How To Declutter Your Kitchen Counters

Decluttering your kitchen counters is a great way to open up your space and make your home feel tidy and clean. Whether you have a small kitchen or a spacious one, tidying up the counters is a good place to start when organizing the room. Luckily, decluttering the kitchen counters can be made easy with some simple tips and tricks. Here are some quick steps on how to declutter your kitchen counters for a more organized space.

Hang Utensils On The Wall To Reduce Kitchen Counter Clutter

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Counters - Hang Kitchen Utensils On The Wall

When there are too many utensils and items out on the counters, it can cause an eyesore. A smart way to declutter your kitchen counters is to utilize your wall space instead. Use hooks on the wall above the stove or in other areas of your kitchen. This can help free up necessary counter space for cooking and preparation.

If you have a lot of open wall space throughout your kitchen, take advantage of that where you can. You can often combine utensils with decorations on the wall to keep your kitchen both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to hanging items on the walls, you can also place them in other areas, such as on top of the fridge. However, make sure to combine them with a decorative item to maintain a sleek look. For instance, you can place a basket of utensils on top of the fridge and include a decorative plant next to it.

How To Declutter Your Kitchen: Items To Hang On The Wall

  • Utensils such as mixing spoons, spatulas, and other cooking tools you use regularly
  • Oven mitts and potholders
  • Cutting boards
  • Pots and pans – you can also hang these from hooks on the ceiling if you don’t want to use up too much wall space
  • Coffee mugs

Keep Kitchen Decor & Necessities On Trays & Cake Stands

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Counters - Use Trays and Cake Stands For Kitchen Decor

When it comes to organizing kitchen counters, condensing items is a great way to reduce clutter. Trays and cake stands can help you to reduce that clutter and keep all necessary items in one simple space.

From random items that get left on your kitchen counters (such as sunglasses, keys, and other small items) to a collection of decorative accents that build up over the years, your counters can quickly become a catchall surface for anything and everything. While some of these items can be removed, some of them are necessary to keep in that space.

Instead of keeping these items directly on the counter, keep a catchall tray or basket on the island or counter. Have a designated tray or basket for your keys and other “quick grab” items that don’t have a space. Additionally, display a selection of decorative accents on a tray or cake stand. That way, you can clear up some countertop space but it will look like an intentional display. This is a clever way to stay neat and tidy without sacrificing design and style.

Only Keep Everyday Appliances Out On The Kitchen Counters

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Counters - Only Keep Everyday Appliances On Counters

Kitchen appliances can quickly add up over time as you buy more and more fun new gadgets. But these items can also very easily clutter up your counters if you have too many of them. The best solution to this is to only keep essential appliances out and store other ones away.

Think about the kitchen appliances you use daily such as the coffee maker, microwave, and toaster. Any everyday appliances make the most sense to keep out on your counters for easy access. Gather up the gadgets that you don’t use very often and place them in cabinets or other storage areas in your home. This will instantly decrease the clutter on your counters and you’ll realize how little you use certain items.

If you must keep out certain items for decorative purposes, such as a beautiful mixing stand, consider placing it on top of the fridge. If you put another decoration next to it such as a plant or a small decorative accent, it will blend into the room nicely. However, keep in mind that sometimes you must sacrifice some decorative elements in order to have a neat and tidy space.

Set A Designated Station For Mail & Papers To Reduce Scattered Kitchen Counters

Have A Designated Mail Station In Your Kitchen

Mail, bills, and other papers tend to build up into piles on the kitchen counters faster that you want them to. These piles cause unnecessary clutter in the room and you’ll quickly lose track of important pieces of mail.

Instead of letting your counters become a build up of papers, get organized with a specific mail station in your kitchen or other area of your home. Use a filing system to keep track of important bills and pending papers, whether it’s a decorative mail tray or wall hanging baskets. Keeping the papers off your counters will transform your space and make it feel more open.

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Counters: Quick Tips To Organize Mail & Papers

  • Keep a tray or basket on the kitchen island or counter that’s designated for bills. Once those bills are paid, store them away in a filing cabinet to avoid a pile-up.
  • If you tend to have a lot of various papers around such as lists, forms to sign, children’s schoolwork, etc., it may be worth it to develop a full filing system. Since your kitchen has become the hub for these papers, hang up a wall file organizer that’s labeled for each type of item. Alternatively, you can bring in rolling storage drawers with labels, if you have enough room. Check out these office organizers for inspiration.
  • Ultimately, set limitations for your family as to what and what isn’t allowed to stay on kitchen counters. If you’re able to find other organized areas of your home to keep these papers, you can clear out the kitchen in no time.

Use A Dish Drying Rack Inside Your Kitchen Sink To Free Up Countertop Space

Use An In Sink Dish Drying Rack To Clear Up Countertop Space

Dish drying racks can oftentimes be unsightly on the kitchen counters; however, these racks are a necessary item for many people. If you have limited counter space in your kitchen or if you just want to clear up some extra room, consider getting an in-sink dish rack instead.

There are many dish racks that are made to fit nicely inside of your kitchen sink, allowing you to free up some space on the counter. This type of rack is also beneficial because excess water from the dishes will drip right into the sink, eliminating any potential mold buildup on a traditional countertop drying mat.

This one simple move will make a huge difference in your kitchen and will open up your counters for more room to cook or decorate. You can always find other ways to declutter your kitchen counters by taking note of an unnecessary items that are left out. If it’s something you don’t use regularly, it’s safe to say that placing it in a cabinet won’t hinder your daily tasks.

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