Must Watch Movies for Mother’s Day


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Mother’s Day is around the corner and from coast to coast people are looking for ways to honor moms. While we’re stumped every year on how to recognize our mothers for all the work they do to make our lives meaningful, Hollywood has done a good job of giving moms credit. There are a few flicks that are heart wrenching and others that are hilarious, but they’re all inspiring. Here are 5 must watch movies for Mother’s Day.

Steel Magnolias Though Steel Magnolias is a movie about a tight-knit group of southern women, one mother’s unwavering determination to protect her daughter is a big piece of what makes Steel Magnolias magical. Painful and funny at the same time, it’s a portrait of how strong a mother has to be from a child’s birth until death.


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Freaky Friday Whether you’re a Jodie Foster fan or you prefer Lindsay Lohan, a good body-switch movie between a mom and teenage daughter is an exercise in bridging Grand Canyon sized gaps between generations through hilarity. It’s tough for a parent and teenager to see eye-to-eye, but when they spend a day in one another’s shoes, understanding and empathy unfolds between them.

Stepmom One of the more painful experiences (or fears) for a mother is being replaced. But relationships are complicated and they don’t get more complicated than that between a mother and her children’s stepmother. Patience and understanding are tough to come by when two women’s lives are woven together by children, but it’s the love for those kids that forces these two ladies into an unconventional relationship.


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Terms of Endearment Mother and daughter, love and loss, Terms of Endearment examines the relationship between Aurora and Emma and how it supports every aspect of their lives over a decade. A marriage and several romantic relationships begin and end, but the one constant is Aurora and Emma’s love for each other.

Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot For those who need a lighthearted movie, there’s nothing more whimsical than Estelle Getty playing Sylvester Stallone’s mother. It’s the classic tale of a tough detective whose mom’s love for him is demonstrated by cleaning up after him — at home and on the streets.

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