3 Ways to Battle the Cold Winter Air

It’s bad enough winter brings in super cold temperatures, but the cold wind can do a number on your skin. We’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to help you battle the cold air this winter.

lotion cream

1) Upgrade Your Face Masks & Lip Balm

Super windy conditions in places like Chicago cause a lot of cracked lips and dry faces. Rather than hoping your normal moisturizers and creams will protect you, supplement them with rejuvenating facemasks to replenish your skin?s moisture barrier. Look for those that contain healthy-skin ingredients like honey, rose hip oil, beeswax and purified bee venom, and Shea and cocoa butters.

Tip: Skip the face toner and harsh face wash and use a gentle cleanser instead.

When it comes to your lips, you might want to skip the lipstick altogether, because it has a tendency to dry out those beautiful puckers of yours. Instead, go for standard jellies like Vaseline and Carmex, or tinted and flavored balms that use essential oils. The oils will nourish and moisturize to avoid cracked lips, to leave them feeling firm and soft.

2) Rich Body Cream

Although you might not have many inches of arms and legs exposed while outdoors, the cold winter air can still do a number on your skin. Invest in a high-quality concentrated body cream with Shea butter, honey, oatmeal, almond butter and natural oils. The best way to get more moisture into your dry skin is to lather it up with natural balms and products, and let the lotion sit on your skin to soak in, so only rub it in about 80-90%. Many chemicals in beauty products have the opposite effect ? they end up drying out your skin, or leaving a greasy film.

Tip: Skip the shower gel during winter if it contains alcohol, and opt for Maternity skin care brands with coconut milk and other creams.

If your hands and feet are really feeling the effects of the cold winter air, lather them up with either a gentle aloe lotion or an all-natural body cream, and then wear socks and gloves for 30-60 minutes or overnight to let the moisture really set in.

3) Bundle Up ? Beauty Before Fashion

Sure, that awesomely warm pea coat looks fantastic, but is it protecting your skin from the cold? Look for winter jackets and snow-coat shells that are specifically meant to block the wind. We recommend layering an outer shell from a ski jacket over your fashionable coat to keep out the wind and protect your skin, then just remove the outer shell and tuck it away when you get to your destination.

Tip: Buy a size-too-big windbreaker or raincoat to wear over your winter coat to make sure the wind stays out. You might feel excessively bundled, but your skin will thank you!

When you bundle up to head out the door, make sure you remember to take care of your neck, chest, hands, and head! Scarves can really help protect the majority of your face if you walk to public transportation, or you can always go for the ninja look with a high-end facemask. Hats are a great (and fashionable) way to keep your hair and scalp from drying out completely in the wind.

Image Source: TheBestMakeUpProducts

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