Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

We can’t help but think about planning our gardens and getting outside now that it’s finally spring. And the weather we want was exactly what was on our minds while flipping through the catalog pointing out our top product picks for the week:


Bronze-finished Solar-Lighted Birdbath has a classic style that adds a graceful accent to your landscaping. The bowl is shaped like a lily pad, and a leafy branch rises from the center to provide birds with a place to perch. A songbird statue completes the birdbath. At night, a solar-powered LED light illuminates the base. Additional reflectors multiply and enhance the light. The light automatically turns on at dusk.


Lodge Log Shelves have the realistic look of chopped wood that adds a touch of nature to your home. Buy one or several to store or display books, collectibles, framed photos and more.


Set of 2 Insulated Wine Tumblers features double-walled construction to keep your drink cool longer. It also keeps the glass from sweating in your hand or on a table. These unique glasses have wine-glass shapes built into the interior. They have lids that slide open and closed with a push. The lids prevent spills and keep insects and dirt out of your beverage.


Create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with this Set of 3 Harmony Bells. Each iron bell is fitted with a wooden clapper to produce a soothing sound. The rustic brass finish shimmers like burnished gold in the sun. Perfect as a garden ornament hanging from a hook near your door or a tree branch anywhere in your yard! Comes on a thick rope hanger.


Folding Deck Table sets up in seconds and folds down flat when not in use. This attractive wood table comes with metal clamps and brackets that easily secure it to a porch or deck railing. Great for outdoor entertaining, the folding table is also ideal for decks or balconies with limited space.

Folding Deck Table sets up in seconds and folds down flat when not in use. This attractive wood table comes with metal clamps and brackets that easily secure it to a porch or deck railing. Great for outdoor entertaining, the folding table is also ideal for decks or balconies with limited space.

It’s Plant a Flower Day

Daisy-SingleIn honor of Plant a Flower Day, we’ve rounded up some tips on how to plant flowers that will bloom to their full potential. Check out these great tips below.

Where to Start

If you want instant gratification, you can go to a plant nursery where they?ve nurtured and cared for seeds as they?ve grown into a blooming flower for you to purchase. You can also buy seedlings that you can watch grow and bloom at a later date.

In either case, you will have to transplant the flower or seedling. Winter 2014 has been brutal, so you should know to only transplant when the ground is warm enough ? ideally after the last frost date . If you haven?t had your last frost, you can keep your flower indoors until it?s warm enough to transplant outside.

Do It Yourself

If you want to start from scratch, here?s what you?ll need to get your seeds sprouting:

  • seeds
  • ventilated containers
  • soil
  • plastic wrap or covering

You can buy seed starting soil or you can mix it yourself. The soil should be lightly moistened when it?s put in the ventilated container. Too much moisture can cause the seeds to rot. ?Using a garden trowel, dig small holes for each seed with distances between each seed according to your seed packet.? Drop the seeds in each hole and gently cover each seed with soil. Lightly water the soil and cover with plastic wrap to keep moisture in the soil. Place the containers in a warm spot and water only as needed.?When the seeds have sprouted, you can put their containers on a tray that will hold water so the flower will be fed from the bottom up.


Before you transplant your flowers, you can help them get used to living outdoors by letting them sit outside for a few days so that it won?t be such a shock to them when they?re put in the ground.

When you?re ready to give your flower a spot in the yard, water the planting bed, to help your flower take root. You should also water the flower before taking it out of the ventilated container so you can gently ease it out. The root will probably be knotted up in a ball. Try to separate the branches so that they can spread once they?re in the ground.

Dig a hole in the plant bed that?s roughly the same size at the roots. Set the flower in the hole, sprinkle enough soil around the base to keep the flower upright. Moisten the soil again and let your flower grow.

Planning for Next YearOrange-Red-Tulip

If you want ?perennial flowers to bloom in the spring like irises or tulips, you?ll need to plant the bulbs in the fall.

If you want to have a flower ready to plant on Plant a Flower Day 2015, start your indoor seeding at the end of February ? it takes about a month for the seeds to sprout.

Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Finances

clean-up-financesAs spring prepares to be sprung, it”s time to rid our lives of the gnarly winter blues that have accumulated over the last year. Clear out the dust bunnies from under the bed, rotate your closet so the warm weather clothes are near the front, and give the pup a haircut.

