9 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Shopping for a cat lover this Christmas? LTD has you covered with a wide selection of cat themed items and pet supplies for any cat lover on your list. Give them a personalized cat themed clothing item, a unique cat decoration for their home, or even a special gift for their cat. There are so many different fun items you can find to give to a cat lover for Christmas. If you need some inspiration, check out these 9 fun Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers this holiday season.

Give Them A Cat Themed Fashion Item Or Accessory For Christmas

  1. Pet Lover Sherpa Slippers
Pet Lover Slippers

2. Cat Mom Pajama Set

Cat Mom Pajama Set

3. Personalized Spoiled Cats T-Shirt

Personalized Spoiled Rotten Cats T-Shirt

Many cat lovers enjoy expressing their love for cats through their clothing and accessories. Give them a cat themed fashion item for Christmas that they can wear loud and proud or use in their daily life. They’ll appreciate this type of gift because it combines their interests with something useful and cute. You can even put together a cat themed gift basket filled with a variety of accessories and other fun items that they can use.

No matter what type of fashion item you give them, you can truly find something for any cat lover on your list. You can even personalize an accessory item with their cat’s name or their cat’s photo. Personalized gifts can make someone’s Christmas even more special and unique. Check out some cat themed fashion gift ideas below for inspiration.

Cat Themed Fashion Gift Ideas

  • Personalized t-shirt with their cat’s name
  • Cat themed pajama set or loungewear
  • Tote bag or travel bag with cat theme
  • Cat patterned slippers or fuzzy socks
  • Winter scarf or gloves with cat pattern
  • Cat sweater or sweatshirt
  • Personalized fashion item with their cat’s picture on it

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Give Them A Cat Themed Decoration For Christmas

4. My Cat Personalized Wall Art

My Cat Personalized Wall Art

5. Cat Lover Coir Doormats

Cat Lover Coir Doormats

6. Helping Hand Cat Shelf Sitter

Helping Hand Cat Shelf Sitter

Cat themed decorations are another fun gift idea for the cat lover on your Christmas list. Home decor is an especially great gift for new homeowners; however, almost any cat lover will enjoy receiving a cute accent. Find something they can put in their home office, something useful for their kitchen, a themed item for their porch, or something cozy to accent their space. They’ll enjoy the thought you put into this special gift.

Find some unique decorations that feature a cat sentiment or pattern that will stand out in their home. You can also find personalized cat themed decorations that you can give them with their cat’s name or photo on it. If you need some holiday inspiration, check out some cat themed home decor gift ideas below.

Cat Themed Home Decor Gift Ideas

  • Cat sentiment doormat or rug
  • Personalized cat wall art with their pet’s name
  • Pet picture frame with their cat’s photo
  • Cat comforter or bedspread set
  • Personalized cat ornaments
  • Cat themed throw blanket or accent pillows
  • Decorative cat trinkets and figurines
  • Cat themed sentiment block sign

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Give Their Cat A Special Gift For Christmas

7. Ultra Soft Pet Blankets

Spot™ Snuggler™ Ultra Soft Pet Blankets

8. Nonskid Pet Bowl Trays

Nonskid Pet Bowl Trays

9. Set of 2 Giant Catnip Mice

Set of 2 Giant Catnip Mice

Show some extra care and put some extra thought into your gift for a cat lover by including a gift for their cat. Put together a gift basket filled with cat themed items for the the pet owner and mix in some special gifts for their cat for some extra fun. This is a great way to give something nice and thoughtful to someone on your Christmas gift list this holiday season.

Consider giving them a new cat toy, a comfy bed or blanket, some tasty treats, or other pet items that could be engaging and fun for the cat. You can even include some useful pet supplies, which is an especially nice gift for new cat owners. Check out some Christmas gift ideas for cats below for inspiration.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Cats

  • Pet blanket or bed
  • Personalized food bowls or food mat
  • Cat toys
  • Homemade cat treats
  • Cat climbing tower
  • Cozy pillow
  • Cat scratching post

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Enjoy these Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers? Shop our Pets section to find even more items such as pet toys, cat beds, and other pet supplies!

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