Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

Keeping warm in winter’s chill is on everybody’s mind, and LTD Commodities is full of things to keep you cozy or get you up and moving. Curl up in fleecy tights, or bundle up and head outdoors to play games and explore the season’s wonders. Here are our Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week.

Step out in style with <a href=

online casino a pair of Women”s Faux-Fur Lined Wedge Boots.” src=”×300.jpg” width=”252″ height=”300″ /> Step out in style with a pair of Women”s Faux-Fur Lined Wedge Boots.


Our 3-Pair Assorted Fleece-Lined Tights are comfortable and fashionable.

Our 3-Pair Assorted Fleece-Lined Tights are comfortable and fashionable.


This 6-Pair Kids

This 6-Pair Kids” Glove Set features vibrant designs your children are sure to love.

Your kids will love this dual player Discovery Kids™ Spaceship Laser Tag shooting game!

Your kids will love this dual player Discovery Kids™ Spaceship Laser Tag shooting game!

3 Ways to Battle the Cold Winter Air

It’s bad enough winter brings in super cold temperatures, but the cold wind can do a number on your skin. We’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to help you battle the cold air this winter.

lotion cream

1) Upgrade Your Face Masks & Lip Balm

Super windy conditions in places like Chicago cause a lot of cracked lips and dry faces. Rather than hoping your normal moisturizers and creams will protect you, supplement them with rejuvenating facemasks to replenish your skin?s moisture barrier. Look for those that contain healthy-skin ingredients like honey, rose hip oil, beeswax and purified bee venom, and Shea and cocoa butters.

Tip: Skip the face toner and harsh face wash and use a gentle cleanser instead.

When it comes to your lips, you might want to skip the lipstick altogether, because it has a tendency to dry out those beautiful puckers of yours. Instead, go for standard jellies like Vaseline and Carmex, or tinted and flavored balms that use essential oils. The oils will nourish and moisturize to avoid cracked lips, to leave them feeling firm and soft.

2) Rich Body Cream

Although you might not have many inches of arms and legs exposed while outdoors, the cold winter air can still do a number on your skin. Invest in a high-quality concentrated body cream with Shea butter, honey, oatmeal, almond butter and natural oils. The best way to get more moisture into your dry skin is to lather it up with natural balms and products, and let the lotion sit on your skin to soak in, so only rub it in about 80-90%. Many chemicals in beauty products have the opposite effect ? they end up drying out your skin, or leaving a greasy film.

Tip: Skip the shower gel during winter if it contains alcohol, and opt for Maternity skin care brands with coconut milk and other creams.

If your hands and feet are really feeling the effects of the cold winter air, lather them up with either a gentle aloe lotion or an all-natural body cream, and then wear socks and gloves for 30-60 minutes or overnight to let the moisture really set in.

3) Bundle Up ? Beauty Before Fashion

Sure, that awesomely warm pea coat looks fantastic, but is it protecting your skin from the cold? Look for winter jackets and snow-coat shells that are specifically meant to block the wind. We recommend layering an outer shell from a ski jacket over your fashionable coat to keep out the wind and protect your skin, then just remove the outer shell and tuck it away when you get to your destination.

Tip: Buy a size-too-big windbreaker or raincoat to wear over your winter coat to make sure the wind stays out. You might feel excessively bundled, but your skin will thank you!

When you bundle up to head out the door, make sure you remember to take care of your neck, chest, hands, and head! Scarves can really help protect the majority of your face if you walk to public transportation, or you can always go for the ninja look with a high-end facemask. Hats are a great (and fashionable) way to keep your hair and scalp from drying out completely in the wind.

Image Source: TheBestMakeUpProducts

Pest Control in the Winter

pest-controlKeeping pests out of your home is one of the most critical things you can do, no matter the season. During the winter some people have a tendency to let their guard down as many types of insects begin to hibernate. For some pests, this is the easiest time for them to come inside, and the most likely too. Rather than forgetting about pest control for the season, take extra measures to protect your home, especially from mice during the winter. Take the proper steps to keep them out during this season. It will be easier to put up the barriers rather than playing catch up once they are already inside.

The cat
One of the easiest ways to get rid of mice in the home is to invest in a cat. You don’t even need to have the cat living indoors. Cats are one of the biggest predators out there, tackling everything from insects to snakes. A mouse’s worse enemy is a playful cat.

