5 Holiday Decorations to Keep Throughout Winter

The term “winter wonderland” is often heard around Christmas but in actuality could be used throughout the cold months of winter. Every year you work hard to decoration the entire house for Christmas. It can be disheartening it only lasts for a month after all the time and effort dedicated to creating a magical atmosphere in your home. Within all the red, green and Santas, there are probably some items that you can keep after Christmas. Here are some home decor pieces you can enjoy all winter long.



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Though we usually think of a white Christmas during the holidays, December is not the only month we see these beautiful flakes fall. Snowflakes on bedding, throws, dishes and other home décor items are welcome to stay as long as snow is on the ground. If your snow filled items are red, try not to pair it with green. This way it won’t feel like Christmas in your home but more like a wintery wonderland.






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Snowmen,penguins and polar bears oh my!
Many pieces of home décor come as snowmen or adorable animals. These cute wintery figures are always happy to fill your home as long as they are not promoting Christmas. If your penguin is wearing a Santa hat or your snowman is decorating a Christmas tree it will make your home feel like Christmas. Keep the pieces that have a winter feel but cannot be obviously tied back to the holiday.





Winter in the Country
Stars and pine cones are typically found among holiday décor items. These items can be stuck in the wreath or wrapped in Christmas colors. If you have some of these iconic pieces in your holiday collection, don’t put them away yet! Look at the décor closely and determine if you can remove any additional decorations that resemble Christmas and reuse with a winter theme.






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Pre-lit is popular for Christmas trees and even for garland. An easy way to use your garland throughout the winter is to remove any lighting and add pine cones or snow decorations. The beautiful garland you had on your mantel can be easily transformed into a winter staple.







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After you take your ornaments off the tree you normally would put them away for next year–but wait! Those cool colored ornaments aren’t done yet! Ornaments in tones of blue and white are perfect to adding to your winter wonderland décor. Add them to a snowy wreath or stack them on a plate for a beautiful center piece. To add a little additional color, a cool cucumber green can keep the winter theme while adding a pop of color.





With just a little organization and effort the money and time you spend to decoration your home for the holidays can be stretched throughout the entire winter season. You may buy a few extra items to complete a look, but most likely you will find many decorations you already have to redecorate your home after the holidays.

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The Real Story of Santa Claus

Santa-ClausDid you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child? Yes?

OK, how about now? As an intelligent and well-educated adult, do you believe in Santa Claus now? Certainly not, you say?

In that case, you might be interested to know that the younger version of yourself – the version filled with the wonder and magic of Christmas, and blessed with the wonderful innocence of childhood – that version of you was correct. And the current version of yourself – the wise and worldly version that knows there’s really no such thing as Christmas magic – that version of you is wrong.

Because in fact, there really is a Santa Claus – or at least there was.

A Man Morphs Into a Myth
Santa is a man of numerous names. One of those names you’ve probably heard many times – jolly old Saint Nicholas. That version of Santa Claus is quite real, because there really was a Saint Nicholas. And he helped to inspire the modern-day myth of Santa Claus.
Nicholas was born into a wealthy family late in the third century A.D. in the Greek colony of Patara. He became a bishop of the church in Patera, where he served until his death in the middle 4th century A.D.

But there’s a legend associated with Nicholas that eventually led to his canonization as a saint. And it also led to the modern-day character of Santa Claus.

The Birth of Santa Claus
Nicholas inherited great wealth from his parents. As a young man he gave away much of that wealth, but there are different versions of just how he did that.

According to one version, Nicholas encountered a man who was down on his luck. The poor man had been wiped out financially, and as a result he was unable to provide a dowry for his three daughters.

But Nicholas came to the rescue. By the dark of night, Nicholas crept up to an open window of the man’s house, and tossed 3 bags of gold inside – a bag for each daughter.
And as one popular version of the story recounts, each bag of gold happened to land in a stocking or a shoe arranged along the fireplace mantle – the root of the Christmas tradition of stuffing stockings with gifts.

Saint Nicholas Becomes Jolly Old St. Nick
As so often happens, the passage of time magnified the legend of Nicholas. He became known worldwide as a protector of children and a giver of gifts. In time, a day was set aside in many regions to honor him: St. Nicholas day. Much of the world celebrates this day in early December, and marks the occasion with the tradition of giving gifts to children.
For many centuries, the Dutch have celebrated St. Nicholas day on December 5. According to long-standing legend, it’s on this day that St. Nicholas re-appears and bestows gifts upon all well-behaved children.

And the Dutch name for St. Nicolas? Sinterklass – known to you as Santa Claus…

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus…
Parents of young children often struggle with the concept and legend of Santa Claus. After all, most parents wish to be honest and forthright with their children.

But Santa Claus is such an integral part of the magic of Christmas, particularly for young children. And few parents wish to rob a child of that all too brief and fleeting window of innocent, trusting belief in a kind and benevolent legend.

So if your child climbs upon your knee one day this Christmas season, and asks with hopeful eyes whether Santa is real – just think of Nicholas, who became St. Nicholas, who became Sinterklass, who became Santa Claus, and answer: “Yes, child, there really is a Santa Claus.”

