5 Favorite Favorite New Year’s Eve Movies

With New Year’s Eve just a couple days away, we’re all thinking about how we should change our ways to start the new year right! But some of us are better at watching others get a fresh start than actually making resolutions for ourselves. So along that vein, we put together our list of favorite New Year’s Eve movies to inspire you for a new beginning.


When Harry Met Sally The “You’re the one for me” speech Harry gives Sally on New Year’s Eve is a hard speech to forget. Being on the receiving end of “When you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible,” is the perfect way to start a new year — especially after 8 years of friendship. But it’s not just about New Year’s Eve; it is the perfect romantic comedy that no other rom-com can match — and one that even men like.


Trading Places Trading Places is an example of Eddie Murphy at his best as a hustler turned millionaire. It’s all part of a game two wealthy men play on another wealthy man played by Dan Aykroyd. The two wealthy men reconfigure Aykroyd’s life so that he doesn’t exist, and put Murphy in his place. New Year, New Life with a lot of laughs and twists in between.


Bridget Jones’s Diary Poor Bridget. She just can’t seem to get much right in life. She’s perpetually trying to improve herself, basically making New Year’s resolutions every day of the year. She lost her man, lost her job and tries to pick herself up again only to be pummeled by life one more time — but that one more time opened up doors to a brand new life, vastly different from the previous ones and full of things to celebrate.


Waiting to Exhale People and relationships are constantly renewing themselves — sometimes it’s pleasant and sometimes it’s down right ugly and Waiting to Exhale is a perfect example of that. It’s about four women that are in different places in their lives. But it’s all about change and improving ourselves whether we want to or not.


Ghostbusters II After their initial success, the Ghostbusters fall on pretty hard times and, basically abandon their ghost-exterminating business for other opportunities — including performing at children’s birthday parties. But, like we get a fresh start every January 1, the Ghostbusters get a second chance at saving their city from evildoers beyond the grave. It’s a silly movie about redemption, but Bill Murray is still funny 26 years later.

Happy New Year from LTD Commodities! Whether you go out to a party or stay home and watch movies to ring in the new year, we wish you well for the year to come.

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