Christmas Gift Ideas For A 7 Year Old Girl

Christmas is a magical time of year for both kids and adults alike. From festive decorations, to beautifully wrapped gifts underneath the tree, it’s a fun celebration for everyone.

Whether you are starting to create your gift list or you are ready to shop for specific items, LTD Commodities has you covered with a wide variety of gifts that your kids will love. From educational games to dolls to craft supplies and more, here are some Christmas gift ideas for a 7 year old girl.

Brain Games & Educational Gifts That She’ll Enjoy

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Brighten up her world with learning and memory games, interesting and intriguing fictional books, and more! These Christmas gift ideas for 7 year old girls will make her love the challenge of working her brain to solve a puzzle or taking in information in a fun and unique way. These are especially great as stocking stuffers.

Brain Games® Sticker By Number Books

Sticker By Number Books

Why She’ll Love It

  • You can give her a book of her favorite theme: nature, animals, or sea creatures
  • She’ll have fun making beautiful artwork
  • She’ll enjoy the challenge of matching the correct stickers to the numbers

Electronic Copy Cat Memory Game

Electronic Copy Cat Memory Game

Why She’ll Love It

  • The electronic game is fun and interactive – she’ll have a blast
  • She’ll want to keep on challenging herself until she masters each level
  • She can even play with her friends and take turns completing this fun challenge

Junie B. Jones® 8-Book Sets (2 Versions)

Junie B Jones Book Set

Why She’ll Love It

  • The series of books will make for endless fun for your 7 year old girl
  • She’ll get excited following along with the unique character of Beatrice, aka “Junie”
  • Each book will take her on a crazy and fun-filled adventure as she reads along

Arts & Crafts Gifts She Can Play With For Hours

Kids love arts and crafts because they can use their creativity and imagination to create something unique and interesting. Coloring books and art kits are perfect Christmas gift ideas for 7 year old girls because there are endless ways for them to create artwork with their own personality and flair.

Neon Unicorn Coloring Book

Neon Unicorn Coloring Book With Markers

Why She’ll Love It

  • If she loves the mystical, magical unicorn, she’ll get excited about this gift
  • She’ll love the bright neon colors and will have fun making beautiful creations
  • With 64 coloring pages, she’ll never get bored and can keep creating new things

142-Pc. Wooden Art Set

142 Piece Wooden Art Set

Why She’ll Love It

  • If she’s an aspiring artist or loves crafts, she will be thrilled with this art set
  • She can do a variety of projects with the selection of crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, paintbrushes, and more
  • The carrying case makes it easy to bring to a friend’s house

Set Of 3 Putty In A Tin

Fun Iridescent Putty

Why She’ll Love It

  • She’ll have hours of fun playing with this squishy, stretchy putty
  • She’ll think the variety is cool: the set of 3 comes with an iridescent putty, heat sensitive putty, and metallic putty
  • She can play with this on long car rides, plane rides, or while relaxing at home

Dolls & Stuffed Animals That She Will Adore

Dolls and stuffed animals are always a good go-to gift for your 7 year old girl because there’s usually a guarantee that she’ll immediately love it. She is at an age where these types of toys are still enjoyable and exciting. Stuffed animals are perfect for cuddling up with and dolls are fun for playing imaginative games.

Precious Moments Plush

Plush Unicorn Elephant Giraffe And Owl

Why She’ll Love It

  • She can get her favorite animal: elephant, giraffe, owl, or unicorn
  • These plush animals are so soft and cozy for her to snuggle up with at night
  • She can even use these for decoration in her bedroom if it matches her theme

18″ Girl Dolls

18 Inch Girl Dolls

Why She’ll Love It

  • She’ll adore playing with a new and fun doll to add to her collection
  • She can have fun dressing the doll up in other outfits
  • She can even style the doll’s hair any way she wants to and can accessorize with hair clips

Wizard of Oz Doll Collection

Why She’ll Love It

  • If the Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie, she’ll love these dolls
  • Each doll has beautifully crafted outfits and accessories
  • Choose her favorite character: Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Wicked Witch of the West, or Glinda

Comfy Cozy Gifts To Keep Her Warm During The Winter

A warm and comfortable item is a nice gift idea for your 7 year old girl to help her stay cozy during the cold winter months. 7 year old girls love soft and furry hoodies, fun themed blankets, and fashionable boots. Give her something warm, cute, and enjoyable all in one.

Huggle™ Pets Hoodies

Huggle Pets Hoodies

Why She’ll Love It

  • She will stay warm and cozy in the colder months with this soft hoodie
  • She’ll love being a dinosaur or unicorn with a silly hood
  • The hoodie folds into a cuddly stuffed animal – a cute surprise that she’ll adore

Ocean Blanket Sacks

Under The Ocean Blanket Sacks

Why She’ll Love It

  • She’ll think it’s so cool to have a mermaid tail or to wear a shark
  • It will keep her legs warm while she is doing other activities with her hands
  • She’ll enjoy wearing this during family movie nights and sleepovers

bebe Girls™ Light-Up Boots

Bebe Girls Light Up Pink Boots

Why She’ll Love It

  • She’ll feel warm and comfortable wearing these boots in the winter months
  • These are a must-have if pink is her favorite color
  • The boots light up while she walks – she’ll think the colorful lights are stylish and entertaining

Want to check out even more holiday inspiration? Shop for everyone on your list and gather up Christmas decor ideas by visiting our Holiday Headquarters!

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