Father’s Day Gifts for Football Fans

If your Dad is a football fanatic, finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day is a simple formula. Just combine his favorite team with one of his favorite activities and you’re bound to discover a wide selection of gifts he will enjoy. Kick off your search with our Father’s Day gifts for football fans, and get yourself ready to go for two.


The Guy On the Go
In the summer sun, Dad’s going to need a way to keep cool. There’s no better way to beat the heat than with an on-the-go container for his thirst-quenching beverage. The 22-Oz. NFL Insulated Tumbler with Lid helps him stay hydrated while showing some team spirit. His team’s iconic logo is displayed on the front. The clear tumbler is double-walled to maintain the temperature of hot or cold drinks for longer periods of time. It has a spill-resistant, snap-seal lid and a unique design that’s great for taking in the car. Plastic. Dishwasher safe.


If He Can Stand the Heat
The NFL Apron and Chef Hat Set is a thoughtful gift for the football fan who loves to cook. Great for tailgate parties, backyard barbecues or just a laid-back day hanging out by the grill. The apron protects clothes from spills and stains and features his favorite team’s logo on the front. The long tie straps make it easy to adjust. One size fits most. The matching chef’s hat completes the look. It features the team name on the headband. Has a fabric-magic closure. One size fits most. Polyester and cotton. Machine care. Imported.


Facts to Feed His Curiosity
Each team in the NFL has a rich history with tons of interesting information any fanatic will enjoy. Packed with fun NFL facts and figures, 100 Things Football Fans Should Know is bound to impress even the most die-hard football fan. It distills their team’s history into an essential list of required knowledge. Lively and entertaining, the book covers the most important players, career achievements, signature plays and more. Softcover. Bears, 238 pages. Broncos, 321 pages. Colts, 330 pages. 49ers, 276 pages. Giants, 384 pages.


Guarding the Grill
Every Dad who prides himself on being a grill master knows how important it is to keep their grill in pristine condition between sessions, especially if it’s going to be exposed to the elements. This NFL Grill Cover puts a protective barrier between his grill and the rain or damaging UV rays. The durable vinyl construction offers superior protection against all kinds of wear and tear. It withstands temperatures between -20°F and 140°F. Straps and tie downs help keep the cover secure. Includes a snap-close bag for storage when not in use.


All-Weather Warmth
For some Dads it’s not all about the NFL. If he watches just as much college football or prefers the college game to the professional level, the Jumbo 60” x 80” Collegiate Fleece Throw is exactly what he needs for Father’s Day. He can cheer on his favorite team while staying warm at home, or bring it to the stadium for those really frigid bowl games. Whether he’s an alumni, a lifetime fan or both, he’ll appreciate this big, full-color throw that features the school’s name, mascot and football helmet. Polyester. Machine care. Imported.

Kids’ Crafts: Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas


For fathers, a homemade gift from their kid can mean a lot more than any item bought from the store. And for kids, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing Dad light up when he opens a gift made just for him. Kids get a kick out of seeing Dad using the gift they worked hard to make, especially if it is weeks, months or years in the future. Help your kid make a craft Dad can use right away with these homemade Father’s Day gift ideas.

Mr. Morning
The coffee mug is an obvious classic, and for good reason. Coffee-drinking Dads can always use a nice mug to enjoy their morning wake-up medicine. They can take it to the office to show it off on their desk or keep it at home. Get inspirational coffee mugs with a message that’s perfect for Dad, a novelty mug for his sense of humor or a personalized mug that allows you to add artwork and messages to a sturdy design.

A Thousand Words
On Father’s Day you’ll definitely be making some new memories with Dad, which makes it a perfect time to give him a gift that represents a memory you cherish. Not only will your kids get to pick out a favorite picture of themselves with Dad, they can even design the frame or add personal touches to a plain frame. Dad will love featuring his new photo on his desk. You can even sneak a note behind the photo for him to find later.

Gadget Guard
Tech savvy Dads are bound to enjoy any accessory they can use with their favorite gadgets. Upgrade his laptop or tablet sleeve with a personalized creation from the kids. Get the sleeve ready and let them get creative. It will keep his important gear safe and clean, and will be put to use every day all over the house.


Page Turner
Bookworms like to stay organized. Dad is no different. If he enjoys relaxing with a good book, a bookmark could be the perfect gift. Because it’s easy to make with simple supplies, it’s a great craft idea for younger kids. Knowing Dad likes books enough to need a bookmark also sends a positive message about reading.

Gear for Game Day
The game just isn’t the same without his favorite beverage. Keep it nice and cool with a custom koozie. It’s easy to add a personal touch to a plain koozie. Create a loving message using his favorite team’s colors or make an entirely original design. He’ll be able to put it to use every time he cheers on his favorite team.

