Vintage LTD: Office Essentials Replaced by the Smartphone


Executive Organizer


At LTD Commodities, we try to bring you products to make your life easier for the best prices. But every gadget has to make way for something better and faster. Going through vintage LTD catalogs, we found some office essentials that have been replaced by the smartphone.


Expandable Attaché Case

Executive Organizer Remember when the “practical and stylish assistant” could only hold a notebook and addresses with color-coded tabs rather than a library of books, a music collection and access to newspapers around the world? I don’t want to remember that either. A smartphone can’t hold a pen, but it can hold dozens of apps promising to simplify your life.


Tapestry Attaché Case and Portfolio

Expandable Attaché Case Before passwords unlocked the start screens to secure the information on our laptops, we used combination locks (you had to spin them with your fingers!) to secure the contents of our briefcases. For the important executive, the handsome and indispensable Expandable Attaché Case adjusted its size according to how much work you carried to and from the office. If you had top secret documents, the dual locks kept your work extra safe. For the ladies, the tapestry attaché and portfolio allowed you to combine business with pleasure!


Magic Photo Cube

Magic Photo Cube In 1989, the Magic Photo Cube was the modern way to display family photos in the office. Six of your most cherished snapshots floated in the cube, gently rotating by the force of hidden magnets. But we’ve traded in the photo cube for the more modern personalized screensavers and wallpaper for your computer or smartphone.


Photo Bookcase

Photo Bookcase If you were someone who liked to keep your photos cataloged and filed, there was the photo bookcase. The four volume photo album and bookcase allowed you to keep 224 photos neatly tucked away in leather-like bound books on your office shelf rather than the 2,000,000 photos you have floating in your cloud storage.


Desk Top Calculator

Desk-Top Calculator The dual-powered Desk-Top Calculator has all the functions you needed in 1989 – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division – PLUS two desk stand pen holders with the option to use battery or solar power to run it!  For those with eye-sight challenges, the pop-up display and over-sized buttons made accounting easy on the eyes! It was a practical gift for the home, office or dorm. But now the calculator is a standard feature we take for granted on our smartphones.


Reference Library

Deluxe Desk Reference Library Before the modern convenience of, we had actual, tangible books to tell us the meaning of words, how to use them and what words have similar meanings. The New Webster’s Deluxe Desk Reference Library takes us back to a time when “at your fingertips” meant thumbing through pages rather than having all the information in the world returned to you with a simple query on a touch-screen.



Spellmaster However, the Reference Library, paired with the Spellmaster could turn you into wordsmith. After all, the Spellmaster had all the power of a 128K computer. In that 6 ¼” machine (batteries included), you could learn how to spell words and play number and word games. Take that, iPhone 5s with your fancy camera, fingerprint identity sensor and access to the world all inside your 4 ¾”!

All of our products occupy a perfect corner in our history and we love to see how far we’ve come in the last 50 years. We continue our dedication to bring you great products at the best prices in the present and future.

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