Get Your Home Game Day Ready With LTD

NFL camping chairsIt?s finally here! The big game is right around the corner, and after an exciting Sunday, we now know the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will battle it out on February 2nd for the Championship title. Are you prepared for the biggest football game of the year? Check out how to prepare your home for the big day.


When you?ve got fifteen people coming over to watch the big game, it?s important to make sure there?s enough room for everyone! Pull out all of your extra seats and fold up chairs and see how they?ll fit in your living room area. Now is the time to buy a few extra folding chairs to accommodate more guests. Plenty of people will be standing and cheering, but there?s always a moment during halftime or long commercials when we could use a break.

NFL D?cor

This is an essential part of any NFL party! Choose a team and get your house decked out in those colors. Or, if you?re a little more impartial, you can create a ?house divided? with separate sides for people supporting opposing teams. It?s a fun way to create a little added competition to the big game.

Meal Planning

Everyone likes heavy, greasy, high-caloric appetizers to pair with beer when watching football, but not every appetizer has to be a grease bomb! Check out great cookbooks and online sources to add a little variety to your meal planning instead of just ordering buckets of wings and buying a dozen bags of chips. Try making fruit kebobs out of toothpicks, or serving southwestern style salad with beans, corn, and chopped arugula. Instead of French onion dip with potato chips, serve fresh homemade hummus and carrots or baked pita bread.

Cooking & Serving

Last but not least, are you prepared to make 100 appetizers and serve them fresh from the oven? Make sure you have enough baking sheets and casserole pans to ensure you have the ability to serve those 20 people. Football is not a short game, and with a good 5 hours of game time, halftime, and commercials, you will have hungry guests. Stock up on serving bowls and platters, and make some dishes ahead, like chili or deviled eggs, so you aren?t spending the entire day in the kitchen. Make sure you’ve got enough glasses and cups, and buy paper plates to reduce dirty dishes!