How To Decorate A Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

The winter wonderland Christmas theme is a great choice if you want your space to look magical, nostalgic, charming, and festive. You can easily bring the winter wonderland style to your home this holiday season by setting up a themed Christmas tree. With the help of cheerful ornaments, lighted accents, winter colors, and more, you can transform your tree into a beautiful set up. Here are some simple tips on how to decorate a winter wonderland Christmas tree.

Start With A Pre-Lit Christmas Tree To Make Your Decorating Easy

The best place to start when decorating a winter wonderland Christmas tree is with a pre-lit tree. Using a pre-lit tree can save you a lot of time because you won’t have to deal with the hassle of setting up your own string lights. A pre-lit tree can also nicely set the stage for the magical winter wonderland theme you want to achieve.

Use A White Or Snow Dusted Tree For A Winter Wonderland Theme

When setting up your winter wonderland theme, you’ll want to choose either a white or snow dusted tree to fit the theme perfectly. A winter wonderland include snow themed elements for that seasonal charm, so starting with a snowy base will make decorating even easier.

You can opt to use a traditional green tree if you want a more classic look; just make sure to fill the tree with a bold selection of winter ornaments to get the theme going. You can also include other winter themed decorations throughout the room to bring out the theme even more.

Display A Winter Wonderland Tree With Cool Toned Lights

Make sure to choose a pre-lit tree that has cool toned lights, such as cool white. You can even use blue lights for a unique winter wonderland Christmas tree. Stay away from lights that are too warm; you want to make sure to set the scene for a chilly and bright style tree.

Hang Some Winter Wonderland Themed Ornaments To The Tree

When choosing ornaments for your winter wonderland Christmas tree, go for mostly snowy and white ornaments. This will give your tree an extra wintery look. You can keep the all white look, or you can also bring in some blue and silver ornaments for touches of color. It truly depends on the look that you want, along with the style and color of other Christmas decorations throughout the room.

Winter Wonderland Ornament Ideas

There are so many different types of winter wonderland ornaments you can add to your tree. If you want to focus on the magic of the winter weather, opt for mostly snow themed ornaments. If you want more variety, you can include other ornaments that still fit nicely into the winter wonderland theme. Check out some ideas below for winter wonderland ornaments.

  • Snowman ornaments
  • Woodland animals like owls, deer, and squirrels
  • Snowball ornaments
  • Silver and blue ball ornaments
  • Snowflake ornaments
  • Mitten, glove, or scarf ornaments
  • Buffalo plaid ornaments
  • Winter sentiment ornaments

Set Up Some Lighted Decorations For A Magical Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

In addition to snowy white ornaments, another big part of making the winter wonderland theme come alive is to include lighted decorations on the tree and around the tree. Lighted decor can make the theme feel extra magical and bright, especially at nighttime. Make sure to use a strong amount of lighted elements for an extra bright and charming space.

Transform your winter wonderland tree with lighted ornaments and tree accessories to make it sparkle and shine. Make sure to also use lighted decorations throughout the room, especially underneath the tree and next to the tree. This will amplify the magical snowy style even more and make the space look extra cheerful and festive. Check out some lighted winter wonderland decor ideas below for your tree and home.

Lighted Winter Wonderland Decor Ideas

  • Hang some fairy light ball ornaments on the tree.
  • Use lighted snowflake ornaments or a lighted snowflake tree topper.
  • Set up a lighted tree skirt with a snowy pattern.
  • Wrap the tree with light up ribbons.
  • Hang up a lighted snowy scene wall hanging near the tree.
  • Display some lighted decorations and accents underneath the tree.

Add Some Finishing Touches To Your Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

After adding ornaments, lighted decorations, and more to your winter wonderland Christmas tree, it’s time for the finishing touches to make your tree feel complete. These final touches can include things like a tree topper, tree skirt, tree accessories, and other winter wonderland themed decorations throughout the rest of your space. These extra decorations can complement your tree nicely and make the entire room come together.

Final Touches For Your Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

There are so many different types of finishing elements you can add to your winter wonderland Christmas tree. Whether you include extra items on the tree to match your ornaments, or if you add some extra items underneath the tree and nearby in the room, you can easily make your winter wonderland theme come alive in a magical style. Check out some ideas below for final touches to add to your tree and winter wonderland themed living room.

  • Put on a tree topper: add a tree topper such as a snowman, a snowflake, a lighted lantern, or a sparkly star.
  • Use a tree skirt: use a white faux fur tree skirt, a sparkly silver tree skirt, a winter scene tree skirt, or a galvanized metal tree collar.
  • Add some tree accessories: add some silver ribbons to the tree, sparkly bows, snow dusted pinecones, or cotton snowballs.
  • Bring in some other winter wonderland decorations: display other winter wonderland decor throughout the room to match the tree such as woodland animals on the mantel, snow dusted accents on the coffee table, winter themed throw pillows, and a faux fur white rug.

Inspired by these winter wonderland Christmas tree decor ideas? Check out our Trim the Tree section to find even more Christmas tree decorations ideas! Shop festive ornaments, themed tree toppers, unique tree skirts, fun tree accessories, lighted decor, and much more for a cheerful and bright holiday season.

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