Holiday Spirit: 8 Tips for Surviving Your Office Holiday Party

christmas-office-partyThe Christmas office party is a standard for most companies and businesses. It’s a time to give thanks to employees for the work they did all year. You don’t have to attend yours, but if you do, there are some rules to follow. Here are 8 tips for surviving your office holiday party.

Don’t Give Them Something to Talk About Remember that just because it’s a party you can act as if your best friend is throwing it. Remember to relax and have fun but to behave yourself the way you would at the office.

christmas-office-partyMind Your Drinking There’s almost always one person who is over-served at the office party — don’t let it be you. When someone’s drinking gets out of hand, you can bet he or she is the hot topic for the next few days at work. At best, it’s embarrassing; at worst, someone loses a job.

Dress Conservatively You don’t have to wear your Sunday best, but you don’t want to wear anything too revealing, either. A simple outfit with a few extra sparkles is enough holiday spirit for an office party.

Come for the Party, Stay for the Job Though it’s usually optional, an office holiday party is another form of a meeting, only more fun. People — like your boss and coworkers — expect you to be there. It’s part of being a team player and it’s good for company morale.

Leave Photography to the Professionals When you spend 40 hours a week with people, they tend to become your friends. Documenting friendships with pictures on Instagram and Facebook is great, but you may want to hold off on that during the office Christmas party. Though you may be following office party etiquette, others may not be. You don’t want photos floating around the internet of your friends after they’ve had too much to drink and you don’t want to accidentally post a picture with someone in the background doing something inappropriate.

Don’t Talk Shop Though it’s a work function, it is for fun, so keep chats about spreadsheets and ROIs to a minimum. You have 40 other hours in the week to get your fill of work talk. Relax. Enjoy the party.

Mingle Use this time to get to know other people in the company. It’s not often you can have a relaxed conversation with someone who sits on the other side of the building. Make a new friend and learn a little more about the different people who make your company thrive. It also looks good for your department to be outgoing and welcoming. When the time comes that you need something from them, they’ll gladly help you out and vice versa.  christmas-office-party

Stay Positive Don’t be a buzzkill — keep gossip and any work complaints to yourself. It drags down your co-workers and puts a damper on the occasion. It’s much easier to have a good time when you’re in a good mood — don’t spoil it!

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