Creating a New Look for Your Kitchen on a Budget

kitchen-decorThe prices of everything are gone up in recent years. Many people find it very difficult to manage their primary and other expenses. But the desire to renovate home is never suppressed. If you want to improve your kitchen with small budget do the following things. I am sure it won’t be heavy on your pocketbook.Just be sure to set your priorities and stick to them.

Change lighting
If you hate the overhead fixture, simply change it. Changing is not difficult; just buy a vintage light fixture at a low price. And also add small lights under the cabinets. You will really fell your kitchen glittering.

Update the hardware
Buy paint and do it yourself on cabinets. Use spray paints for the handles and knobs. It will glorify their look. Spray paint gives smooth touch and is durable.

Clean backdrop
Use small subway tiles for simple back-splash.

Clear the clutter
Messed up kitchen with small stuff on counters will cause your blood pressure to rise. Clean all the clutter and don’t place not in use items on the counters.

Place a rug
If your flooring has gown down and you don’t have enough money to replace it, simply buy a 4’x6’ rug. This will add comfort and decoration at the same time.

DIY ideas
You can do something very easy to give new look to your kitchen.

  • Frame pictures from favorite recipes on canvas and hang them on front wall.
  • Use mason jars to store utensils and cutlery. Paint the jar with your favorite color. But keep everything harmonized.
  • Re-purpose an old table as Kitchen Island. Keep a flowerpot in the center of the island.
  • Use salvaged floors, pottery and pallets to create new furniture.

Use energy efficient appliances
Change your energy consuming devices with energy efficient ones. They will reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Highlight open shelves
Add accent on the wall behind the shelves with bold color. And keep the items tidy on open shelves.

Replace a faucet
This is very straight forward step to remodel your kitchen. You can get a single hand faucet at reasonable price. Make this small investment for the thing which you use many times a day.

Get a big dish rack
Replace your small dish rack with the larger one. Steel rack will be best. It is available at low price.

Cover ugly counter tops
Cover your dirty counter tops with a spared cutting board. You can paint this in beautiful color and make a superb covering.

These are few tips which can save your money as they are not so expensive.

Ramkhan is professional writer. She writes about home decoration ideas with small budget. She also shares her ideas to make your own canvas prints.

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