Black Friday Preview: Your Destination for Great Deals

The wait is almost over. We’re just a short weekend away from the start of LTD’s Black Friday deals. Now is the time to solidify your Black Friday battle plan, to finalize that Christmas list and make sure your computer, tablet or smartphone is charged and ready to go. LTD is getting ready to unveil great Christmas gifts for your entire family, as well as holiday decorations and stocking stuffers, all at bargain prices. With all kinds of gifts for everyone on your list, LTD is more than ready to be your one-stop shop for Black Friday discounts. Here are a few things you can look forward to during our Black Friday sales, as well as some tips for the big day.


Make LTD Commodities Your Black Friday Destination

Everything You Need — All In One Place
LTD literally has gifts for everyone on your list. Clothes and jewelry, toys and electronics, books and gifts for pets. Use your Black Friday savings to stock up on extra presents, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and more!

Easy Online Navigation — Shop From Home
Black Friday is notorious for making families choose between spending time with each other and waiting in line. With LTD’s online shopping experience, you can spend time with family and still get those great deals.


Black Friday: How to Stay Focused on Family
It can be hard to focus on spending quality time with the family while you’re trying to find Black Friday deals. Here’s a few ideas on how to prepare for Black Friday so you can stay focused on family this Thanksgiving.

Give Thanks for Deals Every Day
If you start your Black Friday shopping with LTD, you’ll be able to round out your Christmas list for everyone on your list, from your closest family and friends to gifts for your holiday hosts, neighbors or distant relatives. Make sure to stop by every day next week to see what kind of deals we will have for you and your family.

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Try the LTD Gift Center to Soothe Holiday Headaches

Sometimes the hardest part about trying to find the right gift during the Christmas season is trimming down the wide selection of possible gift ideas. At LTD, we’re making an effort to soothe those holiday headaches before they even have a chance to start with the LTD Gift Center. Find gifts selected by our LTD experts for Christmas. Whether you’re looking for gifts for him, her, kids, pets or a hostess gift for your holiday party, the LTD Gift Center helps you trim down the gift possibilities, making it easier to find the right gifts for everyone.


How to Use the LTD Gift Center

We’ve simplified the gift-giving search by narrowing down our gift selection into common categories. If you want to find a few great gifts for the kids in your life, the sports fan, or even fun gifts for that holiday baker in the family, all you have to do is click on the category of your choice to see hundreds of gifts we’ve identified to make your recipient’s Christmas special. Easily find gifts for everyone on your list with LTD’s Gift Center.

Stay Informed with LTD Emails

LTD makes it easy to stay informed about new products, special promotions and more during the holidays. Make holiday shopping easier by signing up for LTD emails, and get a discount on shipping when you do. On your desktop, just go to our homepage and click “Sign Up for Email Offers” next to our shopping cart. If you’re on mobile, click on the Menu and scroll down to sign up for emails or request a free catalog by mail.

Time To Rethink Your Christmas Gift Game Plan

Holiday shopping gets easier and easier as we start knocking off items on our list and establish momentum. But finding those first few items isn’t always so simple. Our Christmas shopping lists seem to get a bit longer every year, making it more important as we start each new holiday season to come up with the right strategy to fit our family needs and budget. Rethink your Christmas gift game plan this year with these LTD articles.


5 Gifts You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year for good reason. Bargain prices, shipping promotions and great deals on some of the year’s hottest items allow us to stock up for the Christmas season at a convenient time and save a lot of money in the process. But there are a few products you’re better off buying after Christmas. Get the inside scoop on what big ticket items you can check off your wish list after Christmas so you can take advantage of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals coming up.


Holiday Toys: Tips On Buying Christmas Gifts That Last
To save yourself some stress, it’s a good idea to start checking off your Christmas list sooner rather than later. There are many benefits of buying Christmas toys early. But even if you’re giving yourself plenty of time to find the perfect toy for the kids in your life, there’s always a chance their excitement for the item on Christmas morning will dwindle a few weeks later. Few toys stand the test of time, but there are some that will make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth when they’re still using it months down the road.


