7 Fall Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t transform your space for the fall season. You can easily decorate your small bathroom with a harvest theme without taking up too much essential space. With the help of wall decorations, themed trays, bright fall colors, and other festive decor, you can make your bathroom look fun and welcoming for the harvest season. If you want to transform your space in a new and exciting way this season, check out these 7 fall bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces.

1. Display A Coordinating Fall Bathroom Set For A Full Transformation

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, you can never go wrong with a matching set of decor throughout the room. Find a coordinating fall bathroom set to completely transform your bathroom in one swoop.

A matching set that includes a shower curtain, bath rug, hand towels, window valance, and toothbrush holder can turn your bathroom into a fully festive harvest space.

There are many different types of fall designs you can find with matching bathroom sets. Depending on how colorful or cheerful you want your small space to look, choose a design that fits your style.

Common fall designs that look nice for bathroom decor include:

  • Pumpkins
  • Plaid
  • Leaves
  • Branches

Additionally, you can choose a color scheme based on your current bathroom style, or you can stick to classic fall colors like orange, red, and gold. You can even do a pastel fall theme for a more cheerful appearance. A coordinating bathroom set can help you achieve an easy and quick makeover in whichever fall style you love.

2. Hang Up Harvest Themed Signs To Save Space In A Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms typically come with limited countertop space, so you don’t want to flood your counters with decorations. Take up vertical space in the bathroom instead to keep the space feeling more open while adding a festive touch.

Wall hangings are the best choice of decorations for a small bathroom because they won’t interfere with essential space in the area. Choose fall themed wall hangings to display around the bathroom for a fun look.

Make sure to use wall art that can withstand the humidity of the shower; you don’t want to ruin any nice wall art with moisture. Typically, framed signs and metal wall art will be fine in the bathroom. Stay away from canvas or fabric artwork.

In addition to hanging fall decor on the walls, you can also display fall accents on floating shelves above the toilet. This is another great idea for saving space on the counters and adding a decorative touch to your space for the harvest season.

Use floating shelves to show off small accents like decorative pumpkins, fall sentiment block signs, harvest character figurines, and other fun items. You can even use the floating shelves to hold essential bathroom items as well to get the most out of your space.

3. Plug In A Fall Themed Night Light For A Seasonal Touch In A Small Bathroom

Sometimes a small bathroom only calls for a small touch of harvest cheer, especially if you don’t have a lot of surface area to decorate. Decorating with just a few simple elements will help you get into the fall spirit without going overboard.

A great way to include a small element is to use a fall themed night light in the bathroom. This can be anything from a pumpkin night light to a leaf night light to a simple orange night light. This simple touch will bring a new vibe to your space without taking up too much room.

You can also include some other lighted decorations throughout the room to keep the magical fall aesthetic flowing. For instance, you can hang up string lights in fall colors, you can display small LED harvest candles in the room, or you can use lighted pumpkin decor on a floating shelf.

Lighted decor is also a great way to make a small bathroom feel more lively and spacious. Using these decorations in a strategic way can ultimately make your bathroom look extra special during the harvest season.

4. Use A Fall Tray To Hold Bathroom Essentials

When decorating a small bathroom, it’s important to mix style with function. This method will keep you space looking organized while also looking festive and cheerful for the fall season.

A fall themed tray is the best way to combine style and function in your small bathroom. Using a themed tray will add some festive cheer into the space and will allow you to keep your bathroom essentials organized.

Find a small fall themed tray that will fit into your space nicely. You can place the tray on your bathroom counter or on a floating shelf if you need to save some more space. Use the tray to hold a variety of items such as:

  • Makeup items
  • Essentials such as cotton balls and cotton swabs
  • Lotion and soap
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Stay organized and festive with the help of a tray in your small bathroom. If you happen to have some extra space, you can alternatively use a fall tray to show off some small decorative accents. You can even mix some accents with essential items for an extra decorative look.

5. Save Space In A Small Bathroom With A Harvest Decoration On The Door

As mentioned earlier, small bathrooms usually have limited countertop space, so you have to think outside the box when decorating for fall. Since you don’t have room to display tabletop accents, you have to consider other areas of your bathroom to decorate.

Save space in your small bathroom by decorating the door with harvest decorations. You can either decorate the outside of the door, the inside, or even both. This is a creative way to bring the fall spirit into your space without taking up any necessary space.

There are many different ways you can decorate your bathroom door for the harvest season. Some clever ideas include:

  • Fall wreath
  • Harvest themed flag or tapestry
  • A collage of sentiment signs
  • Simple pumpkin decals
  • Orange string lights

Feel free to fill your door with a full spread of fall themed decorations for a bold look, or hang up one simple decoration for a more subtle appearance. You can even decorate all the other doors in your home to match and make the entire look flow nicely throughout your house.

6. Brighten Up Your Small Bathroom With A Fall Flower Bouquet

If you’re trying to make your small bathroom look bigger and brighter, playing around with colors is a great way to open it up. Fall time is the perfect opportunity to bring vibrant colors to your small bathroom.

One of the best ways to add vibrant fall colors to your small bathroom is through the help of flower bouquets. You can use real flowers; however, faux flowers are a solid choice for keeping your bathroom festive all season long.

Make sure to start with a fall themed vase to display on your bathroom counter or on a floating shelf. Add faux fall flowers like sunflowers, or even fall foliage, for an instant bathroom transformation.

You can even display a large vase on the floor in the corner of the room with a vibrant selection of fall foliage or flowers. This is a great way to brighten up a small corner without disrupting the flow of the space.

In addition to faux flowers, decorating the rest of your bathroom with bold fall colors will keep your space looking open and fresh. Consider swapping out your hand towels, shower curtain, and bath rug for a vibrant fall color scheme to change up your space for the season.

7. Use A Tiered Cake Stand For A Decorative Harvest Display In A Small Bathroom

Just like some of these other fall bathroom decorating ideas, this idea involves making the most use of a small bathroom’s vertical space. Decorating upwards can give the feeling of a grander and bigger bathroom.

Use a tiered cake stand to display harvest accents in an upwards manner. This will help you save space on your counter or shelves, and allow you add some harvest flair into the room. Choose a cake stand that matches your current color scheme or pick one with vibrant fall colors.

Display fall themed accents on your tiered stand to get the ultimate harvest appearance. Use decorations on the stand such as:

  • Mini pumpkins
  • Fall sentiment signs
  • Harvest character figurines
  • LED candles
  • Faux leaves

Show off a wide mix of festive fall decorations on the stand to get a bold look or use more neutral fall decor for a more sophisticated seasonal spread. Match your theme with other elements throughout the bathroom for a complete look.

Now that you’ve learned these 7 fall bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces, check out our Fall Harvest Decor section to get started on decorating! Find fall bathroom sets, decorative harvest accents, pumpkin decor, and other accents to transform your bathroom this fall.

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