Top 10 Candle Uses You’ve Never Heard Of

candleCandles have been a part of society practically since the dawn of civilization. In the past, they were used to light homes, but most people only use them now for adding a nice decorative touch to a room. However, they still serve several great purposes. In fact, candles have some very surprising uses. Here are ten candle uses you may not have ever considered.

1. Make Labels Watertight

If you?re out of clear plastic tape and need to mail a package, reach for a candle to make the label watertight. Simply run the candle over the label and the transferred wax will protect the ink and prevent smearing.

2. Spill-Proof Recipe Cards

You need your recipe cards out when cooking, but you don?t want them to get ruined. Make them spill-proof by rubbing a candle over the recipe. Splashes and spills will wipe right off the dried wax.

3. Eliminate Odors

As candles burn, the flame can burn off fumes and odors in the home. It won?t get rid of the source of unpleasant scents, but it will make your home smell nice again. Consider putting a candle in the bathroom. Use one in the kitchen if you?re burned a dish. Smokers often burn candles to help with the cigarette smell. You can even use a candle when you?re cutting onions to stop the onion fumes from making you cry.

4. Smooth Operating Wood Frames

Wood windows and dressers that stick are a serious inconvenience, but a candle has the cure you need. Rub the candle over the areas where the wood pieces move. The wax coats the wood and allows it to move smoothly. This is an age-old method for dealing with sticking drawers, and it still works.

5. Invisible Ink Projects

Let the kids have some fun with secret messages. Using a white candle, they can draw an image or message. The recipient can then cover the paper with watercolor paint to reveal the hidden information.

6. Banish Wood Dents

Dents in wood furniture are an eyesore, but you don?t have to live with them. Rub the wax candle over the dent and let the wax fill in the space. It effectively fills the dent without any stripping, sanding or refinishing required.

7. Fix Shoelaces

Shoelaces that are missing the plastic caps on the ends will continue to fray and come apart. However, you can stop the trend by dipping the ends in melted candle wax. You?ll have to repeat this process as the wax wears off over time, but it?s cheaper and faster than replacing the laces.

8. Zipper Repair

If you have a zipper that?s sticking, then a candle can help you. Metal zippers can start to bind, but all they really need is some lubrication. With the zipper open, rub the candle along the teeth and then see how much more smoothly it operates.

9. Stop the Squeak

If you have a squeaky door, then you might reach for an oily lubrication. However, a candle will work just as well. All you have to do is rub the candle over the hinges to coat the surface and quiet the noise.

10. Hold Pens and Pencils

If you have a decorative candle that needs a more functional use, turn it into a pen and pencil holder. Just put holes in the sides and along the top to easily slide your pens into place.?Candles are still an important part of our lives. While they aren?t typically used as task lighting anymore, they?re still an important tool that can be used in several other ways. From holding pens and fixing zippers to invisible ink and waterproofing labels, you?ll find that candles can help you out around the home in several ways.

Kathy Cameron is a work from home mom. She often writes about great DIY home tips. Here are her tips about various use of candles.