All of those things will help you get back into the swing of things and refresh everything. But on top of all that, it”s always good to give your finances a once-over as well. After all, money issues are a source of stress for many people. Here are a few ways to declutter your finances and reduce some of the headaches that can come along with them.

Declutter Your Papers

Let”s face it; it was a terrible winter. No one blames you for choosing to shovel your sidewalk instead of organizing your mail and prioritizing hot cocoa over balancing your checkbook. Now that it”s all behind you, you can focus on organizing your sensitive documents. If all your pay stubs and bills are filling up your junk drawer, go through them and put them all in a centralized place.

It very well may take a few sittings, but once you”ve categorized everything, managing your monthly budget shouldn”t seem like such a chore. Knowing where all your resources are will make paying your monthly bills seamless.

Purge the Extras

When you clean out your refrigerator, you probably pull out anything that looks questionable, wipe the inside of it out, and start with a crisp, clean slate. Indeed, one of the most effective parts of any spring cleaning regimen is purging your home of everything you don”t need or don”t use. Sure, picking up a nasty, moldy orange isn”t exactly a pleasant idea, but doing so is much needed if you want to clean. The same can essentially be said about how you approach your finances.

So start purging. Do you actually use your gym membership? If not, drop it or switch to a cheaper one closer to home that you”ll be more likely to use. Do you watch TV all the time, or did your favorite shows end? If you can swing it, drop it until next season.

Mop up the Rest

Of course, as with any spring cleaning binge, you”ll need to mop up the mess. Look for ways you”ll be able to to cut corners when it comes to your expenses:

  • Entertainment?– Do you really need that super mega huge cable package, or can you make do with basic cable? Or better yet, do without and subscribe to Hulu or Netflix instead. You can find most shows online these days anyway, and you”ll probably online casino canada end up being more productive with less TV to watch.
  • Utility bills?- See if your utility companies have a budget billing program, and enroll in it. You”ll end up paying for what you use, but your bill will be the same each month.
  • Eating out and groceries?– Get to know your inner?couponer especially when it comes to groceries. You”ll probably be surprised how much money you can save by simply using coupons. There”s nothing “extreme” about it; just subscribe to your local newspaper and start clipping.

Now, more than ever, is a good time to reevaluate your mobile plan too.?T-Mobile?is really shaking things up?in the wireless world?by changing some of its most archaic policies. See if any of these changes can benefit you and your financial situation and consider switching if it works for you and your family. There”s no reason to pay more for something that you can get for less.

Polish Your Credit

Once you”ve pulled all the nastiness out of your budget, you can really make it shine. You should be able to spot some questionable issues that could be resolved. Are you nearing your credit limit on your credit card? Move some money around so you can make a payment to pull the balance away from the limit.

If that”s not an option, consider opening another card to spread the balance out a bit. Contrary to popular belief, it”s better to have two cards nowhere near their limit than it is to have one card that”s maxed out all the time. The idea is to keep your utilization ratio (the credit you”re using vs. how much is available to you) as low as you can. Find a card that offers a special rate on balance transfers to save on interest charges while you”re at it.

Spring cleaning doesn”t have to stop with the dirt on the kitchen floor. Take a look at every aspect of your life, and simplify wherever you can. What”s the most pressing thing on your spring cleaning to-do list?

Items We Adore: LTD Product Picks For The Week

silhouette garden planterWe see clearer skies and warmer days ahead, so today?s picks are all about your garden! It?s time to start thinking about the best ways to get things blossoming this year, and LTD Commodities can help! Here are our weekly picks for items to spruce up your garden this spring!

Silhouette With Wagon Planter

Set the right tone in your garden with this perfectly adorable silhouette with wagon planter! You can choose from either a boy riding a tractor or a girl with a bonnet pulling the wagon. You simply attach the silhouette to the planter and it looks like he or she is pulling your planter! We love the cute nostalgic charm this planter brings to the garden, and think everyone should have one on his or her spring decorating list!

Solar Metal Garden Birds

Want to get a little tropical in the yard without resorting to plastic flamingos? How about these cute solar metal garden birds instead? You have the choice of a cool blue peacock or a warm coral flamingo, both with glowing orbs that run on solar power! The panels save up the sunlight during the day, and then the solar power is used to light the orbs at night. This is the perfect addition to gardens that do a lot of evening entertaining!

