2021 Christmas Guide: Gifts For Coffee Lovers

If you have a coffee lover on your Christmas shopping list, give them something to match their interests. Fulfill their love of coffee with a delicious selection of coffees to try, a fun personalized mug to drink out of, some coffee themed decorations, or even some coffee themed pajamas to wear. No matter what you give them for Christmas, they’ll appreciate getting a coffee themed item. If you need some Christmas inspiration, check out these gifts for coffee lovers to give this holiday season.

Give Them A Selection Of Coffee & Treats For Christmas

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What better thing to give to a coffee lover for Christmas than coffee itself? Give them a coffee sampler set for them to try a variety of new coffees, or give them a large supply of their favorite coffee that you know they’ll love. Make sure to find out what type of coffee maker they have to assure that they’ll be able to enjoy it. You can even give them a beautifully wrapped gift basket filled with the different selections of coffees for the ultimate thoughtful Christmas gift.

Other Treats To Include In Their Coffee Gift

While coffee on its own can be a nice gift to give a coffee lover, you can also include other treats and snacks within the gift to make it feel more complete. This is a great idea if you’re creating a gift box or basket because you can fill it with a mix of different types of coffee and different types of Christmas treats. Check out some ideas below for other treats to include in their coffee gift.

  • Chocolate covered espresso beans
  • Homemade food gifts
  • Christmas cookies
  • Assorted chocolate box
  • Baking kit
  • Set of hot cocoa mixes

Give Them Some Coffee Themed Decorations For Christmas

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Give any coffee lover the chance to showcase their love for the drink by giving them a themed decoration for Christmas. Coffee themed decorations are a great gift idea because it’s something they can add to their space and enjoy. Whether you give them a useful decoration to help them organize their kitchen or a fun decoration the liven up their space, they’ll appreciate this unique and thoughtful gift.

Coffee Decor Gift Ideas

Put together a fun gift basket of coffee decorations for them to decorate their space. You can also give them an exciting basket with a variety of coffees, a coffee mug, and a unique decoration. If you need some inspiration on what type of decorations to give them, check out some coffee decor gift ideas below for Christmas.

  • Decorative holder for coffee supplies
  • Coffee sentiment block signs
  • Wall rack for coffee mugs
  • Coffee wall sign for their at-home coffee bar
  • Themed throw blanket or accent pillows
  • Coffee themed kitchen towels or kitchen rug

Give Them A Fun New Coffee Mug For Christmas

Simply Sassy Mugs
Sets of 2 Stackable Christmas Mugs
Personalized Prescription Coffee Mug

Another perfect gift idea for coffee lovers is a new coffee mug. Coffee lovers always appreciate receiving more coffee mugs to add to their collection. Give them a brand new set of mugs or give them a special mug that matches their interests. No matter what mug you give them, they’ll be excited to use it with their favorite morning coffee.

Coffee Mug Gift Ideas

While you can just simply give them a coffee mug as the main gift, you can also give them a mix of gifts for Christmas. Give them the mug, a bag of coffee, and a themed t-shirt for a fun combo gift that they’ll enjoy. If you’re not sure what type of mug to give them, check out some coffee mug gift ideas below to give any coffee lover for Christmas.

  • Personalized mug with their name
  • Funny sentiment mug
  • Meaningful mug with a special message
  • Christmas themed mug with characters like Santa, snowmen, or elves
  • Travel mug or tumbler
  • Set of decorative coffee mugs
  • Matching coffee mugs for you and them

Give Them Some Coffee Themed Fashion Accessories For Christmas

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Novelty Coffee Sherpa-Lined Slippers

If you’re shopping for a true coffee lover this Christmas, consider giving them some themed accessories and clothing items. This is a great way to dive into their interests and give them something lighthearted that they’ll be excited to receive. Give them a mix of themed accessories that they’ll be excited to add to their wardrobe, or give them a personalized coffee fashion item for a special Christmas gift.

Coffee Themed Accessory Gift Ideas

Whether you want to give them a themed item they can wear daily like a baseball cap, or a cozy item to wear at home like slippers or pajamas, they’ll appreciate the coffee theme. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out some coffee themed accessory gift ideas below to add to your holiday shopping list.

  • Themed robe
  • Coffee patterned pajamas
  • Themed slippers or fuzzy socks
  • Coffee hat
  • Personalized coffee shirt or sweatshirt
  • Coffee cup earrings
  • Shirt from their favorite coffee brand or coffee shop

Enjoy this guide of gifts for coffee lovers? Shop for everyone else on your Christmas list by visiting our Gift Ideas & Personalized section for more holiday inspiration!

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