As long as you don’t get a Garfield, most cats will help reduce the mice and other insect population around your home significantly. For those who have absolutely no interest in owning a pet cat, there are other options out there. Take these methods instead, keeping the rodents, insects, and any other unwanted critters as far away from your home as possible.

Keep organized
Mice love to find a place to nestle in close together building their nests away from the cold. Keep these spaces out of the way before they even have a chance to congregate. Although it is too late now, for next fall take care to eliminate the waste that has built up around your home. Piles of trash, hay, compost, or other things are the perfect place for nests to be built, keeping them warm for the winter.

The closer these piles are to your home, the higher the chance the mice will make their way into your home. Move them as far away from the structure as possible. This includes garbage, which should be emptied out as often as possible to prevent attracting even more mice.

Although many insects will die at the end of the fall, if they are able to find a safe and warm place to hibernate, they will be just as ready for next spring. The closer these warm spots are to your home, the more likely it is they will make their way inside. Move piles of wood and other insect habitats away from the sides of your home.

Close the options
If you do not have screens installed in your home, put them on now. This is especially important in protecting against mice for the windows of your home that are close to ground level. Presumably during the winter you will not be having the windows open, but it is better to have this extra protection than not. In addition to this, you can invest in screens for your chimney and other openings. This will keep mice, birds, and other pests out of your home.

You would be surprised how small of a hole a mouse needs to make its way into your house. Inspect the perimeter and make sure that all the holes and cracks are properly filled, including those that house water pipes or electric lines. An entire insect population could make its way inside through one of these openings carelessly left unattended.

If a pest population does make its way into your home, they can cause destruction and reproduce fast. At this point you may be better to call an exterminator. Do all you can to rid your home of an infestation, keeping your house clean and free from diseases they may carry.

 Cassie Costner writes for, a Colorado pest control company. She has written on the most effective way to rid pests from your home no matter the season, and keep them out for the long run. 

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

With fall in full swing, the leaves are turning and beginning to show off their beautiful colors. Chilly weather is upon us and it is time to pack up those cool summer clothes and trade them in for a cold weather wardrobe. LTD’s Product Pick for the week is all about staying toasty warm when chilly weather makes its way to your front door. If you live in a cold weather area and are waiting for snowflakes to fall, we’ve got bundle up buys you’ll adore.


Sweaters and jackets are always on stand-by when cold weather hits but hooded sweatshirts are a staple for a fall and winter.  This casual attire is a great addition to jeans and t-shirts to keep you warm when you need it the most. Stripes are a common design this season but plaid is where it’s at. Warm colors mixed with rich jewel tones add style while a faux fur lining keeps the cold out. With these simple color combinations, you will be able to match a variety of items already in your drawers. Pockets give this sweatshirt functionality while working and a place to warm your hands. This cold weather essential never goes out of style and won’t let you down.


When it’s dark at dinner time and the weather is anything but desirable, the only thing left to do is bundle up and snuggle in a warm blanket with a movie. To make it even better slip on some soft non- slip socks before you flip on the TV and you will forget all about the weather. This cozy throw and matching socks are perfect for a night of relaxation on a cold night. In addition, the set comes with a matching tote.  Conveniently store your comfy throw and socks in your tote or use it to store books for days you want to cuddle up with your favorite novel.  Choose from chocolate, natural burgundy or blue to treat yourself or someone special. This ideal snuggle set makes a great gift for friends and family.


Knit sweaters are popular during the winter months but velvet rules the holidays. You see bold colors on soft velour in sweaters, jackets and dress pants. This velour sweater is perfect with long skirts or pants. Add a cuff bracelet or a beaded necklace for a breathtaking combination.  This sweater not only keeps the chill away but can also dress up a pair of jeans for a casual night on the town. Choose a beautiful emerald or elegant black. You can mix and match with the existing outfits in our closet and create a new look. The upcoming holiday season is filled with parties and celebrations that call for a killer outfit. With this sweater you will stand out from the crowd and bring the holiday spirit to the party when you walk in the room.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming months. Get all of the essentials so you can step outside armed with confidence against the elements. With Christmas right around the corner and the cold winds of last year fresh in your memory, LTD carries a variety of products to get you through the long months until spring arrives.

Have you bought something from us lately? What is your favorite LTD product of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.