5 Ways To Decorate Your Mantel For Fall

Fall decor can give any room in your house that warm, cozy, and welcoming feeling. Your mantel is a perfect area to create a full fall themed display to set the tone for the rest of the room’s decorations. Here are 5 ways to decorate your mantel for fall.

1. Decorate Your Mantel With Fall Themed Garland

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Harvest Gatherings Collection

Beautiful foliage is a must when it comes to fall decor. Leaves, autumn flowers, and arrangements of branches can all give off the ultimate fall aesthetic. An easy way to incorporate that is through fall themed garland!

Garland is a great way to set up your mantel for fall because it can create a base for the rest of your decorations and it can also make your mantel look fuller and more festive. Look for garland that has fall leaves, pumpkins, or warm toned flowers such as copper, deep orange, bronze, and yellow.

To secure the garland on your mantel, make sure to place clear or white removable hooks on the surface, spaced out evenly. From there, you can carefully string your garland around the hooks to create a fun harvest border.

2. Fill Your Mantel With A Full Pumpkin Spread This Fall

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Pumpkins are a big symbol of fall and deserve the spotlight on your mantel this season! Whether you display faux pumpkins or real ones, there are a variety of ways to make your mantel look extra festive with a full pumpkin spread.

The great thing about pumpkin decor is that you don’t have to stick to the traditional orange pumpkin. You can find pumpkin decor in any color and size that you want – it will still fit into the fall theme! This makes it easier to blend your fall decor into your current decor color scheme or you can choose to make your fall decor stand out from the rest.

How To Decorate Your Mantel For Fall With Pumpkins

  • Use pumpkins with letters on them to spell out a fall sentiment or family name.
  • Create different levels of pumpkins by stacking books on top of each other and placing a different sized pumpkin on each stack.
  • Place a bunch of small decorative pumpkins inside of a clear bowl or stacked inside a clear vase.
  • Put pumpkins in a line next to each other and make sure each one is a different color from the same color palette. For instance, for a coastal green color palette, you’d want to start with a white pumpkin, then beige, then light green, followed by teal, ending with a dark blue.
  • If you’re crafty, display a carved pumpkins on each end of your mantel with other fall decor in the middle.

3. Use Fall Sentiment Signs On Your Mantel For A Charming Theme

Wooden Pumpkin or Sign
Metal Mason Jar Harvest Sentiment Signs

Add some even more personality to your mantel this fall by including harvest sentiments alongside your other fall decorations.

Simple welcoming sentiments can give your fall mantel spread some extra charm and endearment. Sayings such as “Thankful”, “Blessed”, and “Happy Harvest” can give off that cozy and warm feeling that the fall season emulates. Incorporate these sentiments through block signs, decorative boxes, ceramic pumpkins, and other unique decor.

Mantel decor isn’t just limited to items you can place on the surface. Decorating the wall above your mantel is a great way to tie everything together and create a full fall scene around your fireplace. Hang a large sentiment sign above your mantel to nicely complement this charming setting.

4. Add Some Details To Your Mantel With Decorative Fall Accents

Mini Pumpkins or Wooden Tabletop Wagon
Vintage Lighted Harvest Pickup Trucks

It’s the smallest details that can really bring your fall decor to life! Add these details to your fall mantel with the help of small decorative accents to tie the whole living room together.

These accents can include trinkets, small statues and figurines, block signs, faux plants, ceramic pumpkins, and much more. The idea is to add extra personality with these small details to emphasize your fall theme. Opt for decor that will add a burst of color or a new material into the room.

Decorative accents can also help connect your larger pieces of decor together because they usually contain an element of something else in the room, such as a certain symbol. However, your accents can truly be whatever you want them to be – feel free to get creative and have fun with your mantel!

5. Bring Some Warmth Into Your Living Room With Lighted Fall Mantel Decor

Lighted Faux Harvest Arrangements
Light and Motion Seasonal Lanterns

The overall vibe of fall decor is warm and welcoming; the idea is to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy inside the house as the weather outside slowly begins to get chilly. Lighted decor can help give off those vibes because of the soft warm glow they can add to the room.

Using lighted decor at night instead of your main lights in the room will create a calm and relaxing environment. There are so many ways to seamlessly incorporate these warm lights into your living room on your mantel.

Ways To Add Lighted Decor To Your Mantel

  • Find decorations that already include fairy lights or LED lights on them, or wrap your own fairy lights around any decoration you want.
  • Wrap string lights around garland and place it on your mantel.
  • Place small fairy lights inside of faux fall plants for a unique look.
  • Use lanterns on your mantel for a simple yet effective warm look.
  • Decorate with real or LED candles and light them up at night. It’s a bonus if they’re fall scented!

Looking for more fall mantel inspiration? Shop our selection of Fall Harvest Decor to find decorative accents, wall hangings, tabletop decor, and other festive decorations!

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