A Busy Mom’s Guide to Less-Stressful Life

Busy-momThe stress and anxiety brought about by the rigors of modern living can definitely take away every ounce of energy that we have. Not to mention the struggle to achieve peace of mind every day and every night. If you are a mom who is constantly having bouts with the adverse effects of stress, read further for some helpful tips.

Rise and shine early

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to the silence of early morning. This is the best part of the day to work on tasks that demand focus and crucial decision making skills. Remember that majority of successful people have the habit of waking up early. They always make sure that they are up right before anyone else in the house does. This is because they want to take advantage of the quietness, fresh air as well as fresh mind to make certain plans and set the mood right for the rest f the

Find time for a short retreat

A retreat does not have to be done the entire day. You can also do this as soon as you wake up in the morning or you may do this at the end of the day or before your bedtime. Make sure that everybody else in the house has already been locked in their respective rooms to ensure that there will be nobody who will disturb you. A short retreat may mean performing some deep breathing exercises for a couple of minutes or practice some Yoga moves. This will help you achieve a more balanced life as you try to purge your thoughts of any negative things on a daily basis.

Find time to be disconnected

The emergence of iPods, iPads, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets has made almost every home these days a noisy one. It has become so hard for some mothers to find some quiet time. This is why you have to set a schedule everyday to unplug yourself from all the noise of these modern day gadgets. If you feel like you are all too stressed out, then do not watch the news. Turn off your smartphone and stay away from your PC. Today, stressed mothers not only need an exercise but they also need that thing called ?gadget-fast? in which all the gadgets will be turned off for a few hours during a specific time of the day to be able to de-stress.

Avoid procrastinating

If you feel like you do not have enough motivation to do something important, then stop looking for motivations. Just do things in a small yet progressive manner. This way, you will find yourself progressing from one task to another even if you do not feel like doing it. Our micro-actions will serve as the best antidote for procrastination. It keeps us moving despite lacking the motivation to do so. Remember that as a parent you do not need to have motivation in everything that you do. It may seem sad but there are indeed times when you need to do things because you need to and find motivation in the thought that you are actually making things happen little by little.

Learn to adapt

Are you the type of mother who easily breaks down at the thought that dinner is not yet ready at 7 o?clock? Well, if you find your little kids yelling at each other at this hour of the day, the best thing to do in that particular moment is to meddle in your children?s issues instead of frantically making yourself some dinner only to find that your kids are not yet ready any way to have dinner. Learn to adapt yourself to the inevitability of the things around you and stop sweating the small stuff.

Once you have done all the above mentioned tips do not forget to smile and reward yourself with a treat to a few hours of doing nothing but just listening to your favorite music. Life is so beautiful to waste it all on being stressed with the daily concerns of parenting.

Ryan Rivera is a parent, a writer and a lover of healthy lifestyle habits. He has this passion for sharing his tips and tricks to all of his readers to help them enjoy de-stress on a daily basis and enjoy life to the fullest. Please check out his Calm Clinic Twitter account for more helpful tips.