Helpful Tips To Start Your Holiday Shopping Season

Starting your holiday shopping can seem like a daunting task at the beginning of the season. We have new people to shop for, new ages to shop for, and new trends to keep in mind to please everyone on our list. It’s pretty common to feel like we have to start our holiday shopping season from scratch every year. Discover a few tips to help you start Christmas shopping and give great gifts this year with our weekly articles from LTD.


How to Shop Online for Clothes for Holiday Gifts
Clothes are some of the most difficult things to shop for on most of our Christmas lists. Getting the right size and trying to pin down everyone’s fashion preferences seems like enough of a hassle to keep us out of the online clothing racks. If you are stressed about finding clothing online, check out this quick guide to buying clothes as holiday gifts so you can start crossing names off your Christmas list before Thanksgiving begins.



Christmas Gift Ideas for Aspiring Athletes
Finding the perfect gift for your little athlete might turn out to be a little harder than you expected. You might be hesitating because you’re overwhelmed by all the different types of sports gear, trying to figure out which sport to focus on for the kid who likes everything or trying to find a substitute for the overpriced sports gift that is just out of your budget. Solve your final Christmas crisis with these holiday gift ideas for aspiring athletes.



Host and Hostess Gift Ideas
Holiday parties are an exciting part of the winter months, but if you’ve ever tried to put one together yourself, then you know that throwing them can be a lot of work. Every host and hostess should be properly thanked for putting together an amazing party, preparing that delicious holiday feast or just for inviting people to their homes. Here are five great gift ideas to help you prepare for the holiday parties you’ll be attending this year.


Holiday Shopping: Tips to Avoid Giving the Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas-TreeAt LTD Commodities, we are knee deep in the holiday hustle! Every year we joke about bad gifts we’ve received from friends and family. One of our team members (who shall remain nameless), once received a pack of gum and a chocolate bar from a boyfriend.  In his mid-30s, one might argue, he should have known how to pick out a better gift (though it wouldn’t have taken much to top that). But we’re not all gifted in the gift-giving arena — for those who are not, we put together some ideas on how to give a good gift if you have no idea what you’re doing. Here are 5 tips to avoid giving the worst Christmas gifts.

Know who you’re buying for Inevitably, there’s someone on your list who you don’t know that well, making gift selection very difficult. Get to know that person just a little bit. You don’t have to suddenly become his best friend, but a little get-to-know-you email or a quick coffee or lunch gives you the opportunity to figure out a couple of likes and dislikes to draw upon when you’re shopping.

Christmas-TreeWork In Reverse Think about the types of gifts you don’t want to receive. For instance, if you hated getting books as gifts when you were a kid, a book for your 8-year-old nephew probably won’t be well-received.

Go Social It’s likely that the people you’re buying for have at least dipped a toe into social media. Use that to get ideas for gifts. See what they tweet about or post on Facebook to get a little inspiration. If you want to take the easy way out, go straight to their Pinterest page and see what they’re pinning. If you find the right board, it’s like they’ve sent you a Christmas list without knowing it!

Future Use Look ahead to what your friend or family member has planned and base your gift on that. Perhaps Aunt Sally is taking a cruise in January; put together a little gift pack with a beach towel, flip flops and sunglasses to take with her on her trip. If your cousin is moving to a new city, he might need an apartment starter kit with a set of dishes to cook with, a shower curtain or a coffee table with shoe storage to help him get his new home put together.

LTD-Personalized-sleeping-bagsMake it Unique If you’re crafty, coming up with a personal gift isn’t hard. Just about everyone loves a good handmade gift. For those of us who aren’t crafty, finding something your loved one likes turns into something your loved one LOVES when you put her initials on it. A delicate pendant to show off on Sunday mornings, a soft throw for a winter afternoon of watching movies and sipping cocoa or a team plaque to fill out the mancave decor — any of those gifts takes a thoughtful gift a step further.  

At LTD Commodities, we want you to give the best presents possible! Check out the hundreds of items we have to make each gift you give memorable.