5 DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Adults

Homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to give someone something thoughtful and special. Make some DIY stocking stuffers for adults to save money and make their holiday feel even more meaningful. There are so many different handmade stocking stuffers you can make to put in their stocking this Christmas. From homemade treats to DIY spa items to handmade decorations and much more, here are 5 DIY stocking stuffer ideas for adults that they’ll appreciate.

1. Include Some Homemade Christmas Cookies In Their Stocking

Christmas cookies

The easiest go-to homemade gift for the holidays are baked goods and treats. This is a great thing to include in an adult’s stocking stuffer because everyone loves holiday treats and snacks! Include your homemade treats in a jar or decorative box to put inside of the stocking.

Homemade Christmas Treats To Add To Their Stocking

Aside from traditional Christmas cookies, there are so many different homemade Christmas treats that you can add to an adult’s Christmas stocking. Go with some festive holiday themed treats or stick to a classic food that they love. Check out some tasty Christmas treats below that are easy to make yourself.

  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Christmas donuts
  • Homemade chocolates
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Christmas candy trail mix
  • Hot cocoa mix jar

2. Make Some DIY Bath Bombs For Their Christmas Stocking

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are another simple and easy go-to DIY gift for adults. Bath bombs are a great item to include in their Christmas stocking, along with other DIY bath and spa items. Make sure to put the bath bombs inside of a decorative mason jar or a gift box with festive Christmas gift wrap for a fun stocking stuffer.

Other DIY Bath & Spa Items To Include In Their Stocking

In addition to bath bombs, there are plenty of other handmade bath and spa items you can add to their Christmas stocking. You can even create a whole spa and beauty themed stocking for them to make it extra fun. This is a great idea for anyone who deserves some rest and relaxation during the holidays. Check out some DIY bath and spa items below.

  • Handmade bar soap
  • DIY lip gloss or lip scrub
  • Homemade body wash
  • DIY bubble bath
  • Homemade lotions
  • DIY beauty face mask

3. Add Some Handmade Candles To Their Christmas Stocking

Homemade candles

Candles are such a universally enjoyed gift, especially among adults. Make some DIY candles to include in an adult’s Christmas stocking for a thoughtful and delightful gift. Include a mix of candles inside of festive jars, or make a larger candle as a unique stocking stuffer. They’ll love getting a nice scented candle in their stocking this holiday season.

Great Candle Scents To Use For DIY Candles

Depending on what they like, there are so many different scents you can choose to make your own candles for gifts. Choose scents that are relaxing or refreshing, or go for scents that represent Christmas nicely. Check out some popular candle scent ideas below that you can use for your DIY candles.

  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon

4. Knit A Scarf To Put In Their Christmas Stocking

Knitted scarf and hat

This winter season, give someone the gift of a handmade scarf or hat. This is the perfect cozy item to include in an adult’s stocking stuffer because it’s a meaningful and thoughtful gift. They’ll appreciate getting a handmade item that they can use during the chilly winter season. If you’re good at knitting, this is a great go-to gift idea.

Other DIY Items To Make As Christmas Gifts

In addition to knitting a scarf or hat, there are plenty of other handmade items you can add to their stocking. You can even make these items if you’re a beginner crafter; choose something that’s within your skillset. If you’re looking for cozy winter accessories or fun fashion accessories, check out some DIY items below you can add to an adult’s stocking stuffer.

  • Knitted gloves
  • DIY cozy socks
  • Knitted headband
  • Handmade earmuffs
  • Knitted mini purse or wallet
  • Knitted sweater wraps for coffee mugs

5. Make Some DIY Drink Coasters To Include In Their Christmas Stocking

DIY drink coasters

If you’re looking for a truly unique DIY stocking stuffer idea for adults, consider making some handmade drink coasters. Drink coasters are a great choice because it’s something they can use on a daily basis. Making them a handmade one will give them a unique accent to display in their kitchen and home. Make them a coaster that matches their style or one that fits in well with their other home decor. You can even include some coffee mugs alongside the coasters for a nice gift.

DIY Drink Coaster Ideas

There are so many different types of DIY drink coasters that you can make for their stocking. Whether you make a fabric one, one out of resin, or one with more unique materials, you can easily craft some interesting coasters. Check out some DIY drink coaster ideas below to add to an adult’s Christmas stocking.

  • Macrame fabric coasters
  • Mason jar lid coasters
  • Corkboard coasters
  • Resin coasters
  • Tile coasters
  • Wood slice coasters
  • Marbled clay coasters

Enjoy these DIY stocking stuffer ideas for adults? Check out our Stocking Stuffers section to find affordable and unique gift ideas!

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