Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Christmas in the office is a fun and festive time. With decorating and gift exchanges, some extra joy is brought into the workplace throughout the season. A popular way of spreading that joy throughout the office is through secret Santa gifts. But it can sometimes be hard to know exactly what gift to get for your chosen coworker.

Whether you know your coworker well or you just know their name, this gift guide will help you choose the perfect secret Santa gift for your coworker that they will enjoy and appreciate.

Useful Desk Items For Your Coworker

A practical and useful item is a great secret Santa gift idea for your coworker, especially if it’s something they can use at work. A desk item that is both decorative and functional is a much more satisfying gift than something mundane and meaningless, such as a pen or a pad of paper.

Oversized Gel Cushion

Oversized Gel Seat Cushion

Give your coworker some comfort at work with this oversized gel cushion for their desk chair.

This cushion is perfect for relieving back pain from sitting all throughout an 8 hour work day.

NFL Digital Desk Clocks

NFL Digital Desk Clocks

An NFL digital desk clock is a great secret Santa gift for your football loving coworker!

Choose your coworker’s favorite team for them to display on their desk at work.

World’s Smallest Blower

Worlds Smallest Blower

The world’s smallest blower is both a fun and functional gift for your coworker.

This small blower is powerful enough to clean out a computer keyboard of debris and dirt.

Stress Relief Items To Help Your Coworker Relax

Whether you work in a stressful environment or not, everyone needs to relax after a long day of work. A stress relief item is a perfect secret Santa gift for your coworker that they will highly appreciate. These types of items are things they can either use during the work day or it can be something that they can use to unwind at home after work.

Warming Foot Massager

Your coworker will enjoy this relaxing with this warming foot massager after a long day of work.

This massager is lined with a fleece-like material to provide softness and heat retention. It comes with a control to select high or low heat, as well as massage-only or heat-only.

Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Pure Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Your coworker can use these essential oil roll-ons throughout the work day to stay calm and relieve stress.

It can be applied to the back of the neck, forehead, or on your hands. Choose from a variety of oils and scents for your coworker.

Cozy Sock and Lotion Gift-Boxed Sets

Cozy Sock And Lotion Gift Box

Let your coworker have an at home spa day with this relaxing gift box set of lotion and cozy warm socks.

The foot lotion comes in four different scents including cherry blossom, coconut lime, french lavender, and pomegranate vanilla.

Mugs For Your Coworker’s Morning Coffee

Coffee is a huge essential around the office and it can be even more enjoyable to drink it out of a fun and cute mug. A coffee mug is probably one of the most popular secret Santa gift ideas for a coworker because it’s simple but it’s always something that people will like.

Occupational Sentiment Coffee Mugs

Occupation Mugs

These occupational mugs are a cute way to show appreciation for your coffee loving coworker.

The selection of occupational mugs includes teacher, firefighter, nurse, police officer, and hair stylist with a special phrase on each one.

Gourmet Cake in Oversized Holiday Mug

Gourmet Cake In Holiday Mug

Treat your coworker to a delicious and easy-to-make cake in a festive holiday mug.

Choose from chocolate, dark chocolate or red velvet. Your coworker can use the holiday mug for coffee afterwards.

20-Oz. Licensed Heat-Reveal Mugs

Superhero Heat Reveal Mugs

Your coworker can be entertained during the work day with these magical heat reveal coffee mugs.

Choose from a Batman mug, a Harry Potter mug, a Star Wars mug, or a Wonder Woman mug, based on their preference.

Food & Drink Items Your Coworker Can Indulge In

Food and drink items make a great secret Santa gift for a coworker that you don’t know very well. It can be challenging to think of a gift idea for a coworker you barely know, but to make it easier, give them something that is universally enjoyed: drink mixes, baking mixes, candy, and other sweet or savory food gift baskets.

Cocktail or Champagne Gift Sets

Cocktail Sets

Give your coworker a way to unwind on the weekends with these cocktail or champagne mixers.

The theme of these mixers will put your coworker into the holiday spirit. They can even use these if they’re throwing a Christmas party.

Holiday Cookie Jars With Cookies

Your coworker will love these delicious sugar cookies that come in an adorable holiday ceramic jar.

This gift doubles as a food gift and a decorative gift. They can keep this on their kitchen counter all season long. Choose from a snowman jar or a Santa jar.

Gourmet Taffy Gift Canisters

Gourmet Taffy Gift Canisters

If your coworker has a sweet tooth, these taffy candies are the perfect holiday themed gift to give them.

The taffy canisters come in a variety to choose from including holiday favorites, pumpkin pie, cranberry, fruit salad, and more!

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