5 Patriotic Games for 4th of July


From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we’re packing in patriotic holidays. And with that much national pride, our patriotic parties are draped in red, white and blue with food and drinks to match. The only thing left to spread our faithful spirit through is a good game to show our founding fathers a little loyalty. Here are 5 patriotic games for the kids to play at your 4th of July barbecue.

Red, White, and Blue, Out Goes You This one is basically Duck, Duck, Goose with an American twist. Everyone sits in a circle and one person is declared “it.” The “it” person walks around the back of the circle tapping players on the head while repeating “red, white, blue” until, without warning, he says “red, white, blue, out goes you!” The person who is tapped on “you” then has to get up and chase the “it” person and the last one to make it back to the link the circle is “it.”

4th-july-gamesWho Am I? Each person writes down the name of a Revolutionary War hero and put it in a hat. One at a time, each player then has to pull a name from the hat and describe this war hero for the other players to guess. The person to guess it right is the next to go under the spotlight.

Red, White and Blue Tag Have an equal number of red, white and blue poker chips and hand them out randomly to the players. One player is chosen to be “it.” That person runs around tagging people, only when the person gets tagged, they have to give up their chip to the “it” person. When the “it” person has obtained one of each color of chip, the last person to hand over their chip is then “it.”

4th-july-gamesFlag Tag You’ll need a lot of outdoor space for this — there will be a lot of running around! Set up a large play area and make sure everyone knows what the boundaries are. Each person gets two bandannas (“flags” — preferably red, white and blue) to tuck into the sides of their shorts, belt or back pockets. One person is selected to be “it.” That person chases the other players to try to get their flags. When a person loses both flags, they become part of the “it” team and chases after the other people with flags. The last one to be stripped of their flags wins.

Flag Hunt This one is similar to an Easter egg hunt — only players are looking for flags rather than eggs. Buy as many of the tiny American flags as you can (keep count, though) and hide them throughout your yard — be creative! The kids will have a blast trying to find them — the one with the most flags wins.

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