Items We Adore: Product Picks for the Time Change

The seasons are changing and so is the time! This weekend we adjust our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. To honor the yearly ritual, we put together a list of our favorite time pieces. Here are this week’s Items We Adore: Product Picks for the Time Change.

charm-watchLeather Charm Bracelet Watch is a fashionable piece that works with all your casual outfits. A Victorian-style border accents the watch face. The multi-layered, adjustable leather bracelet has a single wing-shaped pendant and wooden beads. 1″W x 9″L. Metal and waxed cord.

motorcycle-lightA great addition to any space, this Vintage Table Clock features a retro design. Requires 1 “AA” battery. Motorcycle Light, 6″W x 5-3/4″D x 11″H. Square with Handle, 8″W x 2-3/4″D x 9-3/4″H. Propellers, 12-3/4″W x 10-1/4″D x 10″H. Metal.

thre-in-one-clockSleek and stylish in a silver frame, this 3-In-1 Clock is actually an indoor weather station for your wall. The thermometer monitors the room’s temperature from -4 to 124°F; the quartz clock, with a step second hand and numerals from 5 to 60, displays the precise time; and the hygrometer records the relative humidity. Requires 1 “AA” battery. 8-1/4″W x 1-3/4″D x 11-1/4″H. Plastic and glass. Ready to hang.


Wake up to your school’s fight song with a Collegiate Fight Song Alarm Clock! Instead of waking you with an annoying buzzing sound, this clock plays the familiar rousing song and flashes lights to the rhythm of the music. The face of the clock features your school’s logo. Has glow-in-the-dark hands and a 4-minute snooze button on top. On/off switch. Requires 2 “AA” batteries. 5-1/4″W x 3″D x 4-1/2″H. Plastic.

disney-watchHelp your little girl learn how to tell time with a Girls’ Disney Time Teacher Watch. Her favorite Disney character will make wearing this watch so much fun. The watch has labeled “Hour” and “Minute” hands and a sweep second hand. The frame of the watch face is marked in 5-minute increments to help her learn how to tell time all on her own. Includes button-cell battery. Quartz movement. Watch face, 1-1/4″ dia. Plastic strap, 8-1/4″L with 7 holes for adjusting the fit. Metal case.

Turning Back the Clocks: How We Told Time 25 Years Ago

This weekend we turn back the clocks for daylight saving time! And here at LTD Commodities, we’re turning back clocks and turning back time. Here’s how we told time 25 years ago.Watch-Junk-Food-Watch

Snack Time! Yum, yum! You’ll never be late for breakfast, lunch or dinner when french fries and cheeseburgers cloud your clock! But that’s just a cover for your digital LCD quartz watch. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot dog or popcorn, it’s always snack time with these watches.

Watch-shower-clockShower Time! In case you lose track of time while you’re in the shower, this 2-IN-1 Quartz Clock Radio will help you take timely showers with tunes while making a fashionable addition to your bathroom. The granite face with totally radical designs in high energy colors are easy to read and water resistant — they’re so tough you can bring them with you to the beach! They’re made of durable plastic so the sand won’t damage them while you’re catching some gnarly waves.

Ring Time! Why refer to your wrist for the time watch-ring-watchwhen you only need to lift a finger to make sure you’re not late? These reliable timepieces for your fingers are dynamically styled to keep you on time and in tune with today’s most upscale jewelry fashions. The analog movement is superbly accurate and there’s no pesky watch band to get in the way of you and your next appointment.

Watch-Wall-ClockBig Time! Wall clocks have given way to the wall watch! They’re decorative and dependable! The dramatically designed face was created by contemporary artists for a real conversation piece. Plus, this wall watch runs on one AA battery (included!) so it never needs winding! You’ll be on time ALL the time with this as your decor and time keeper.

Watch-friendship-bracelet-watchBest Time! Show your BFF how special she is with the gift of time! These Friendship Bracelet Watches have three interchangeable friendship bracelet bands so your watch can match every outfit! What’s even better than a watch to go with everything for your very best friend is that these high quality watches with super quartz accuracy have five functions: hours, minutes, seconds, month, and date! You’ll never miss your play date if you keep your Friendship Bracelet Watches in sync!

Of course, LTD Commodities doesn’t sell these relics anymore, but we love to look back at how time changes fashion and technology — and how we change with it. Check out our many fashion accessories and home decor to keep up with the ever-changing 21st century.