As Seen On TV: 10 Creative Products Designed to Make Life Easier

We all could use a little extra help here and there. Thankfully, many of our As Seen on TV products were invented to solve some of life’s everyday problems. Whether you’re trying to save time in the kitchen, speed up your weekly cleaning, or improve your quality of life, make sure you check out these creative As Seen On TV solutions.

Hurricane Lint LizardHurricane® Lint Lizard®

Clean Every Nook and Cranny
We all know the hassle of cleaning out the lint trap after every load. It’s messy and we never feel like we’ve got it all. Put your worries at ease with this handy attachment. It gives you the extra reach you need. Simply attach it to your vacuum and trap all that pesky lint once and for all.

Peace of Mind
– Prevent dryer fires by cleaning out embedded lint.
– Deter pests by cleaning up food from under your fridge and cabinets.
– Unclog outdoor dryer vents for better airflow in your home.

Review Spotlight
“My dryer is an older model stackable, and the lint trap is on the back wall of the dryer. Even though I clean the trap after every load, lint still gets down between the dryer’s back walls. I was skeptical at first, but it worked like a charm! A great tool for a great price!” – Banan (Michigan)

Grab ItGrab It™

Reach High, Low & Everywhere In-Between
Leave the ladder in the garage and reach the top shelf with ease. With a ratchet action handle and rotating head, you’ll be able to safely grip and retrieve items from a variety of places. It’s the perfect helping hand!

Features We Love
– Built-in LED light and magnet help you see and grab items in tight places.
– Jewelry hook helps you pick up necklaces and bracelets with ease.
– Folds in half for simple storage when not in use.

Review Spotlight
“I am 73 years young and bending over is not one of my things I like to do, so I bought the Grab It, and I’m so glad I did. I not only pick up things I’ve dropped I can reach the wine glasses on the top shelf of my cabinet and not worry about them slipping out of my hands and breaking. My husband picks up twigs in the yard with it too, it’s a great product, I highly recommend it.” – Susan73 (Florida)

Finishing Touch Flawless BrowsFinishing Touch® Flawless™ Brows™

Shape Your Brows Without Tweezers
Skip the salon and trim your brows with wonderful precision. The hypoallergenic 18K gold-plated head painlessly removes hairs on all skin types. It has a built-in LED light and slim design, making this your new go-to beauty tool.

Beauty Benefits
– Slim design is easy to carry in your makeup bag.
– Ideas for quick touch-ups, helping you look your best at all times.
– No irritation–a better alternative to threading, tweezing or waxing.

Review Spotlight
“This is such an easy tool to use! It was so much easier to get rid of those pesky little light brows that I could never really get with my tweezers. My brows truly look better than they ever did with tweezers.” – Nanatojohn (Kentucky)


MSA 30X Discreet Sound AmplifierMSA-30X™ Discreet Sound Amplifier

Comfortable, Discreet & Effective
Enhance your hearing with this comfortable device. It’s barely noticeable, lightweight and features microprocessor technology that gives you up to 30X sound amplification. It has adjustable volume control, and it’s rechargeable for added convenience. It even includes 6 silicone tips so you’re guaranteed the perfect fit.

Impressive Features
– Slim design makes it go virtually unnoticed.
– FDA-listed and only weights .3 oz for easy wear.
– Rapid charger ensures your device is always ready.

Review Spotlight
“I bought this a couple weeks ago for my husband who had diffucult hearing with this he can hear you talk without raising your voice or the tv sound. He is very pleased and so am I. for the cost it is a great investment” – Leivan

Copper Fit Rapid Relief WrapsCopper Fit® Rapid Relief Wraps

Ease Your Pain
Provide relief to your stiff and sore muscles with hot or cold therapy. The copper-infused fabric of the wrap helps eliminate odor and sweat while holding the reusable gel pack. The gel pack is form-fitting and anatomically designed to give you the most relief possible.