Car Guy Key Chain
Make sure he can see and enjoy their heartwarming gift every single day by designing an accessory for his key chain. Weave beads onto his key ring or laminate a family photo and attach it to his key chain before he gets in the car. It’s a fun way to show a car enthusiast some love while getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Product Picks for Sizzling Summer Savings

It’s hot, hot, hot! And so are the savings here at LTD! This week we’re thinking about grilling and going to the beach and e’ve selected a few things we think are useful for our favorite summer activities. Here are our Items We Adore: LTD’s Product Picks for the Week for Sizzling Summer Savings.beer-holster

Keep It Close Carry your beer around in personalized style with the Monogram Beer Holster. It keeps a 12-oz. bottle or can of beer right where it belongs…at your fingertips. Perfect for backyard BBQs and tailgating! Two snaps at the top allow you to loop it over your belt for quick and easy attachment. Any guy who loves to drink beer will love this — whether or not he likes to grill! terry-cover-up

Keep it Covered A Women’s All-American Terry Cover-Up is perfect for the beach or pool. The terry fabric is absorbent and comfortable. Slip into it after a dip in the water. You can even wear it as a casual outfit. The Terry Tank Dress has a shift dress silhouette with a relaxed fit and 2 side pockets. The Zip-Front Hooded Terry Cover-Up has a full-size hood, 4″ side slits and 2 front pockets. Day or night, it’s the dress summer calls for!


Keep It Sweet Heat up butter, sauces, chocolate and more in a Silicone Microwave Melting Jug. Crafted of heat-resistant material, it’s easy to use and clean. Soft jug is grippable so it won’t slip. Easy-pour spout prevents messes, and the lid allows you to refrigerate unused portions. Summertime treats have never been so sweet!


Keep It Cool Get noticed at your next party with a Novelty Kooler. This insulated foam kooler has a humorous design that keeps your drink refreshingly cold and your hand warm and dry. It holds 12-oz. cans and bottles. It’s the practical party favor — it’s reusable for hours of entertainment.

cowl-neck-topKeep It Cute Instantly update your wardrobe with a Women’s Cowl-Neck Duet Top. This lightweight, short-sleeved shirt comes with an attached camisole to provide full coverage and a flattering fit. Bright stripes make it perfect for summer evenings.

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Father’s Day: Our Favorite Daddy Blogs

fathers-dayAt LTD we love to keep up with all the mommy blogs — there’s a lot of good information, clever crafts and helpful tips that make running a household easier. But this weekend is Father’s Day, so we thought we’d shine a light on our internet dads! Here are some of our favorite daddy blogs that keep us informed and entertained.

DoubleTroubleDaddyDouble Trouble Daddy Double Trouble Daddy is the father of adorable twins. He has his work cut out for him and he shares his trials and triumphs through pictures, reviews and the occasional recipe. Packed with funny anecdotes, this daddy will keep you reading for hours.

sleepyparentsSleepy Parents Don’t be fooled by the name — this daddy blogger just wants to give credit due to his wife and mother of their four boys! They have more experience with children than most — as biological parents, adoptive parents and foster parents. With all the work they’ve done to achieve happy family status, dad share his tips, reviews and experiences to make us all better parents.

sunshinedadSunshine Dad Sunshine Dad is actually the dad who does it all! He’s the father of four, gardener, DIYer, product reviewer, and party planner. On top of all that, he shares his adventures both past and present but all with the goal of being a good dad. He contributes his knowledge to the world via the internet so we can all be good parents, too.

PlaidDadBlogPlaid Dad At Plaid Dad, Christian and Aaron focus on faith, family, food, and fun. They’re homeschoolers and share their wisdom on raising well-rounded kids to become extraordinary adults, but they add a little irreverence mixed in with helpful hints on making it as a dad.

rookie-dadThe Rookie Dad The Rookie Dad is the perfect combination of sweet and practical. In his post about his 4-year-old’s hermit crab, he gives a painfully charming account about explaining the death of a pet and the regret of not letting his son stroke a cat at the pet store. His stories are filled with lessons and supplemented with ideas and tips for making the most of fatherhood.

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Inspiring Father’s Day Quotes

fathers-day-quotesIt’s June! That means outdoor summer fun for everyone, but it’s also the time we celebrate one special person in our lives: Dad. Father’s Day is June 21, but every day is a good day to think about how our dads have inspired us and impacted our lives. There are few words that can describe just how great a dad can be, but we found a few you might like here are 10 Father’s Day quotes to get you thinking about your own dad.

