overly taxing? It doesn’t have to be! Here are 7 tricks to make a detailed clean easier to achieve.

Vacuum Trick – Use the House Vacuum

You don’t need to use a special car vacuum or the (sometimes wimpy) vacuums outside commercial car washes. If the vacuum you use on the flooring and/or carpets has a “cleaning tools” feature with hose and attachments, and you’re satisfied with how it performs on indoor carpet, it’s the thing to use on your car.

Once you’ve plugged your indoor vacuum into the wall in the garage, turn it to the cleaning tools setting and set up the hose with the attachments ready to be switched (different areas of your car will need different attachments. Remove all the car floor mats—you’ll clean them separately—and physically pick up and throw away any debris too large for the vacuum.

Slide the front seats all the way up, then start vacuuming,  moving from the trunk of your car (can’t leave that dirty!) up to the front. After you get the whole backseat area done, slide those front seats fully backward and get as far in under and around the seats as you can.

Upholstery Trick – Clean it Like it’s Carpet

Similar to using the same vacuum you’d use on house carpet, clean the carpet and upholstery close to the same way you would clean carpet in your own home.

If you’re worried that carpet stain remover may be too harsh for the upholstery in your car (unlikely, but a valid concern nonetheless) laundry spot remover plus some scrubbing, blotting, and patience should do the trick on most common car stains.

If the carpet and upholstery in your car needs an all-over deep clean, then simply rent a small or handheld carpet cleaning machine (assuming you don’t own one to use). As with vacuuming, slide the seats and move from back to front as you work around them.

Leather and Vinyl Trick – Clean and Condition

It’s worth it to buy both cleaner and conditioner if your car has leather and vinyl upholstery on the seats or dashboard.

Spray the cleaner on a clean towel and rub vigorously to get out the ground in grime. Flip the towel over to a clean surface frequently as you clean the entirety of the car—otherwise you’re just rubbing the dirt and grime back into the seats.

Once the seats are clean and completely dry, rub some leather conditioner all over the seats and/or dashboard, and rub it in thoroughly. Car dealers in Utah are likely to recommend something different than car dealers in Seattle, because of the effect various humidity levels, so call your local dealership and see what brands or types of cleaner and conditioner they recommend.

Window Trick – Get Rid of Old Decals

Yes, you needed that parking pass five years ago, but now it and five other college and apartment parking permits are doing no more than clutter up your windshield. You don’t have to keep them forever!

An old credit card or plastic putty knife (fairly cheap at most hardware stores) will get most of the decal off, especially if you can get at least one corner up yourself. Any remaining sticky residue can be removed with an application of something like Goo Gone brand and a little more scraping.

Another Window Trick – Clean it like glass (because it is)

We all think to clean the front and back windshields and to keep mirrors useful by keeping the view through them clear. But the inside of windshield and windows are so often neglected (and, as someone who likes a clean car can tell you, so often dirty).

So just grab some window cleaner and newspaper (which leaves fewer streaks than paper towels, if any), and clean ALL over the windows and mirrors (including rolling down the windows a bit and cleaning the tops).

Details Trick – Getting the Grime out of Nooks and Crannies

It’s surprising and awful how much can build up on surfaces in your car—the vents, the dash, the doors. But the gunk, dust, dead skin, and other nasty stuff can come out as you clean the rest of the dash.

For surfaces like the air conditioning and heating vents, remove dust and dirt with a small, soft-bristled paintbrush dipped in the appropriate cleaner or some furniture polish.

Hard-to-reach dash and door details can be easily reached with a rag-wrapped screwdriver. Then clean the rest of the dashboard and door normally.

Maintenance Trick – Shallow Clean once a week

Asking you to do all of this once a week would be ridiculous, but asking you to do a quick vacuum, dash dust, and window/mirror clean once a week certainly isn’t.

A weekly Shallow Clean will keep small dirt from building up into major grime later—so you can save the deep cleaning for every 2-3 months.

Follow these tricks to keep your car dealership-clean for years!

Nina Hiatt researches and writes articles to help people find balance and beauty in their personal space through landscape and interior design. In her free time, Nina blogs about many of her interests, which include gardening, technology news, and baking (and secretly dreads vacuuming her car).

Image Credit: car-heavens.blogspot.com