5 Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Yard All Summer Long

If you want beautiful and healthy green grass this summer, you need to make sure to take the proper maintenance steps to keep it fresh all season. Here are 5 lawn care tips for a healthy yard all summer long.

This list is not all inclusive; these are just some basic tips to keep in mind!

1. Make Sure To Leave Your Grass Taller In The Summer

Mowing Summer Grass

Regularly mowing your grass is essential to keeping it healthy this summer; however, short grass doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy grass.

Taller grass is more ideal for the summer because it provides a numerous amount of benefits. It can really help the soil stay healthy and productive on hot summer days. The tall blades will acquire more sunlight during the day, which converts into energy and nutrients for the soil and roots.

Additionally, leaving your grass taller will protect the soil from drying out in the summer heat, maintaining moisture to encourage growth.

2. Water Your Grass Strategically To Keep It Healthy & Happy

Watering The Grass

One of the most important lawn care tips for the summer is to understand how to properly water your grass for continuous growth.

Tips For Watering Your Grass

  • Your entire lawn needs to have at least one inch of water per week. Keep in mind that rain should be included in this water measurement.
  • On days that it’s not going to rain, make sure that you water your grass as early in the morning as possible. This will allow for proper hydration throughout the day to prevent the sun from immediately drying it up.
  • Make sure to not over water your lawn. Doing so can be harmful to the soil and will actually result in little to no growth.

3. Control The Weeds On Your Lawn This Summer

Weed Control In Grass

Weed control is crucially important to start before the summer season begins. If you get a head start, you can make sure to maintain control throughout the season.

Post-emergent herbicides should be applied as soon as possible when you see weeds; these won’t usually harm turf grass. Ideally, this should only be applied when the temperature is below 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Applying any herbicides when the temperature is too hot during the summer can heavily damage your grass because the sun is already draining the moisture out. To be safe, consider removing the weeds by hand. This is a good idea if you only see a couple of occasional weeds pop up throughout your yard. Removing them as you see them is key.

4. Redistribute Grass Clippings To Give Your Lawn Extra Nutrients

Use Lawn Clippings As Mulch

Using grass clippings is a smart and easy way to mulch your yard because it can further protect the health of your soil, it can stop weeds in their track, and it will help your growing grass keep in moisture for longer.

In order to mulch with grass clippings, you need to make sure to only distribute a small layer onto your grass. Estimate a layer about 1/4 inch thick. If you use any more than that, it will retain moisture for too long and start to develop mold.

As a bonus, you can even use your extra grass clippings in your garden. The clippings will add nitrogen to the soil and give your plants better access to all the important nutrients they need to grow.

5. Seed Barren Lawn Patches To Maintain Healthy Summer Grass

Seeding For Lawn Patches

Your lawn may develop barren patches for a variety of reasons. If you discover that the patches are caused by bugs or pests, you’ll want to go a different route and take necessary pest control precautions. However, if you don’t discover these to be the problem, you can simply repair the patches with seeds.

How To Repair Your Lawn With Seeds

  1. First, you need to cut and remove the dead turf from the ground.
  2. Next, place some topsoil in the barren spot until it’s level with the surrounding grass. Make sure to rake out the soil until it’s smooth.
  3. Then, place a single layer of seeds on top and carefully use your rake to mix them into the soil.
  4. Finally, cover the area with straw to maintain moisture.

Make sure to tackle these barren spots as quickly as possible to assure that you have a stunning green lawn all summer long.

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  1. I had never thought of using grass clippings in such a smart way so as to use them as mulching material for the rest of the lawn. This just goes to show how little I know about actually owning a yard, which is troublesome because the new neighborhood I moved into all have properties with nice lawns and mine’s a mess. When I find a lawn care service that can help me out with fixing it up, I’ll make sure I ask them to teach me about all the things you stated in this article.

  2. My wife and I have been living in our home for a few years now and we always struggle with care about our lawn. In this article, I read so many essential things about summer lawn care. Weed control is very informative in summer. Seriously, I didn’t know it. Thank you so much for the share.

  3. My dad would like to hire a lawn care service that will maintain his backyard because its grass is already tall. I guess you’re right that the lawn must not be watered that much because this may harm its soil. It’s also a good thing that you shared here that weed control is necessary too.

  4. Landscaping says:

    Thanks for the great tips, and reminder. I do so love a pretty lawn, and the weeds is something we need to get on before they get out of hand.

  5. tree care says:

    Thanks for the advice on how to keep lawn healthy this summer! I love reading articles like yours.

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