Boy & Girl on Bench Garden Statue

We just had Valentine?s Day, but how cute is this bench garden statue? Reminiscent of the old Precious Moments knick-knacks, this statue is a cute addition to any garden d?cor. This detailed statue is durable cold cast ceramic, so it will surely outlast every plant in your garden! Set it up near your flowerbeds for the perfect effect.

Hanging Animal Bird Feeders

Do you like the sound of birds chirping in your garden? Are you always trying to feed your feathered friends? Whether you?re a bonafide bird-watcher or not, these great hanging bird feeders are perfect for every bird lover. Coming in a number of different animal shapes, including a frog, fish, and ladybug, these great feeders add the perfect touch of fun to any garden design.

Pocket Hose Ultra

Now that we?ve got the garden d?cor items covered, it?s time to talk about function! We love this pocket hose, which is available in both 50-foot and 75-foot versions. This clever hose features and expanding accordion design, so it fits perfectly in small spaces, but expands when in use. Made from rubber, nylon, and plastic, it is stronger than traditional hoses, and never kinks or knots while you?re trying to use it! When the dry summer weather arrives, you?ll be so glad you ordered one of these!

7 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For Spring Now

gardenFor many of us, blizzards and snow days abound, with what seems like no end in site. It may feel like the longest winter of all time, but spring is just around the corner! Look at this as a few extra weeks to add a few garden accessories, and make sure your garden is in order for spring. Here are seven tips to prepare your garden for the season of growth!

1) Start a Compost Bin

If you don?t already have one, now is the perfect time to get a compost bin started. You want a balanced mix between yard waste and food scraps. If your yard is barren right now, just get a bin going with food scraps and twigs, and ask for a little hay from a farmer nearby. Be sure to follow the best practices for composting to ensure you have the proper balance.

2) Check Soil Quality

Compost is always a beneficial addition to your garden, but it?s also important to test the quality of your soil to make sure you can grow a garden. Give it a little tilling to add some oxygen to the soil, and check for rocks and hard clay. You can even toss some small vegetables scraps in the actual garden.. Make sure you till it regularly to ensure the decomposition of the pieces, and consider adding a few worms to speed up the process.

3) List and Research Preferred Plants

Whether you?re a pro or a beginner, you probably know that not all plants grow in all climates, so before starting the garden each year or incorporating any new plants, it?s always a good idea to do a little research. Make a list of all the plants you want to grow, and turn it into a chart with sizes, plant spacing, potential pests, amount of sunlight, and times to plant and harvest. It?s never a good idea to just throw a few seeds around an already established garden without at least doing a little research.

4) Make A Blueprint

Now that you know what you want to grow, it?s time to really organize how your garden will look. Sure, last year?s haphazard garden was probably beautiful and great, but that doesn?t mean it was perfectly organized or reasonably spaced. Since you still have a few weeks to go, you?ve got plenty of time to make sure your garden is organized efficiently. Find out which vegetables will fight, and which will grow harmoniously; then space them accordingly. There are lots of amazing tricks for pairing flowers with vegetables to control pests. Got aphids eating your broccoli? Maybe you should plant some dill, marigolds, or calendula. These plants attract aphids to their natural predators, keeping them away from your dinner!

5) Modify and Renovate

If you found that last year?s garden had a few mistakes, adjust them now before the season starts! Build a raised bed for better drainage, add a fence to keep animals out, or buy a beautiful trellis for tomatoes and other vine-like plants. Add a few aesthetic or practical touches that will make this year?s garden the most beautiful yet.

6) Plant a Few Seeds

Yep, you might actually be able to plant a few seeds right now, depending on your climate. It?s February, which means many types of wintry leafy greens like kale, Swiss chard, and lettuces will do very well in moderate climates. Pay attention to your average temperature, then to a little research on your area and zones to figure out what you can plant now.

7) Start Plants Indoors

If you?re living in a frozen tundra and still scraping ice off your car every morning, planting a few seeds outside right now might be jumping the gun a bit. Instead, start a few favorite plants indoors. It?s always a good idea to have a portable herb garden to ensure you have fresh herbs year-round. Start with something small that fits 3-5 herbs, and just move the entire box outside when it?s warm, or transport the roots when it?s planting time. You can normally start several plants indoors as well, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant. You?ll be ready for salad season in no time!

Image Source: Care2