The Olympic Spirit: Athletic Toys and Training Gear

The Olympics are already underway and the opening ceremony takes place tonight. In the Olympic spirit of athletic competition, we’ve assembled some of our favorite kids’ athletic toys and adult athletic training gear.

Toys to Start Their Training


Boxing is one of the oldest and most honorable sports in the Olympics. Get your kid into fighting shape with this Standing Punching Bag Set. It features a built-in rebound and an adjustable height. For ages 4 and up.

Basketball and Soccer both have a unique history in the Olympics. Now your kid can stay up practicing their skills with a Franklin GLOMAX Ball. All are made of PVC, except for the basketball, which is made of rubber.

Get In Shape — Stay In Shape


It’s never too late to start getting your body in shape. Start your active lifestyle in a fashionable way with the Women’s Set of 2 Sporty Leggings. Each pair has a comfortable, spandex design and an elastic waistband.

Take care of your body after a long workout with the Hot/Cold Back Therapy Wrap. Its quilted design on the back keeps the beads evenly distributed. Just microwave or freeze the wrap and secure with fabric-magic.

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  1. rosemary melendez says:

    hi there, i love your products. ive purchased them when i lived in the usa. i am an american living in new zealand now. will there ever be a time when you ship internationally? thanks

    • Erika LTD says:

      Hi Rosemary – Unfortunately at this time we aren’t aware of any plans for shipping outside of the U.S. You are welcome to check with us from time to time to see if anything has changed.

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