6 Reasons Why Moms Are Awesome

ltd-mothersDAySunday is Mother’s Day and while we’re coming up with ideas for ways to honor the women who gave us life, we thought you could use a little inspiration to make it a memorable Mother’s Day.  Moms do so much for us — here are 6 reasons why moms are awesome.

Mom is Always in Your Corner Everyone needs a cheerleader — someone who picks you up when you’re feeling down, give you a pep talk when things aren’t going your way and gives you a squeeze to put you back together when you’re falling apart. Sometimes we forget just how much love and support mothers give us — Mother’s Day is a good reminder of those times.

Mom Lets You Figure Things Out on Your Own A good mom knows to when to tell you how to do things to do them right but she also know when you aren’t going to listen. When she lets you fail at something, she’s giving you one of the most important life lessons: learn from your mistakes. If mom bailed you out every time you got in trouble, you wouldn’t know how to function on your own. Allowing a child to stumble and fall is no small feat for a mother, but she does it out of love.

Mom Likes Everything You Do That picture of your cat on Instagram, that goofy joke you posted on Facebook — if there were a “love” button to click, your mom would do it, because there’s no end to how much and what kind of support she will send your way.

ltd-mothersday2Mom is Always a Phone Call Away The first time you used your smart phone was to call your mother and the last time you used your smart phone was to call your mother. Probably the only reason you use the call function on your phone is to call your mother. There’s something soothing about having mom to call that a text or an email from a friend just can’t replicate. Mom lends her non-judgmental ear anytime you’re ready to talk and no one else can listen.

There’s No Food Like Mom’s No matter where you go or how far away from your mother, you can always find comfort in her food. Those recipes she sent you are her way of giving you your childhood from the oven.

ltd-mothersday3Mom is Your Voice of Reason That crazy idea you had to start a friendship bracelet business, the silly fight you had with your best friend over vanilla vs. chocolate ice cream, or the ridiculous off-the-shoulder orange taffeta bubble dress you wanted to wear to your senior prom — she talked you out of all of it. We all need someone to tell us we are wrong, and usually that person is mom.

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