Summer Design Tips: How to Inspire Tech-Free Creativity


We’re on the brink of summer break. Very soon kids will be spending mornings in the family room instead of study hall, claiming territory at the kitchen table instead of the cafeteria. Being at home means being tempted by technology. A few lazy days can morph into a month, two months…before they know it, all the projects they were hoping to get done before the next school year must be crammed into a tight schedule. It can be pretty difficult to separate kids from the technology they use every day, but there are times when they would benefit from putting down their phones or stepping away from the TV to get serious about their creative ideas and summer projects. Learn how to inspire tech-free creativity with these easy design tips.

Natural light is a natural ally.
Even with advances in screen technology, natural light is still one of the biggest enemies when it comes to a user-friendly experience. Everything from smartphones to laptops can be negatively affected by too much sunlight, so giving light the freedom to filter into the living or family room is a simple way to mark any major area as a tech-free zone. In addition to deterring the use of screens, natural light is fantastic for a variety of creative activities. Let your kids set up an easel by the window, fill a room with activity books and games, or clear out sun-drenched areas for physical activities like yoga or for bigger craft projects.


Bookcases, bookshelves and…well, books.
There’s no better way to define a space than by packing it with the contents you’d like the space to be used for. Despite the steady interest in e-readers, print books remain more than relevant. Young generations still prefer the feeling of flipping through physical pages. Students in high school or college continue to buy print books with good reason. Designating a room for quiet activities like reading is as easy as providing comfy seating and stocking shelves with the titles that will get your kids excited about spending quality time inside.

All eyes on…wait, where’s the TV?
Ever since the TV burst onto the household scene, the layout for family space has shifted to accommodate the magical box. With furniture gravitating toward the big screen, it’s almost impossible to use the TV room for anything but prime time programming and binge-watching. But people looking to make a change rightly wonder how to arrange their room if they take out the TV. Previously used focal points include the fireplace, piano and wall art. Another option is to arrange seating around a coffee table to help cultivate conversation.

No matter what kind of space you want to encourage for your kids’ summer break, The Lakeside Collection is ready to decorate. Accent natural light in your living room with our selection of window treatments, stock up that bookshelf with titles for all ages, and get a few statement pieces to change your room’s focal point.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks For The Week

Happy Friday! We’re here to highlight some of our favorite LTD Commodities product picks for this week. Enjoy!

Battery Storage Boxes

battery storage

It might not seem like much, but having a battery when you need it can be a lifesaver! Maybe you’re trying to DVR a show but your remote’s battery is dead? Or what if the battery dies in your baby monitor in the middle of the night? You never know when you might need batteries in a pinch. Keeping a few different styles of batteries on hand is a smart and safe idea for any home, which is why we love these organized battery storage boxes. Batteries stay neatly organized, and you can mark one segment as “not dead yet” batteries that are running low on juice, but not quite gone completely. These boxes also make it easy to save on batteries – cause now you’ve got a place to store them if you buy in bulk!



Sentiment Wall Quotes

quote wall life

Looking for a way to add a little extra oomph to a bare wall? We love these sentiment wall quotes in various places throughout the home, especially for high-ceilinged rooms and large empty spaces. Choose the quote that fits your home best – life, love, or blessings, and then remember the inspiring words through daily life.






Cool It Freezer Packs

lunch freezer packs

Did you make a resolution to eat healthier and save money? One of the easiest ways to do this is by packing and bringing your own homemade lunch to work. Frozen diet entrees and deli sandwiches will barely make a dent in your health goals, much less your appetite! With these small freezer packs, you have no excuse not to pack yourself a healthy lunch, no matter what your job might be! This pack of four is great for shoving in your lunchbox for work, and you can send them along with the kiddies as well to keep their juices and perishables nice and cold.




 Under Cabinet Storage Racks

under cabinet rack

This is one of the most useful storage ideas for any home. Whether you’ve got tons of space or every inch counts, this storage rack is an easy way to make the most of any storage cabinet. With a drawer for items like towels and toilet paper and a shelf for spray bottles and paper towels, we love how this rack keeps everything off the bottom of the cabinet so it stays clean and dry. You can also use it to organize your hair and make up supplies, or to keep bath time baby toys all in one place. This is especially great for under-the-sink cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry areas.




Easy Grip 5-in-1 Cutter/Slicer Set

cutter slicer set

One way to make healthy eating easier is to have the right tools at your disposal. We love this easy-grip 5-in-1 set for coring apples, slicing tomatoes, chopping potatoes, dicing onions, and more. You can make decorative shapes and designs, or just make life easier when you’re preparing an early morning green smoothie!