Halloween: The Scariest Cemeteries in the Country

cemeteryHalloween is probably the biggest day of the year for fear of all sorts, especially if you’re near a cemetery. There are hundreds of superstitions surrounding graveyards and all things sinister inside. But some cemeteries are eerier than others, so we did a little bit of research to find the most chilling graveyards. Here are some of the scariest cemeteries in the country to get your fright night started!

Pennsylvania The Gettysburg Cemetery is near the south-central border of Pennsylvania in the town of Gettysburg. It was built to give a final resting place to the thousands of soldiers who died at the Battle of Gettysburg. People have reported seeing ghosts of men on horseback and lights flashing on and off in the fog. On top of soldiers, there is also (allegedly) a ghost who likes to help people with their photography. He’s known as the Helpful Hippy of Devil’s Den.

New York Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York has been around since 1838, but it is believed the land was haunted long before it became a cemetery. People have reported that the ghost of a woman and a child stand on the top of a hill to watch passersby. Others report the ghost of an old man that wanders the road just outside the cemetery. Fun fact: there are more people buried in the cemetery than live in the city of Rochester.   

Ohio Built in 1843, Dayton, Ohio’s Woodland Cemetery is one of the nation’s oldest garden cemeteries. It was originally in a very rural area where families buried loved ones who died young from diseases that have since been eradicated. However, one of the young inhabitants didn’t die from disease at all; he froze to death when he fell in a nearby canal. His trusty dog tried to save him, but couldn’t. Now the pair allegedly roam the grounds after dark. Others report talking to a teenage girl who sits on a tombstone.

In Orlando, Florida, the Greenwood Cemetery is the center of paranormal activity. It’s been around since the late 1800s and is the resting place for a number of the city’s mayors. It’s also where many children are buried because of its proximity to the Sunland Hospital. People report hearing music boxes and feeling the tug of a child on their sleeves. Ghosts of Confederate soldiers are said to be roaming the grounds at night as well.cemetery

Texas Belle Plain, Texas is a ghost town in the center of Texas. It was founded in 1875, but was abandoned by 1907 because railroad construction was re-routed away from the town. The cemetery is the only functioning piece of the town that’s left. People are still laid to rest there, but it was one of the first burials that gets the most attention. Legend has it that the father of a girl killed her boyfriend because he disapproved of their relationship. The girl later hanged herself at the boy’s gravesite. People say now you can hear her screams late at night.  

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