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” —Anne Geddes

“Love and fear. Everything the father of a family says must inspire one or the other.” —Joseph Joubert

“Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.” —Reed Markham

fathers-day-quotes“There are three stages of a man’s life: He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus.” —Author Unknown

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” —Sigmund Freud

“I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back.” —Imelda Marcos

“My dad always said, ‘Don’t worry what people think, because you can’t change it.’” —Daisy Donovan

“My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more.” —Pete Rose

“Being a father, being a friend, those are the things that make me feel successful.” —William Hurt

fathers-day-quotes“When I was a kid, I used to imagine animals running under my bed. I told my dad, and he solved the problem quickly. He cut the legs off the bed.” —Lou Brock

Words aren’t a substitute for a celebration, but here at LTD Commodities, we hope they inspired you to plan a memorable Father’s Day for your dad.

7 Movies to Watch for Father’s Day

It’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day — to get you inspired for a fun-filled day to honor dad, we’ve put together a list of movies you can watch with dad or watch to remind you how awesome your dad is. Here are 7 movies to watch for Father’s Day.

About Time On the surface, it looks like a romantic comedy, but About Time is really a father-son story. Tim does everything in his power — in this case, time travel — to keep his dad around for as long as possible. It’s sometimes silly and fun, but what Tim does to save a little extra time with his father is painfully beautiful.

Mrs. Doubtfire Few of us get second chances at being spouses or good parents, but Daniel manages to be the dad he wants to be — as spinster housekeeper. With the wit and charm only Robin Williams can deliver, Daniel transforms his life and relationship with his kids through costumes and hijinks we only see in the movies.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade A father and son adventure involving two of Hollywood’s most exceptional movie explorers: Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. With the same quest for danger, they set out together to stop the Nazis from finding the Holy Grail and succeeding in world domination. It’s a job that only this father and son duo can carry out.

Pursuit of Happyness Life is full of ups and downs, and when you have children, you have to take them on the ride with you. Such is the case for Chris Gardner who’s dealt some hefty life blows that leave him jobless and homeless with a little boy to take care of. But his love for his son is only strengthened by the obstacles they face in the Pursuit of Happyness.

Mr. Mom Once upon a time, it was unheard of for a husband to stay at home with the kids to let his wife be the breadwinner. But in 1983, Michael Keaton took on the role as Mr. Mom with hilarity as he navigates his home and fatherhood with just enough knowledge to keep him from burning down the house.

Taken For children and fathers who like less laughter and more action, Liam Neeson delivers as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills in Taken. Mills stops at nothing to find his kidnapped daughter in Paris. It’s an action movie with the strength of a father’s love and family as an underlying theme.

Vacation/European Vacation/Christmas Vacation/Vegas Vacation Whatever kind of vacation you’re taking, Clark Griswold is the dad who goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy — even when the trip is wildly derailed by weird extended family members, a blond in a red Ferrari and a closed amusement park. With all the goofs and mixups, in the end, Vacation is about how a father’s love knows no bounds.

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Items We Adore: Product Picks for Father’s Day

We’re heating up the grill for Memorial Day — that means summer is on its way with all of its holidays to keep us celebrating right through Labor Day. Next up is Father’s Day and we want you to be ready to honor dad with the right gifts. Here are Items We Adore: Product Picks for Father’s Day.fork-thermometer

Barbecue Aid Great for barbecuing and oven broiling! This Fork Thermometer makes it fast and easy to read the temperature of your food. Indicator lights let you know if the meat is rare, medium or well done. It takes the guesswork out of oven roasting a turkey or grilling steaks and burgers. Stainless steel tips provide accurate results. drill-lighter

Novelty Flares Fire up your grill safely with a Fun Refillable Lighter. Featuring impressive miniature details, it’s a fully functional lighter with a control wheel to adjust the flame. Use it to light a gas or charcoal grill, candles or the fireplace. The Camo Gun has a flame that ignites from the tip of the gun. The Dog lighter has a tip that extends 3-3/8″ from the front collar. The Drill ignites a flame from its 2-1/2″ tip when it’s extended. As a safety feature, these lighters will not ignite until their tips are fully extended. lounge-pants

Laugh & Lounge Relax and laugh in a pair of Men’s Novelty Lounge Pants. These pants are a comfortable choice for a lazy day or an instant hit as a gift. They have 2 pockets and an elastic and drawstring waistband for an easy fit. The fly has a button closure. DIY-book

DIY Guidance Keep your household in working order both inside and out with the handy hints and savvy shortcuts in this 1001 DIY Home Improvement Ideas Book. With 800 full-color photos and hundreds of clear, instructional illustrations, this must-have guide will get you through everything from little projects like cleaning dried spatters in your microwave to the big projects like resurfacing your concrete patio. Includes a recycling directory and index. Car-Phone-Holder

The Right Direction Keep your phone or GPS in sight with this clever visor clip. The device holder has soft gripper arms that expand with a push of a button to secure most devices from 2″ to 4″ wide. You can rotate it 360° to suit your desired viewing angle. Installs in seconds by simply clipping it to most standard visors.

LTD Commodities has gifts and ideas for every holiday and every season. Keep checking back for unique products priced for fun!