8 Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas

The rustic Christmas decor style can make any space look extra charming and unique. This decor style typically includes rustic materials and warm color schemes, along with an overall country or lodge theme. Decorating with a rustic style for the holiday season is a great way to give your home a welcoming and beautiful appearance. Whether you want a farmhouse country style for Christmas or a traditional holiday style with rustic charm, you can easily transform your space for the season. Here are 8 rustic Christmas decor ideas to include in your home this holiday season.

1. Incorporate Plaid Decor Into Your Rustic Christmas Space

The rustic Christmas decor style is all about charm and warmth, so it only makes sense to use patterns that give off that vibe. Incorporate plaid decor into your rustic theme to keep the welcoming and charming feeling going.

When bringing plaid into your rustic decor theme, stick to warm colors like red or neutrals like black and white. This will help to complement the rest of your space nicely. There are so many ways to bring plaid into your rustic Christmas space. Check out some ideas below.

Plaid Decor Ideas For Your Rustic Christmas Home

  • Add some plaid throw pillows to your couch and bed. Find ones with burlap accents for a rustic touch.
  • Use a plaid tablecloth and coordinate it with rustic dishware.
  • Hang up some plaid Christmas artwork in rustic wood frames.
  • Display some plaid patterned candles on top of rustic wood candleholders.
  • Accent a rustic Christmas porch with a plaid doormat.
Holiday Accent Pillows

2. Create Unique Rustic Christmas Displays With Cloches

You can easily set up a rustic Christmas decor style by display small sets of charming accents throughout your home. Creating these displays will help you instantly transform your space in an easier way.

There are so many ways to set up Christmas displays around your home. You can place accents on top of tray, inside of decorative bowls, or even use metal cloches for a unique look. If you need some ideas on rustic Christmas accents to display, check out some inspiration below.

Rustic Christmas Accent Ideas

  • Pinecones
  • Candles on rustic wood candleholders
  • Wooden Christmas sentiment signs
  • Rustic wooden figurines like Santa, reindeer, or snowmen
  • Mini galvanized metal Christmas trees
Sets of 2 Farmhouse Cloches

3. Set Up A Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree

The farmhouse style contains rustic elements that can bring your rustic Christmas theme to life. Decorating with these styles can help you establish a more specific theme throughout your space.

A great way to incorporate the farmhouse style into your Christmas decor is to set up your tree with this theme. Creating a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree will add some extra charm and style into your home. Check out some ornament ideas and more below for creating this themed tree.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

  • Buffalo plaid ornaments
  • Wooden farm animal ornaments
  • Rustic wood sentiment ornaments
  • Burlap tree ribbons
  • Warm colored string lights
  • Galvanized metal star tree topper
  • Buffalo plaid tree skirt
Modern Farmhouse Tree Decorations

4. Decorate Your Rustic Christmas Home With Wood Log Accents

In addition to the farmhouse style, the lodge decor style is another theme that fits in nicely with rustic decorations. This style is all about incorporating natural elements, warm colors, and comfortable fabrics.

Decorate with the lodge decor style by including wood log and tree accents throughout your space. This will help you maintain the natural elements of the lodge style and the unique charm of your rustic Christmas home. Check out some ideas below for creating a rustic lodge look with accents.

Rustic Lodge Decor Ideas

  • Wood log candleholders
  • Lighted tree branches
  • Wood slice plates
  • Placemats with a woodsy design
  • Wood slice wall hangings
Woodland Log Tea Light Candleholders

5. Accent Your Rustic Christmas Space With Wood Plank Wall Art & More

To really elevate your rustic Christmas space, make sure to decorate with a lot of wood accents. Using distressed wood is an especially great way to emphasize the natural and comforting appearance.

Wood plank style decorations can look stylish and unique in your spread of Christmas accents. Find wood plank or distressed wood wall hangings and other decorations to include in your holiday decor plan. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

Rustic Christmas: Wood Plank Decor Ideas

  • Display your Christmas cards on a wood plank wall hanging.
  • Use a wood plank tray to display festive holiday accents.
  • Set up mini wood plank houses to create a fun little Christmas town with other accents.
  • Hang up a Christmas sentiment wood plank sign on the wall or door.
Holiday Card Wall Display Board

6. Create A Red Truck Theme Within Your Rustic Christmas Space

Another common symbol within the rustic deocr theme and the country theme is red trucks. Red trucks can add to the charm of your rustic decor along with the festive nature of your Christmas accents.

Create a full red truck theme to amplify the rustic country style, or simple include a few red truck accents to display around your space. There are so many ways to include red truck Christmas decor in your home; check out some ideas below to get started.

Red Truck Decor Ideas

  • Red truck yard stake in the front yard.
  • Accent pillows on the porch or couch with a red truck design.
  • Red truck welcome sign on the front door.
  • A decorative red truck displayed on the entryway table.
  • Red truck shaped string lights across the mantel.
  • Kitchen towels and bathroom towels with the red truck design.
  • Red truck themed bedding or throw blankets.
Solar Red Truck Stake

7. Add Some Rustic Accessories To Your Christmas Tree For Extra Charm

If you’re setting up a farmhouse tree as mentioned earlier, or any other style tree, you can easily bring some rustic elements to it to make it more charming. Add some rustic accessories to your Christmas tree to contribute to your overall theme.

Whether you just want a simple rustic touch on your Christmas tree, or if you want a full charming look, you can easily create a comforting and unique tree. If you need some ideas, check out some simple ones below.

Rustic Christmas Tree Accessory Ideas

  • Galvanized metal tree collar
  • Burlap tree skirt
  • Galvanized metal star tree topper
  • Rustic wood ball ornaments
  • Decorative wooden gift boxes underneath the tree
  • Red truck tree topper
  • Burlap ribbons

8. Find Ways To Decorate With Rustic Metal Accents This Christmas

Another common rustic material to decorate with is metal, specifically galvanized metal. This type of metal gives off a worn and natural look, perfect for the charming appeal of the rustic style.

In addition to the wooden decor and the other rustic Christmas decor ideas mentioned earlier, add some metal accents to complete the look. Check out some popular ideas below for adding metal decor into your holiday spread.

Rustic Metal Christmas Decor Ideas

  • Rustic metal lanterns
  • Galvanized metal tray filled with accents
  • Metal wall hanging with Christmas sentiment
  • Galvanized metal string lights on the mantel or porch
  • Christmas candles on galvanized metal candleholders
  • Galvanized metal yard stakes with Christmas symbols
Holiday Metal Candle Lanterns

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