Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets

It seems there’s a gadget for pretty much anything and everything these days, and whilst tons of gadgets serve useful purposes to make life easier, there are plenty more which are nothing but a waste of space. Here’s a rundown of the most useless kitchen gadgets that you should avoid owning.


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Avocado slicer
You’d have to be a hardcore avocado fan to even consider buying one of these gadgets, as they really only serve a purpose of taking up space in your kitchen drawer. Surely a knife or spoon would be enough to easily do the job of slicing your avocado for you?

Pasta measuring tool
This is a really over-the-top gadget for any kitchen, unless you are a stickler for precision. The pasta measuring tool allows you to measure how much pasta you will need per serving, by slotting the pasta through the different shaped holes.


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Spoon rest
Hands up who owns one of these gadgets? You may well have convinced yourself that you needed one of these things when you saw it in the shop, but once you got it home, do you actually ever use it? Spoon rests are one of those gadgets that seem to lie around the kitchen and don’t really get used for the purpose they were set out to. If you do need to let your spoon rest for a minute, then surely a saucer would be just as good?

Musical cake slice
This novelty cake slicer that plays four tunes including happy birthday and jingle bells should not be taken seriously as a chic kitchen gadget. But it may well come in handy if nobody can make your party, at least that way you wouldn’t need to sing to yourself.

Banana handle gripper
What do you do when you’re cooking and the handle of the pan gets too hot to touch? Easy. Simply put the banana handle gripper on the end of the handle. It’s made of silicone so you won’t suffer from burnt fingers ever again. But surely having one of these gadgets is going to send your street credibility down the pan? Are bananas really designed to be stuck on pan handles anyway?


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Wine aerator
If you buy a decent bottle of wine in the first place, then using a wine aerator is probably surplus to requirements. This gadget is supposed to enhance the flavor of the wine and soften its tannins, but after a couple of glasses, would anyone be able to tell the difference anyway? If you’re a wine buff, or profess to your friends that you’re a connoisseur, then you’ll probably love this gadget.

Pickle picker
It can be hugely frustrating when your pickles or olives just won’t come out of the jar. What you need is a pickle picker to make life much easier. The pickle picker can easily grab your pickles without you needing to push it around effortlessly to get it out of the jar. Seriously, if you have one of these gadgets in your home then you have far too much time on your hands!

These gadgets highlight the importance of thinking twice when making purchases and avoiding impulse buys as much as possible. Kitchen Appliance Centre chose these gadgets, feel free to let us know your most useless kitchen gadgets.