How To Decorate A Country Christmas Tree

The country Christmas theme gives off warm, welcoming, and festive vibes. This style’s combination of country charm and holiday cheer can make your home feel extra special this Christmas season. With some simple tips and tricks, here is how to decorate a country Christmas tree. Be sure to also check out our red truck Christmas decor ideas for even more country Christmas inspiration.

Decorate With Buffalo Plaid & Country Symbol Ornaments

The fun thing about decorating a country Christmas tree is that you can use a mix of different ornaments. The appeal of the country style is that it’s down to earth and homey; using a variety of shapes and sizes of ornaments will give you that aesthetic!

Look for ornaments with rustic country finishes such as galvanized metal, distressed wood, and burlap. These will give your tree that worn in look that can make the whole room feel warm and comfortable.

In addition to rustic material ornaments, you can also hang up ornaments with country patterns and symbols such as buffalo plaid, barn stars, farm animals, and red trucks. Mix these symbol ornaments in with country sentiment ornaments for some added charm.

These themed ornaments can be combined with simple ball ornaments to make the tree feel fuller and more put together. A general warm color scheme works well for a country Christmas tree, so you can decorate with red and beige colored ornaments to get the look.

Combine Classic Christmas & Country With Unique Tree Skirts

In addition to themed ornaments, you should also decorate with a country Christmas tree skirt, box, or collar. This can amplify the theme even more and create a strong eye-catching element in the corner of the room.

Make sure to match your tree skirt to your ornaments in terms of color schemes, materials, and general symbols. If you have more than one Christmas tree in your home, you can give each one a different tree skirt. If you have a large space, try decorating with one large tree and a couple smaller trees nearby.

Country Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

  • Galvanized metal tree collar
  • Buffalo plaid tree skirt
  • Burlap tree skirt
  • Distressed wood tree box
  • Red truck or barn star patterned tree skirt
  • Country sentiment tree skirt

Accent Your Country Christmas Tree With Rustic Decorations

Decorative Rustic Barn Lantern Tree Topper
Direction Sign Large Christmas Tree Ornament
4-Ft. Lighted Country Christmas Tree

Once you’ve establish the country Christmas theme with ornaments and a tree skirt, it’s time to add some extra decor to your tree to make it feel more complete and tied together.

A tree topper is, of course, an important addition to your Christmas tree. Aim for tree toppers such as a rustic barn topper, a farm animal, a lantern, and other rustic symbols. If you want the more traditional Christmas look, choose a galvanized metal star or a buffalo plaid star.

In addition to the tree topper, you’ll want to add some festive ribbons around your tree to add some more dimension. Decorate with ribbons that have a buffalo plaid pattern or a rustic burlap material.

Lastly, add some string lights to your country Christmas tree. Opt for warm white lights or red lights to complement the country theme. Lighted ornaments and a lighted tree topper can also add some extra magic.

Add Other Country Christmas Decor To The Rest Of Your Home

After you’re done decorating your country Christmas tree, fill the rest of your home with the same theme. This will help bring that feeling of festive charm into each room for the holiday season.

Whether you want to make a scene with large decorations, or want a more subtle look, you can incorporate country Christmas decor in any room of your house. Through accents, wall art, lighted decor, and more, you can easily achieve this look.

Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

  • Hang up country Christmas sentiment wall signs in the living room and entryway.
  • Combine buffalo plaid ribbon with a pine garland. Place this on top of the mantel or wrap it around the stair rails.
  • Display a rustic wooden bowl filled with cinnamon pine cones on the kitchen island or coffee table.
  • Accent the kitchen and bathroom with buffalo plaid hand towels.
  • Decorate your front porch with a red truck doormat and a burlap wreath on the door.
  • Freshen up your bed with a buffalo plaid bedding set or a country Christmas sentiment quilt.

Looking for more inspiration on how to decorate a country Christmas tree? Check out our entire selection of Christmas Decor & More to find decorative accents, kitchen linens, wall art, string lights, and more!

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