Gifts for Him: 8 Great Gift Ideas for Guys Who Have Everything

One of the best parts about the holiday season is watching loved ones open their gifts. You want to see their surprise, their joy, their appreciation…you also want them to respect your ability to pick the perfect present. Some people on our lists are a little more difficult to shop for than others. If you’re shopping for the guy who has everything, check out these gift ideas!

Gift-Giving Tips for Him

While LTD definitely has some spectacular gift ideas for you to consider, let’s start with a couple tips to put you in the right mindset for picking that perfect gift. Start by making a list of hobbies, characteristics and favorites for the guy you have in mind. Do they fish? Love indulging in spicy food? Watch the history channel every night? Anything that comes to mind, just write it down. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. The quicker you write, the more you may surprise yourself during your brainstorming session.

Once you have your list, you should already have some ideas in mind. This mindset gives you an advantage while you shop. Below, we’ve pulled together a quick look at some of our top gift ideas for him, and there’s a high chance one or more of these ideas will be a match for the person you have in mind. Each gift includes hints about the type of guy who gets it. If your guy fits the type, consider this gift and get ready to wow them this holiday season!

Fishing Rod Case

Fishing Rod Case

The Perfect Catch

If you have a fisherman in your family, chances are he has several fishing rods and hauls them to his favorite fishing hole in an unorganized manner. This fishing rod case brings fishing storage and transport to a whole new level. Other fishermen will know he’s a pro when they see him coming with a case that holds more than 5 rods, jigs, spinners, bait and more!


The Guy Who Gets It
– The Outdoorsman
– The Fishing Fanatic
– The Camping Guru

Heatlok Thermal Gloves

Heatlok™ Thermal Gloves

Cold-Weather Endurance

If you live in the Midwest or northern states, you can’t avoid the cold. These gloves are perfect for any guy that steps outdoors in the chilly weather. The soft fleece and Heatlok construction will keep his hands toasty and protect his skin from cold weather damage. These gloves make any outdoor winter task more comfortable (he won’t even complain the next time he needs to shovel snow).


The Guy Who Gets It
– The Midwesterner
– The Devoted DIYer
– The Outdoorsy Guy

7 Piece Hot Sauce Gift Sets

7-Pc. Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Tastebud Challenge

Guys like to show off their skills. Put him to the test with one of these spicy collections. See if he can face the challenge and handle the kick from each of these spicy sauces. With names like “Death Tears” and “Viper Venom” he’ll feel like a hot sauce champ…if he doesn’t cry. This gift could be as much fun for you as it is for him, just have some milk handy in case he needs to put out the fire.

The Guy Who Gets It
– The Adventurist
– The Grillmaster
– The Bold & Brave

Eyewitness to Civil War or WWII Books

Civil War or WWII Books

Best Gift In History

These fascinating books on The Civil War and WWII will give him a unique insight into American history. With personal writings, images, and in-depth battle descriptions, he’ll learn more about these iconic wars than he ever thought possible. The appealing covers make these great coffee table books, so they can be stored where many can appreciate the knowledge within.

The Guy Who Gets It
– The History Buff
– The Book Worm
– The Reenactor

Mysterious Gift Puzzle Boxes

Mysterious Gift Puzzle Boxes

Gift of Accomplishment

There are gifts that take seconds to open and then there are gifts you can put inside a puzzle box. Extend the anticipation and hide cash, a gift card or event tickets inside of a packaging that gives the recipient an extra challenge. Just beware, these can be used over and over, so you may be facing this fun challenge next year.


The Guy Who Gets It
– The Amateur Detective
– The Man of Mystery
– The Clever Thinker

Renegade Money Clip Knives

Renegade Money Clip Knives

The Gift of Green

When he doesn’t need a bulky wallet, but wants to keep cash on his person, this money clip is the perfect solution. The blade is handy to have when he may need to open a box or has the need to be MacGyver at a moment’s notice. Up the value and gift it with some cash clipped in already to get an extra smile from that extra special guy.

The Guy Who Gets It
– The Hunter
– The Tradesman
– The Handyman

100 Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Set

100-Pc. Ultimate Screwdriver Set

Home Improvement Upgrade

With this set he’ll never be without the bit he needs, and it has a convenient storage rack for everything. Great for the guy who’s building up his tool shed or for the guy who needs to upgrade a hodge podge of tools to a consistent set. The bonus with this set is he’ll be ready to help with odd jobs around the house (but don’t tell him that).

The Guy Who Gets It
– The Auto Nut
– The Avid DIYer
– The Homeowner

Men's Memory Foam Clog or Moccasin Slippers

Memory Foam Clog Slippers

Comfy Christmas

Typically, women’s shoes are known for bringing a little foot pain with the fashion, but guys get aching feet, too. The memory foam footbeds on these slippers will conform to his foot and give him ultimate relaxation. With the hard soles on the bottom of these shoes, he can run outside to get the paper and stay in comfort the whole way.

The Guy Who Gets It
– The Overworked-In-Need-of-Rest
– The Lovable Lounger
– The Retired & Restless

Regardless of the gift you pick, LTD offers plenty of options that will make your guy smile this holiday season. Check out some of our top categories below to explore more gifts for him!

Written By: Patricia Govekar

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