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Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week

In just a few days it will be time to deck the halls and light the tree.  For many households the day after Thanksgiving means out with the turkey and in with the tree. If you are gearing up to decorate and spread some holiday cheer look no further.  LTD has all of the best Christmas items to make you and your family jolly. This week we have festive items that we know you will adore just like we do!


A classic Christmas décor staple is lighted garland. Make a simple statement on your outdoor décor and hang garland over fences, door frames and windows. This 16 ft Solar LED Garland is great for creating a holiday scene anywhere with a handy solar panel attached that includes an on/off switch.  Choose between a steady glow or blinking lights for a show. With solar you can even decorate those difficult to decorate places such as a mailbox. This lighted garland will be perfect to great visitors at your driveway.

Elf-pants-treat-bagsIf you love to give treats away for the holidays, look no further. This Set of 8 Elf Pants Treat Bags will bring smiles and a few laughs as your friends and family receive their treats. These red, white and green elf pants are all the fashion at the North Pole. Complete with suspenders and jingle bells at the toes it’s the perfect way to give a gift for the holidays.

Another great use for these adorable treat bags is not for treats at all! If you have a large tree, use them as an ornament. A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without snacks, fill them with snacks or candy and place around your home for guests. Your elf treat bags are sure to be a smash!

Holiday-Paper-Towel-HolderThe kitchen can be a difficult room to decorate for the holidays. When decorating the kitchen you want to ensure that all of your decorations are safe around heat and food. A way to be sure you are choosing the right items is by exchanging a few  items you already have for festive ones. These Holiday Paper Towel Holders are a perfect example! Choose from a snowman with a top hat or colorful stacked ornaments. They are not only useful but bring the holidays to your kitchen. With cheerful and shiny accents, the Christmas spirit won’t be far with these on your counter.

Christmas-dog-toysDon’t forget your favorite furry family member! These Set of 3 Holiday Stuffing –Free Dog Toys will keep tails wagging and even bring some holiday cheer into your home. Your pet will be thrilled to discover three squeakers in each toy. These toys provide less mess but most of all are safe for your best friend to play with. The set includes; one Santa, one snowman, and one super cute reindeer.  You and your pet will spend hours of quality time together with these three!

Have you bought something from us lately? What is your favorite LTD product of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Items You Need for Your Christmas Party

Christmas-partyThe holidays are creeping up fast and before you know it, it will be time to plan for this year’s Christmas party.  With a busy schedule the party planning process can be over whelming which leads to forgetting important details. Within the everyday chaos, we have narrowed down a list of five items that you need to check off your list to have a fabulous party.


The first thing you need to do when planning any party is to decide on a date. Choose a date that it gives your guests enough time to plan. We suggest a date no later than mid-December and to send your invites out two to three weeks in advance. The holiday season is a busy time, especially at the end of the month. Whether guests need to get a sitter for the kids or pick out a few ugly sweaters, you will end up with a better turn out when you give enough time to RSVP.

Decorate with a theme 

Every party needs decorations to create a festive mood. Many party planners choose a theme to dress up a room that will impress. If you want to keep it simple, snowflakes are a great theme that works well for a holiday party without being tacky. A popular holiday party theme is ugly sweaters. A light hearted take on a theme such as this brings laughter and calls for bold decorations. Choose multi- colored lights to wrap and hang anywhere with an outlet. Splashes of red and green decor on everyone wall will certainly make your party and affair to remember.


Keep spirits high and bellies full with an assortment of food. Find creative treats to make such as an edible bouquet or green frosted sugar cookie trees. Make some easy appetizers that guests can grab on the go such as pigs in a blanket. Many party goers want to continue to chat while stopping for a quick snack. To make the menu less stressful, make the party a potluck. Invite your friends and family to make and bake their most famous dish. To avoid too many h’orderves or desserts, ask your guests to RSVP what dish they would like to bring and let them know what types of dishes are still needed.


The key to any great Christmas party is to keep your guests entertained. Be sure to have enough holiday music to play throughout the duration of the party and don’t forget to choose a variety of music. Playing slow songs for a few hours straight will be enough to turn your holiday party to a slumber party. You can find a variety of fun holiday music for free on Pandora just by searching for Christmas music. Another way to keep the party going is playing games. A few games of charades, a cookie decorating contest or even your own version of “whose line is it anyway” will keep your guests happy and keep the party from going stale.  Now that the adults are entertained; what about the kids?

Kids’ corner

Among all the adults, kids may feel lost or get bored. To keep the party kid friendly, create a craft station on the side. Provide crayons with Christmas coloring books, green and red clay or even a fun game of pin the tail on Rudolph. Another great activity is a homemade ornament kit. Once the kids are done creating their own masterpiece, they can take it home and place it on their tree for a keepsake.

Holiday parties are a time to reminisce with friends and create memorable moments with those closest to you.  With a little organization your party will go down in holiday history!

Do you have some holiday party tips? Share your favorite tips in the comments below.

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