Wrap Yourself in Relief
– Improves circulations and oxygenation of working muscles.
– Prevents strain and fatigue, reducing recovery time.
– Fabric helps prevent chafing and rashes.

Review Spotlight
“My husband has used it daily since he got the brace and is very happy with it. He says it gives him better support than previous braces he has had.” – MHappy (New York)



Peel No More!
Save yourself the frustration of trying to peel hard-boiled eggs with this ingenious set. Simply crack an egg into each pod, cover and cook them in boiling water. Once done, “pop” each egg out of the silicone pod and voilà, hard-boiled eggs without the shell.

Easier Way to Make Your Favorite Eggs
– Perfectly cook hard and soft-boiled eggs without the shell.
– Scramble the eggs and add your favorite veggies for mini-omelettes.

Review Spotlight
“I bought these Egglets and tried them out and they are awesome! If you’ve ever tried to peel a really fresh boiled egg you know it is almost impossible to do so. We put our fresh eggs inside the Egglets and followed directions. They came out as perfectly formed boiled eggs, no peeling required! I have since ordered more for gifts! Great product!” – Central Girl (South Carolina)

Dryer Maid BallDryer Maid™ Ball

Ditch the Dryer Sheets
Pet hair and lint don’t stand a chance with the Dryer Maid Ball. The reusable ball uses static electricity to send lint and hair packing. It’s self-cleaning and also helps soften your clothing.

Why You’ll Love It
– Effortless–just toss it in the dryer!
– Handy laundry solution for pet owners.
– Self-cleaning design gives you one less chore.

Review Spotlight
“I have no idea how it works but it does!! I can see the pet hair in the lint trap like never before. Where has this been my entire life?” – Mommybodoze (Texas)


Hurricane Fur WizardHurricane® Fur Wizard™

Works like Magic!
No pointed hat and wand here, just thousands of micro-bristles that magically trap pet hair and debris like you’ve never seen. The double-sided brush is oversized to make sure you get every hair. The included base wipes the brush clean so you don’t have bother with refills. Your furniture, clothing, car seats and more will be a breeze to clean. You even get a travel brush!

Pet Owners Rejoice
– No refills, no tape, and no mess!
– Clean furniture or pet beds with just a few swipes.
– Add the travel brush to your purse, bag or glovebox.

Review Spotlight
“Sometimes you see people selling stuff on tv and you wonder how good it works. Well I’ve got 2 dogs and 2 cats and I am so look loving this thing!! It’s so easy to use and it self cleans itself. Buy this this you won’t be disappointed!!” – Kalika327 (Illinois)

Samurai 360Samurai 360™

Chop and Roll!
Your meal prep time just got cut in half! The razor-sharp blades rotate 360-degrees as you roll forward and backward, leaving you with seamless cuts. The comfort grip provides maximum control while chopping, slicing, mincing and more!

Convenient Features
– Blade cover protects you and your drawers.
– Pastry blade cuts through dough effortlessly.
– Includes an attractive stand so you can keep it on the countertop.

Review Spotlight
“This is very easy to use and cuts right through fruits and veggies.” – SaraLee01 (Arkansas)

Atomic Beam SunBlastAtomic Beam™ SunBLAST™

Super Bright Home Security
Quickly gain ultra-bright light with this solar-powered unit. The 120-degree motion sensor detects movement up to 25 ft. away and automatically turns on to illuminate your area. It features 2 light settings and a wide-angle beam.

Why We Love It
– Adhesive back means no tools are required to hang it.
– Provides brilliant light to your yard or entryway.
– Withstands the seasons for year-round use.

Review Spotlight
“I’ve bought different kinds of these same lights from other online shops, but NOTHING has come close to how bright these are! These are amazing!! I bought 2 for my back and and I’m going back and buying 2 more for the front yard”– Rottylove (Texas)

So many of our customers have already experienced the benefits of these popular As Seen on TV solutions. Explore more of our creative As Seen On TV items to start simplifying your life today! Shop All – As Seen On TV!

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Written By: Samantha Keyes

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