Everyone Needs a Gnome

It?s time to start thinking about your 2014 spring gardening plans, and what better way to jumpstart your motivation than with a post about garden statues? More specifically, we?re talking about cute little garden gnomes that take care of business and guard the garden and stuff. Everyone needs a gnome, and here?s why!

They?re Adorable

Well this is just a fact. Garden gnomes, happy, sad, and mischievous, are cute and funny little creatures, and everyone should have one! They watch over your plants, monitor your vegetables, and do absolutely nothing about the weeds. What more could you ask for in a gardener? Seriously, put one of these in the lap of your cranky kid and see what happens.

patriots NFL gnomes

The Super Bowl is Coming

Wouldn?t you like to display four happy little gnomes spelling out your favorite team?s name? Whether your team remains in the Super Bowl running or not, football season isn?t over until the big game, so keep on showing that team spirit! But seriously, what better way to display your pendant than between two gnomes? Even if you don?t put fan gnomes in the garden, they need to be seen by as many people as possible, so please be sure to use them as the centerpiece on your game day snack table. Thanks.

They Are Instant Friends

How could you ever be lonely with these little guys running around your garden? Well, maybe not running, or interacting, or actually doing, but they?re there, and you can have as many one-sided conversations with them as you want. We do suggest heightening the hedge you share with your neighbors if you decide to have regular chats with the gnomes.

grumpy gnome

They Help You Avoid People?

Okay, so you don?t always want friends around. Let?s face it; there are times when you really don?t want anything to do with anyone at all. This friendly little grumpy gnome can help. With a solar-powered ?Go Away? sign, your neighbors will leave you alone both day and night!


They Make Life More Fun

And really, that?s what it?s all about, right? A garden gnome is a great addition to your outdoor d?cor. Need a conversation at a BBQ? Garden gnome. Need a babysitter for your dandelions? Garden gnome. Want a distraction for an awkward silence? Garden gnome. So find a gnome you love and welcome it into your garden!