NFL Playoff Gear: Do You Believe In Your Team?

The NFL Divisional Playoffs take place this Saturday (Jan. 14) and Sunday (Jan. 15). The top 4 teams from the NFC and the AFC will battle it out for a trip to the NFL Conference Championships a week later. Whole seasons are on the line and just one team will be left standing come February 5th. If you’re one of the lucky fans still cheering on their team, commemorate the season, get pumped for the playoffs and believe in your team with LTD’s NFL selection. Check out NFL playoff gear from every team taking the field this weekend!

Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons

Saturday, January 14th — 4:35 p.m. (ET)
The Falcons are dangerous, but the Seahawks may have found their rhythm at the perfect time.NFL Sofa Covers   Personalized NFL Quarterback Prints
NFL Sofa Covers vs. Personalized NFL Quarterback Prints

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots

Saturday, January 14th — 8:15 p.m. (ET)
The Patriots are favored, but the Texans have come a long way since their earlier loss at Foxborough. Personalized NFL Stadium Prints   Personalized Framed Sports Pub Print
Personalized NFL Stadium Prints vs. Personalized Sports Pub Print

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday, January 15th — 1:05 p.m. (ET)
The Steelers offense is clicking, but the Chiefs defense has proven they can shut down anyone.Personalized NFL Action Collages   Personalized NFL Locker Room Prints
Personalized NFL Collages vs. Personalized NFL Locker Room Prints

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, January 15th — 4:40 p.m. (ET)
The Cowboys are the team to beat, but the Packers haven’t lost a game since before Thanksgiving.NFL Chair or Recliner Covers   NFL Team Helmet Pillows
NFL Chair or Recliner Covers vs. NFL Team Helmet Pillows

Even if your team doesn’t make it to the next round of the playoffs, there’s still plenty to be proud of and even more to be excited about for next year. LTD Commodities is always stocked with fun and useful NFL gear for the year-round super fans and seasonal decorators so you can show some team pride at home or on the go.

How to Make NFL Bingo Cards for the Big Game

The NFL playoffs are still in the early rounds, but the biggest game takes place on February 5th. If you plan on throwing a party for the NFL finale, you’re probably wondering how to keep everyone engaged. After all, not everyone who shows up will actually be interested in what’s happening on the field. And only two teams can play, so the chances your home team will be competing is slim. The game isn’t the only reason people tune in. Some people look forward to the halftime show. Plus, it’s the only televised event in the whole year where people look forward to the commercials. You can make watching those countless commercials even more entertaining by creating NFL bingo cards for everyone at the party. Get to know the basics right here.

How to Make NFL Bingo Cards for the Big Game

Find the Advertisers

The first step for creating NFL bingo cards is to find as many advertisers as possible that are guaranteed to air advertisements during the game. Some of the biggest advertisers are always going to be there, but there are also some wild cards, and there are always a few new companies who have the money and creativity to live up to the game’s high commercial expectations. Here’s the current list of advertisers airing ads so far.

Keep Things Simple

You don’t have to put down a specific company to create great NFL bingo cards. You can also create cards with certain slots based on educated guesses, or keep things simple, such as: “Luxury Car Commercial” or “Beer Commercial“. You could also add fun guesses like big celebrities you think will make an appearance.

Random Assortment

Once you have all your categories figured out, the final step is to make each card unique. You don’t want a few of the same people winning for the exact same list. One good solution is to cut out all your squares that you’ll use on every board (usually 25 squares with a free square in the middle), then mix them up in a bowl and pick them out at random. This will essentially guarantee that every card will have an original design.

Add Your Own Twists

You can also get creative when creating each card, adding squares for a variety of different things to keep everyone entertained throughout the night. If you’re playing additional games, you can reserve squares for the winners of these games, or reserve some free squares for people who guess the right score at halftime.

Don’t forget to stock up on prizes for the winner of your commercial bingo contest. Here are a few ideas:

NFL Distressed Sweatshirt ThrowsNFL Team Helmet PillowsNFL Wallet Wristlets

Not everyone will be excited to watch the actual game, but many people will be looking forward to the funny commercials. Get ready for the big game with NFL gear and entertaining essentials at LTD Commodities.

4 Tips For a Successful Fun at Work Day

Many people dream about coming into a work environment filled with activities, team work and most of all fun. You can stop dreaming because January 28th is Fun at Work Day! It?s a great chance to take a break from the usual routine and have a blast–but how do you have fun at work? We?ve got four tips to make Fun at Work Day legendary in your office.

1. Games

Fun at Work Day is all about the fun so play a few games to lighten the mood. There are numerous games you can play at the office. Here are a few for inspiration.

Paperclip Trail

This game can be a timed event between competitors. Each competitor has a stack of paperclips to choose from. When the game starts the goal is to connect as many paperclips as possible to make the longest trail. At the end, the trail will be measured and the longest paperclip trail is declared the winner.

Bobble Head Challenge

Bobble-head-challengeThis activity is known to make those playing and watching laugh. Have participants line up in preparation for the game. Each participant receives a headband and a pedometer. After they have their headbands on, attach the pedometer to the front of the headband and set each pedometer to zero. For one minute the participants will bobble their own heads in order to make the pedometer count. The person with the highest number on their pedometer wins the challenge.



2. Casual to Themed

When participating in fun games no one wants to be dressed in their business gear.? A causal jeans day would be a crowd pleaser. If you want to inspire even more fun, make a theme day out of it. Choose a fun theme such as Hawaiian Day, Funky Hair Day or even a Superhero Day to create a fun atmosphere.

3. Desk Duty

It may be difficult for some people to get away for a physical activity. Puzzles such as Sudoku or trivia questions are a great option to those who can?t get away. You can choose a pop culture or even create your own puzzles for an extra challenge.

4. Food Day
Another way to make it a fun and relaxing day for everyone is to have an option for pot luck or to order in for lunch. Fun days are also busy days because everyone needs to balance work with fun. An option to have a lunch set up can take the stress away at lunch time and make the day more enjoyable.



Fun at work is just one of the unique holidays you can celebrate. It?s important to take a step back and reduce stress at work and this is the perfect excuse. With these four tips you and your co- workers will be having a blast in no time!

Do you have some tips to have fun at work? Share your favorite tips in the comments below.

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