Swimming Pool Essentials for a Splashing Good Time

Nothing cools us off better in the summer heat than a dip in the pool. Waterparks open doors early and don’t close until the sun goes down. Road trips end at sandy beaches lining oceans and lakes. Backyards simmer and neighborhoods are packed with kids trying to cool off in pools or sprinklers, armed with buckets of water balloons. Get ready for the heated days ahead with our swimming pool essentials for a splashing good time.

Entertaining Water Toys 

bunch-o-balloons-water-balloonsTMNT-shell-water-blasterbanzai-set-of-2-flashing-led-beach-ballsPrepare for an epic water balloon fight in minutes with Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons. The 2-pack gives you 210 total balloons that fill up in seconds. Simply attach the clever design to your hose and fill everything at once. When you’re done, give the hose a gentle shake and the balloons tie themselves so you’re ready to go. Keep the water battle going with the TMNT™ Shell Water Blaster. Just fill the pack with water, place it on your back, pump and blast away. The straps on the back are adjustable, and the awesome shell design will make them feel like one of their favorite characters. Play long into the summer nights with the Banzai Set of 2 Flashing LED Beach Balls. The bright, blinking LED light inside the ball flashes red, blue and green when it is hit or bounced, and turns off automatically. It’s perfect for pool games, beach games or backyard games.

Lounging Around the Pool


Relax by the pool or beach in comfort with the Ostrich Folding Chaise. It has a face cavity with a horseshoe cushion, arm slots and an adjustable leg rest. Comfortably tan your back while being able to read a book or use your smartphone. It has a head pillow to help you relax on your back, and adjust to 4 different positions. Folds for compact storage and comes with a carrying strap. If floating on the water is more your style, try the Banzai Contour Cradle. The hammock-style has a porous bottom to keep you cool and allows your body to dip in the water. The perfect pool accessory for hot summer days, it also has relaxing head and leg rests. If you’re looking for a way to float on your favorite lake or river, end your search with the 53″ Rapid Rider Pool Float. Its mesh bottom keeps you cool while the built-in inflatable backrest provides support. The float also has two handles for safety, an all-around grab rope and two cup holders for enjoying a favorite beverage.

Summer Fun: Pool Games

swimming-poolMaking it to the pool every day is one of the best parts of summer! But after a few weeks, even swimming under the sun can get a little stale. To mix things up, try weaving a few fun games into your pool routine to refresh your kids’ love of water. Here are 4 pool games to try.

Greased Watermelon This one is good for older kids who can easily pick up a watermelon. What you do is take a scoop of petroleum jelly and rub it all over a medium-sized watermelon — be careful! It’s meant to be slippery. When it’s grease and ready to go, toss it in the pool. Then, on a count of three, everyone jumps in the pool to go after the watermelon. The person who can put it on dry land is the winner. (Quick note: this one should be done in a private pool — you don’t want to get petroleum jelly and watermelon in your neighborhood pool)

swimming-poolBobbing Heads This game is similar to whack-a-mole — only the moles are swimmers bobbing in and out of the water and instead of whacking them with a soft mallet, the “it” person tries to bounce a beach ball off their heads before they go back under water. Once a person has been tagged by a beach ball, he is out. The last one tagged can choose the next “it” person.

Under the Radar For this one, you’ll need several clear, plastic water bottles with lids. Fill each bottle with water making sure there are no air bubbles. Divide players into teams, leaving one person to be the submarine to shoot off the torpedoes (the plastic water bottles). Have all the players on the edge of the pool turn away while the submarine tosses the torpedoes into the water. After the last bottle goes under water, blow a whistle to signal the other players to get in the water to collect as many bottles as they can for their team. The team with the most bottles wins.

swimming-poolSubmarine Races This one is for more experienced swimmers. Divide the swimmers into two groups — one half goes to one end of the pool and the other half goes to the other side. Select an “it” person to stand in the middle of the pool. Select another person to be the referee. The referee signals the swimmers from one side of the pool to swim across — but they have to do it without being tagged by the “it” person. If a person is tagged he joins the “it” person in the middle of the pool. Repeat this until there’s only one free swimmer left — that person is it for the next round.

In or out of the pool, we’re celebrating summer here at LTD! From outdoor parties to water toys, we have what you need to make this summer a blast.

Pinteresting Picks for June

It”s the last day of June and summer is in full-swing — we can tell just by looking at our Pinterest boards. We looked at our most pinned products — they”re all very different, but there”s definitely a summer theme to the selections. Here is our list of Pinteresting Picks for June.


Your kids will jump at the chance to make waves in this Banzai Splish Splash Pool. Overflowing with nearly 8 feet of fun, this inflatable water playground gives toddlers a cool retreat from the heat. Six activity stations include a rainbow canopy, whale slide, water-spraying starfish stacker, baby dolphin rider, clamshell sprinkler and water-spraying pool rim. Simply attach to your garden hose and let the fun begin.



Solar Gnome Tree online slots House will put a smile on the face of everyone who sees it. This whimsical garden accent features windows that light up using the power of the sun. Turns on automatically at dusk.



Prepare everyone”s favorite campfire treat on the grill with this S”mores Grill Rack. The stainless steel platform holds graham crackers and chocolate on top, while the sides can hold marshmallows on two of the four included skewers.



A 52″ Bright Body Pillow is a fun and comfortable addition to your bedroom. Cradle it for extra support while sleeping on your side. Lean back onto it when reading or watching TV. Works as a decorative pillow for your bed as well.

Pinteresting Picks for March

Slowly but surely, we’re easing our way into spring. According to our Pinterest followers, some home maintenance is underway and a little summer planning is starting flower in our minds. Here are our Pinteresting picks for March.Lodge-log-shelves

Why put up a regular shelf when you can put up a log shelf? Give your home a cabin feel without ever leaving the city with the?Lodge Log Shelves. The realistic look of chopped wood that adds a touch of nature to any home. They’re sturdy enough to hold books or any of your rustic treasures.turtle-stepping-stones

Keeping critters in your garden can help keep your plants safe.?These adorable Mosaic Stepping Stones come as a family of turtles or a family of frogs. Each piece is set with glass mosaic chips that reflect the sunlight for an eye-catching effect. While they’re lovely to look at they also give walkers a place to put their feet so they won’t damage your flowers.Easy-change-artwork-frames

Granny and gramps will be so excited to have a special frame to show off work from their little artists. It’s easy to change the art and there’s a built-in mat to keep to work straight. The wooden frame is inscribed with sentiments and has enough space for about 42 pieces behind the display.floating-water-bar
Floating the water never tasted so good. This Floating Water Bar lets you bring the party in the pool — it even comes with floating chairs so it’s like being in a bar only better! It’s perfect for lounging on a sunny afternoon or it can be a great addition to your next party.