5 Movies to Get You Excited for Fall

Even though fall is the gateway to a harsh winter (that sometimes lasts way too long), it’s a season that gives us an exciting tingle of anticipation. School starts, fall football gets underway and Halloween is that holiday stepping stone to Thanksgiving and Christmas. And because of all the colors and clothes that takes us through the transition, it makes the perfect backdrop for films — so we put together a list of films we love and remind us of how fabulous fall is. Here are 5 movies to get you excited for fall.

Dead Poets Society
Changing seasons and changing lives is what Dead Poets Society is all about. Set at a fancy prep school covered in ivy, Robin Williams is a teacher who makes you want to go back to high school and re-learn poetry with an enthusiasm to become something extraordinary. It’s that same feeling you get every fall when leaves start to transform from greenery to ornamental foliage.

Goodwill Hunting
Dead Poets Society isn’t the last school movie set in fall nor is it the last Robin Williams movie. This time, Williams plays the part of a psychologist who tries to get a genius janitor on the straight and narrow as college students return to class in the fall. The story is brilliantly executed, but with Boston as the setting as fall descends on the city, it’s a movie to take you away to an unexpected New England we don’t often see in the movies.

You’ve Got Mail

“You’ve Got Mail” is a phrase you probably haven’t heard since the early 2000s, but the movie itself is worth re-watching if for no other reason than seeing New York City in the fall. It’s a romantic comedy framed by the reds and oranges we love about the season and sprinkled with ideas of love found online when online dating meant finding common threads with people in chat rooms. Even if it’s saccharine sweet, it’s a fun fall movie to take you outside of your head when nights are a little too chilly for a stroll to get ice cream.

OK — this is a tear-jerker wrapped in family dramedy and rolled up in fall leaves. If you miss barn jackets or you’re eager to rake up a pile of leaves to jump in, Stepmom is worth a watch or a re-watch. Set in the north east, the background is what you think of when you imagine autumn. The subject is heavy — divorce, remarriage and two moms trying to get along (sort of) — and the end is sad, but it’s very sweet at the same time. Just like fall.

The Sixth Sense
There are few movies that showcase Philadelphia as beautifully as The Sixth Sense. As the story twists itself around your mind, the leaves change and the characters untangle its mystery. It’s a movie about ghosts caught between two worlds and the dank setting of fall lends you that same futile feeling. The moving is as chilling as fall but it leaves you satisfied as well as mystified that’s as good for a re-watch as it is the first time you see it.

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