4 Ways To Say Hello

HelloNovember 21 is World Hello Day. It is a day to celebrate the idea of resolving conflicts should be settled with communication. Since 1973, World Hello Day has been celebrated in 180 countries to encourage people to greet at least 10 other people during the day. While a friendly, face-to-face greeting is the best kind, there are other ways to reach out and say “hello” today. Here are 4 ways to say hello on World Hello Day.

Get Back In Touch An unfortunate thing about our busy lives is that it is so easy to lose touch with the people who are important to us. Thankfully, the Internet makes reaching out to long-lost friends and family simple. Search for old pals and classmates on social media and send them a message to say “hello.” You may be able to start a few friendships all over again!

StationeryWrite A Note While it is thoughtful to send someone an email, a handwritten note is something charming and unexpected. Very few people take the time to create a handwritten letter today, and that gives the rare note even more value. Make them feel special with a personalized greeting on beautiful stationery.

Share A Smile With A Stranger
One of the goals of World Hello Day is for participants to greet at least 10 people. Why not say “hello” to a few people you do not know? They can be people you see on the jogging path every day, the person who mans the tollbooth you drive through, or even a dog. Reach out and witness the power of kindness.

182180717Go International The world has hundreds of languages, and each one has a unique way of saying “hello”. Greet friends with a hearty “guten tag” from Germany or a Polish “dzien dobry”. You also can learn how to say “hello” in sign language.

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